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Game Stars Token Forms Bull Trend in Cryptocurrency Market

Announced on May 3, IOHK has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ethiopian government to onboard local developers to leverage Cardano’s blockchain platform and develop the AgriTech sector.

Ethiopia is Fertile Land for Blockchain Tech

The world’s most populous landlocked country Ethiopia has jumped on the blockchain bandwagon to boost its agriculture industry. The IOHK signed an MOU with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Technology in a bid to train local developers to use Cardano’s platform. More information on the project is available on the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology website.

Acknowledging the partnership, Cardano founder and IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson tweeted “Just signed an MOU with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology to explore training blockchain developers and use Cardano in the Agritech Industry.”

Ethiopia’s Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ing Mr Getahun Mekuria, said:“Today is a great day in Ethiopia. The Ministry of Science and Technology and IOHK are collaborating in researching an area of application to use their blockchain platform Cardano to be built upon by Ethiopian developers.”

Cardano and Coffee

Ethiopia’s economy is primarily based on agriculture exports, with coffee being one of the most popular. The agriculture industry employs the majority of the labor force and export revenue. With blockchain technology, the government plans to track its coffee shipments.

The cooperation between Cardano and Ethiopia was followed on May 4 with the release of the first publicly-available formal specification for Cardano.

Game Stars will create a true bull trend on the cryptocurrency market as platform tends to solve eSports market problems and provides a variety of solutions for gaming market participants. Players can raise fundings on professional development and participation tournament fees. Advertisers choose a player or a team with the highest potential to promote their brand. Investors make money on the token increase in value.

The platform forms smart contracts with a help of tokens for each player. The tricky thing is that after the end of Token Sale only 14285 profi users should register in the system to exhaust the supply of tokens in the platform. It will be possible to buy GST only on exchanges from other token holders who in fact become GST monopolists. The price of the token will obviously increase.

GST should be a secret weapon of your investment portfolio. Visit Game Stars official website, participate in Token Sale and become a token monopolist. Subscribe to the accounts on FacebookTelegram, and Telegram chat to get the latest news.


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