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More Fintechs Turn to Ripple (XRP) for Solution

Despite the performance and expansion of Ripple (XRP), gaining partnerships with numerous banks and financial institutions worldwide, the price of XRP struggled in the price department for a great part of Q1. Ripple has picked up pace in Q2, as Ripple records further growth.

New Customers Turn to Ripple (XRP)

Crowd favorite Ripple has dominated the financial industry and cryptocurrency exchange market, providing frictionless, cheap, cross border payments via it xCurrent, xRapid and xVia. Ripple’s Interledger protocol continue to expand as more firms and institutions turn to Ripple for Smart payment solutions.

Ripple has announced five new financial payment firms turning to its xVia API for enhanced payments, including; FairFx, RationalFX, 4Free, UniPay and MoneyMatch. xVia. Ripple is undoubtedly leading the way for smart payments.

Ripple’s xVia provides an easy, quick and very efficient way for financial institutions to make borderless payment using Ripple’s decentralized global payment protocol, RippleNet.

MecuryFX Applauds Ripple Liquidity Solution

There have been no doubts as to the efficiency of Ripple’s payment systems since inception. However, MecuryFX, a trusted global currency specialist has confirmed the efficiency of Ripple’s payment, and praised Ripple for offering first-class liquidity solutions with its low cost, transparent and lightening quick transaction.

The Fintech praised Ripple’s xRapid which has been attracting increasing attention from financial institutions, banks and payment networks. The topnotch payment solutions Ripple offers can be confirmed as a lot of Fintechs have recently started deploying Ripple’s payment systems.

Ripple (XRP) To Hold Blockchain Week

The Blockchain week Ripple would be organizing in May is a VIP event which would see financial institutions, exchanges, developers, educators, enthusiasts and more come together for a meetup.

The Blockchain week to be hosted by Ripple would happen in New York. As part of the event, XRP is hosting a special night that will feature a live performance by five-star American Rapper, Snoop Dogg.

American Rapper: Snoop Dogg to Perform at the XRP Community Night

Ripple’s blockchain week is a private event, tickets are not on sale. However, 10 tickets were available to be won on twitter to attend the XRP Community night in two different Ripple contest;

The Twitter Trivia which opened on Thursday, April 26 and Make the Meme; which will open on 3:30pm (PST) on Wednesday, May 2 and end at 3:30pm (PST), on Thursday, May 3.

Performance of Ripple in the Crypto Market

Ripple (XRP) spent majority of April below the trendline, trading around $0.5 for the early days in April. However, XRP has begun to pick up pace, the digital asset is currently trading at $0.868 apiece. By market cap, Ripple is the third biggest cryptocurrency, with $33.8 Billion USD. XRP remains one of the most traded assets, with $764 million USD traded in the last 24 hours.


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