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Here’s How TRON Broke Into The Top 10

TRON has broken into the top ten currencies for market capitalisation according to Last week we did predict that this would happen, sooner rather than later. Now finally, TRON sits in a healthy ninth place, with a market cap of $5,981,973,591 at the time of writing.

Moreover, at the time of writing again, TRON is valued at $0.090 and is up 7.11%.

All things considered, TRON has had a fantastic weekend, moving from $0.075 up to an April peak of $0.093. After a slight decline, TRON is continuing to grow at an impressive rate. A rate which may very well see the new ninth place coin hit $0.10 fairly soon.

We should also consider that in it’s January peak, TRON did hit $0.274, suggesting that TRON is brushing it’s halfway-to-peak point. If the path of EOSis anything to go by, once this threshold has been breached, there’s probably no stopping the rise of TRON.

How did TRON break into the top ten?

Well, a rise in the value of TRON has pushed it’s standing up significantly, pulling it’s market cap up as a result. The rise in value is as a result of a number of different things. First of all, a positive few weeks and some mid-month price surges. Also, we should consider movements within the TRON Foundation and the TRON Community that will have also contributed to this.

The launch of the TRON Super Representative Election on Friday the 27th of April has also had an impact on TRON’s movements.

We also can’t forget the success of the TRON TestNet, leading to the launch of the TRON MainNet in around 30 days time.

All in all, the success of TRON is thanks to a bunch of good news and hard work by the TRON foundation. The news has allowed the word of TRON to spread and in turn has pushed it’s value up. With such movements, more investors will start to get on board and, in anticipation for the launch of TRON’s MainNet, we should see this positivity continue.

TRON has exceeded expectations, if it continues to do so then we may even see TRON climb up the market rankings. Suddenly, TRON has become a very serious cryptocurrency indeed.


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