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Bitcoin Faces Lawsuit Over Confusingly Labelled Wallet is a domain which both reports cryptocurrency news (with an emphasis on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash) and offers a cryptocurrency wallet. Its website claims that more than 2.2 million wallets have been created. It is registered in Saint Kitts and Nevis, an island in the West Indies.

As of April 2014 it has been owned by a man named Roger Ver. Ver is a famous and controversial figure in the cryptocurrency world. Nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus, and later Bitcoin Judas, he is most notable for spearheading the creation of Bitcoin Cash, which came into being via a hard fork of Bitcoin on the 1st of August 2017.

Bitcoin Cash is similar to Litecoin in that it is designed to be a faster version of the clunky Bitcoin. What marks it apart from other cryptocurrencies is that it actually looks to replace its parent. Ver has demonstrated on many occasions how strongly he feels about this – he makes a point of referring to Bitcoin as ‘Bitcoin Core’ and once lost his temper at an interviewer who referred to Bitcoin Cash as ‘BCash’, a moniker which Ver doesn’t approve of.

Bitcoin Cash has not succeeded in usurping Bitcoin, but it is nonetheless a popular cryptocurrency which has gained widespread adoption. At the moment it stands at number 4 in the cryptocurrency league with a market capitalisation of almost $24 billion, according to

The lawsuit concerns the cryptocurrency wallet. The complaint is that the website has been misleading users that intend to buy Bitcoin into buying Bitcoin Cash. The Telegram group is called ‘ lawsuit/victims’ and has 1,065 members.

Looking at the Google Play application store, many of the users have indeed left negative reviews. The wallet appears to function very well, but many users apparently purchased Bitcoin Cash when they in fact intended to buy Bitcoin.

As you can see from the image, it could indeed be considered confusing to a beginner. Bitcoin Cash is listed first and Bitcoin is labelled ‘Bitcoin Core’. The tagline is “A simple, secure way to send and receive bitcoin.”

Having said that, the coins are technically labelled correctly, so perhaps the word ‘fraud’ could be a little strong. That said, this is a subject that many people feel strongly about.


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