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3 mentions, power boosters for Ripple’s [XRP] prices in future

With Ripple’s [XRP] endless partnering with big firms and getting different mentions, the analysts believe that it will be a turning point yet again for Ripple.

Ripple’s future seems great, although its prices did not surge to a great extent in the first quarter of 2018. Following are recent events to take place in the Ripple realm.

Koinex launched Ripple [XRP] based trading with 8 pairs going live

Koinex, the Indian-based cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of Ripple [XRP] based trading, allowing trading of 15 tokens pairs on both web and mobile. Aeternity [AE], Litecoin [LTC], OmiseGo [OMG], Request Network [REQ], Golem [GNT], Tron [TRX], Nucleus Vision [NCASH], and EOS [EOS] are paired with XRP.

Koinex tweeted:

“Ripple [XRP] has always been a crypto-crowd favorite because of its high liquidity and ease to transact. For the first time in the crypto world, Koinex proudly presents XRP-based trading market with 8 XRP pairs going live tonight.”

Koinex also offers nine Bitcoin Cash [BCH] based pairs and six Ethereum [ETH] based pairs. Although the trading cost from one cryptocurrency to another is zero, the user is charged a nominal trade free based on the Indian rupee value of the order placed.

Mercury-FX Ltd pleased with Ripple’s Liquidity Solutions 

xRapid is Ripple’s liquidity solution that enables financial institutions and payments providers to minimize liquidity costs, improving the customer experience for cross-border payment services.


MercuryFX, a global currency specialist conducted trials on xRapid and confirmed that it was satisfactory and had low transaction cost, transparency, and high transaction speed.

MercuryFX Ltd tweeted:

“In Q1, along with other xRapid pilots customers, we have proved that #xRapid can lower liquidity costs & increase payment speed and transparency using #XRP. We are looking forward to continued successful testing and going into production.”

The pilot customers were Western Union, MercuryFX, Cambridge Global Payments, IDT, and MoneyGram. xRapid is a great solution as the price of liquidity transaction goes up as the payments systems usually require a local currency account that is pre-funded.

Bez, a Crypto & Blockchain enthusiast tweeted:

“This is fantastic news and only the beginning for #XRP, with more pilot results to come from the likes of Western Union and more pilots in the pipeline the future looks bright for #Ripple and #XRP“

5 FinTech giants testing Ripple xVia

Ripple announced its new xVia customers – FairFX, Exchange4Free, RationalFX, UniPAY, and MoneyMatch.

The official website stated:

“xVia allows for financial institutions and businesses to easily send payments to and from emerging markets by leveraging the benefits of RippleNet — Ripple’s decentralized global payments network.”

It provides a standard API solution which enables faster and more efficient payments. Ripple’s aim is to ‘provide a fluid flow of money that can help provide opportunity both into and out of emerging markets, but also broadly around the world.’

Ralph Raymond, a Twitter user commented:

“Well done Ripple team. Excellent work as usual! A clear leader in this space.”

The integration of such tools is giving Ripple a boost in the crypto world.


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