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A New Blockchain Platform Recognizes the Future of Financial Investments




Strategic investing looks a lot different than it did just a decade ago. New and more powerful technologies have made some approaches obsolete while elevating the importance of things like computer algorithms and digital platforms. As The Wall Street Journal wrote last spring, “The quants run Wall Street now.”  

Since the start of 2017, cryptocurrencies are further altering the investment landscape by making it more diverse and creating lucrative markets where none previously existed.

Crypto markets are an increasingly compelling opportunity for all types of investors. Individuals are captivated by the intrigue of new digital tokens, and they are encouraged by the potential for more robust returns than through any other investment medium. Even institutional investors are beginning to forge a path into crypto markets.

Regulated Bitcoin futures contracts offered by Chicago-based exchanges CME and Cboe are a compelling investment opportunity that are beginning to pick up steam. Even banking giant Goldman Sachs is said to be getting in on the crypto action.

However, despite their popularity, crypto markets remain uniquely unpredictable. They are frequently characterized by wild price swings that can feel random and violent. Trading cryptocurrencies can be a daunting experience for the uninitiated.

What’s more, slow transaction speeds with high fees are a hindrance to more robust blockchain adoption that can further proliferate such markets.

In other words, while cryptocurrencies are exciting and progressively popular, their capabilities often leave much to be desired.

Now a new platform powered by a forward-thinking digital token is offering solutions that can enhance the future of financial markets.

ThinkCoin Powers the Platform of the Future

ThinkCoin, a new digital token on the Ethereum network, presents a tangible solution to problems related to asset trading, blockchain speed, and cost efficiency. This TCO token powers TradeConnect, a soon to launch blockchain-based financial asset trading platform.


Although TradeConnect is an early-stage platform, it’s ready to offer FX and CFD trading upon its launch. As it continues to advance, the exchange will provide trading options for commodities, derivatives, options, bonds, and other products. In total, TradeConnect will provide an outlet for trading any financial asset in the world using blockchain technology.

In a nod to the transformative power of the blockchain, TradeConnect eliminates the need for brokers or intermediaries in the investment process. Using built-in blockchain tools like smart contracts and tokenized value exchanges, interested investors are connected directly with willing sellers. This makes the investment process cheaper and more efficient for everyone. Rather than charging commissions, the platform is maintained by connection fees, which are based on the type of trading product, and those terms are laid out in the predetermined smart contract.

If the last decade has taught us anything, it’s that large financial institutions are fraught with challenges and their outsized, centralized nature doesn’t do them any favors. With TradeConnect, investors always maintain control of their money, and they aren’t burdened by substantial fees or commissions that typically accompany the use of a big bank.

The platform’s wallet will accept several of the most popular digital currencies including bitcoinbitcoin cashether, dash, litecoin, and monero. To ensure speed and flexibility, all trades are processed off the blockchain, but those records are later uploaded to the chain where they remain immutable, auditable, and secure. This will make the process more efficient so that users can focus on making wise investments, not on the viability of their technology.

All of this is enabled by the ThinkCoin digital token, which is currently in presale and has a public ICO starting in May. A demonstration version of the TradeConnect app is available now in the Apple and Google Play app store.

Financial markets are quickly changing to adjust to new technologies and new investor proclivities. This comprehensive ecosystem is diverse and digital, and new platforms are helping it to thrive. ThinkCoin is emblematic of the broad investment priorities dominating the market. Things like smart contracts, p2p connections, and robust payment represent a bright foray into the financial future.


EU Launches Estimated €400M Blockchain, AI Fund to Avoid Lagging US, China



A new fund has been set up with the aim of preventing the EU falling behind nations like the U.S. and China on blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) innovation.

The European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Commission have together put up €100 million (over $110 million) for a dedicated investment scheme that will make capital available to AI and blockchain projects via VC funds or other investors, EIF, an EU agency set up to indirectly fund SMEs, said in a blog post on Wednesday.

With the “cornerstone” funding in place, the EIF said private investors are expected to bring up to €300 million ($331 million) into the fund, while the total could rise further from next year, with national promotional banks being able to co-invest under the scheme.

Sifted reports that the fund could ultimately raise up to €2 billion ($2.2 billion) under the InvestEU Programme.

According to the post, the EU already spends plenty on blockchain (expected spending for 2019 is $674 million), but that is mostly directed toward research and proof-of-concepts.

The U.S. is the biggest spender, with a $1.1 billion expected spend, and China is second with $319 million, according to cited numbers from the International Data Corporation.

The new fund is aimed to address the fact that not so much is spent in the EU on developing “larger scale projects.

