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Reasons why Ripple (XRP) is the only Amazon Choice

When it comes to a system that is tested and proven real world use cases in blockchain, Ripple (XRP) scores a first. When other Altcoins are creating hype around their infrastructure and partnerships, the Ripple technology is being tested and used by major players in the banking sector and other payments platform and now the focus is on the ecommerce leader, Amazon.

Over 75 banks cannot be wrong to choose Ripple as the natural serve provider and this should entice Amazon to be part of the network. A partnership with Ripple can change the fortunes of the ecommerce giants while discerning millions of their consumers and affiliates spread across the globe. Here are some reasons why Amazon is going to be Ripples partner in the coming months.

Ripple is Known for its Speed, Affordability and Dependability

One of the breakthroughs associated with blockchain is the transaction speeds and the cost. On the onset, many prospective partners, including Amazon, are scared on how to handle the volatility of the digital currencies but not anymore. With the pace that Ripple is becoming solid and a future digital currency reservoir, it is set to meet Amazons demands to micro-payment levels.

At the moment, you cannot compare Ripple to Bitcoin in terms of fees. A partnership with Bitcoin will only mean the consumer will have to dig deeper into their pockets to get services. To this end, Ripple delivers fast at low fees. Amazon spends a lot of money to complete a transaction thus eroding their profits (the fee is passed to the consumer any away) and using Ripple for a few cents makes a lot of sense.

Ripple Will Cushion Amazon against Volatility

Ripple (XRP) has a sizeable supply in the market as it increases; it lowers the volatility levels making the best choice for Amazon. This large circulation supply will takes a way not only amazon but other strategic partners. Unlike the large coins like Bitcoin where prices drop by over $1000, SRP drop by pennies or cents that the consumer barely notices.

When coins get mined; the reserves get depleted thus increasing their value. With XRP, this will never happen in the near future and this is the stability that Amazon cannot wish away. Most coins have a limit to the total number that can be mined; however, the cap does not apply on XRP. A coin that fluctuates at will, cannot sustain Amazon market demands and this leave Ripple the only digital coin standing.

Ripple (XRP) is Lowly Priced

XRP is affordable to the masses and Amazon is driven by volumes. Combining these two means both benefit in terms of adoption and global reach. Anyone can afford XRP coins now that are under$1 before a spike happens. Amazon has a mixed buyer base and majority are those who shop for cheap products from the platform and this is audience Ripple is bringing to the table.

With increased cross border payments, Amazon has faced a myriad of bottlenecks that can be easily tackled by Ripple. The low XRP price should be Amazons bait in ensuring more traffic is directed to them rather than the competition.

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What more, Ripple has taken over several major banks across the globe and this makes transaction processes easy and you do not have to use the tedious credit or debit cards. The Ripple technology has given various sectors the confidence that is missing from other coin and that is why Amazon is ripe for a partnership.


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