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Bingo launches world’s first interactive blockchain game – QTUM Heroes

‘QTUM Heroes’ is the first of its kind game which runs on a blockchain. The game was officially launched on the 27th of April. BINGO, a blockchain entertainment company is the game developer. The company scores to be a pioneer in the new arena of gaming on the blockchain space. The game is an interactive multiplayer which allows players to choose unique characters and lead them to battle.

The game consists of little heroes, as the name suggests, called QTUM Heroes wherein each hero has his/her own physical unique features and unique genetic combination. The game is distinct as the gameplay offers a circumstance where players can breed and form further unique looking offspring. Currently, the game has 1,528 characters out of which character/ hero 1,112 is the valued highest. The top character costs 5 QTUM and the love center [breeding ground] chats are rated at 0.1 to 0.2 QTUM.

Matt Lee, CEO of BINGO says:

“Bingo is a Pioneer in linking the traditional gaming industry with new blockchain technology.”

QTUM is a Singapore based blockchain that uses a smart contract technology amalgamated with Bitcoin Core infrastructure. QTUM has a market capital worth $2 billion and is positioned number 18 on CoinMarketCap. All QTUM trades are occurring at $24 and the trading volume is worth $510 million.

The game is built by BINGO, the first pan-entertainment platform to operate on the blockchain network. One of the major aspects of the platform is that it uses the decentralized blockchain to create new generations of entertainment platforms.

The bingo traffic exchange platform is similar to online wallets and cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Bingo platform offers specialized features that are new to the gaming platform. Asynchronous Fairness verifying module, a solution to unfair competitive ground found in traditional games. User Management System, which comprises the integration of User Registration Module BINGO Wallet, Assets Transaction Module and a Community Maintenance Module.

A Social media activist says:

“This QTUM project deserves a lot of recognition not just from the gaming community but the entertainment industry itself. I doubt people realize what potential this could have compared to pathetic attempts like cryptokitties”

A gamer says:

“Gaming on blo.ckchains is a great idea, but would gamers wanna interact with Blockchains when they can avail sexy graphic games on VR, P.S, X BOX”


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