“Investing in a portfolio of innovative AI and blockchain companies will help develop a dynamic EU-wide investors community on AI and blockchain. By involving national promotional banks, we can scale up the volume of investments at a national level,” the EIF said.

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Algorand 2.0’s New Non-Turing-Complete Smart Contracts Are a Feature, Not a Bug



Proof-of-stake blockchain Algorand now supports smart contracts.

The Algorand Foundation released an update to the blockchain’s protocol on Thursday, adding decentralized finance (DeFi) features plus the long-awaited smart contracts. “Algorand 2.0” is the largest expansion of the network’s capabilities since the network’s launch in June 2019.

“With this release, new features and simple developer resources enable new use cases and broader adoption of blockchain overall,” Algorand CEO Steve Kokinos said in a statement.

For months Algorand employees have been hinting at the pending development. It’s the first time Algorand has supported smart contracts, the code-driven contracts that can track and execute the terms of formal agreements over time.

Algorand’s ASC smart contracts have back-end differences from the smart contracts pioneered by blockchains like ethereum. That’s because Algorand’s new in-house programming language Transaction Execution Approval Language (TEAL), is non-Turing-complete.

Technically unique

Turing completeness is a measure of a programming language’s ability to simulate another programming language and possibly manipulate its own programming instructions.

Nearly all modern programming languages are Turing-complete, but Algorand touts TEAL’s difference as a feature, not a bug. TEAL smart contracts are safer to write and execute, despite having more limited potential functionality, Algorand argues.

For example, ASC cannot support recursive logic, according to the developer page.

“We don’t believe that turing-complete is necessary for the majority of the use cases,” said Paul Riegle, head of product at Algorand. “It adds immense attack surface and a potentially steep performance impact.”

Simpler functionality could mean better security – or, at least, a more straightforward path to ensuring ASC contract coders do not inadvertently lose assets. It is easier and faster to check a smart contract code for errors when its programming language excludes recursive logic, according to Hacker Noon.

Other upgrades

The standard asset issuance (ASA) function brings widespread tokenization features to Algorand, and is also a baseline DeFi tool.

The foundation’s developer page said any asset can be digitized and stored on-chain with ASA.

Algorand also introduced batch transaction functionality with the Atomic Transfers feature released Thursday.

With the new tool, users can perform complex token transfers – such as circular trades and internal account settlements – in one transaction, the developer page said.

The foundation said that Algorand 2.0 does not impact Algorand’s sharia compliance certification, with other key features remaining unchanged.

Algorand has a market capitalization of $108 million, according to Nomics, and ranks as the 48th-largest blockchain, according to CoinMarketCap.


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The iGaming industry meets blockchain business on February 6th 2020 during its annual VIP networking party



+300 C-Level executives gather every year during ICE London, on a invitation only party organized by CoinPoint Group Inc and supported by innovative companies and top media.

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of CoinPoint Group Inc. as a trusted partner of the iGaming industry, the annual signature networking party during ICE London 2020, will take place on the 6th February 2020.

The invitation-only event is bringing together more than 300 C-level iGaming executives, some of the best Crypto and Blockchain experts for a good business talk about the future of the industry in a cozy atmosphere.

CoinPoint’s Group Inc. team is working together with top companies and media behind the scenes of the event to ensure that this year, it’s going to be another thrilling happening. The owners of the Group and hosts of the event Eilon Arad and Oron Barber are well known in the iGaming and blockchain business and have hundreds of successful campaigns in their portfolio.

Business Development Manager Anton Vladimirov comments,

“Last two events that CoinPoint Group Inc. hosted were absolutely epic and this year we strive for an even better, iGaming-themed party. The guest list is kept high-end and we are already working on the invitation lists where only few selected companies will be able to join as trusted sponsors with a special branded place during the event. Our philosophy is to always bring value first, and this is why we are focusing on every detail of the event. The party is not only for meeting colleagues from the industry, but to close real business within a very targeted audience.”

While more than 30 000 people will talk about the future of iGaming in ICE London, CoinPoint Group Inc. will gather only 1 % of them on their selective party to showcase how blockchain could redefine the industry.

For more information please visit CoinPoint2020 website and follow CoinPoint2020 on social media.

For media inquiries you can contact Denitza Alexieva, Head of Marketing, CoinPoint Group Inc.

Coin Point Group Inc. has a diversified portfolio of clients across the globe. The strategic office locations in Europe and Asia – Pacific provide access to the biggest online gaming markets.

The agency is one of the 1st to promote blockchain technology in the iGaming business with focus on: payment solutions, transactions, marketing strategies, business consulting, customer acquisition and retention, media relations and online reputation management.

Source: ambcrypto

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