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0x [ZRX]

Why Ripple (XRP) and 0x (ZRX) May Never Get Coinbase Integration…



Coinbase is the pinnacle of cryptocurrency exchanges and getting listed on it provides benefits every other coin would wish to have. Other than being seen as an endorsement of the project, it offers a pathway to growth via exposure to new investors, especially in emerging markets like the US. Will Ripple (XRP) and 0x (ZRX) get on Coinbase?

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and thus meets part of the original criteria for listing.

When Coinbase revealed that they’d be adding Ethereum Classic (ETC), many questioned why the site hadn’t chosen to add support for XRP.

As it stands, XRP may not get on Coinbase any time soon. First, it’s due to early revelations of attempted bribery. Secondly, according to Coinbase, it doesn’t meet all the requirements, least of all the issues of legal ramifications and pending cases.

Something else, the crypto continues to be categorized as centralized with over 80% of the coins held by the parent company.

In early June, Coinbase revealed that what should have been a moment of great news for all crypto, XRP included. They had said that they were “excited to announce that {we’re on} track to become a US-regulated blockchain securities trading venue. We believe this is an important moment not only for Coinbase but the entire crypto ecosystem.”

But as it turns out, that won’t be the case for Ripple. All along, the San Francisco based company behind the crypto has maintained that the coin isn’t a security. So, the US-based site won’t add it on one principle: the crypto maintains it’s not a security and it can’t suddenly turn and say it is.

As with regard to whether it’s a security or not, head of marketing Cory Johnson had earlier maintained that:

“Coinbase never ever raised the issue of whether or not XRP is a security in our discussions about listing XRP. We’re 100 percent clear, it’s not a security. We don’t meet the standards.”

Pending cases

There are those allegations that have come to the fore again regarding XRP. Two class action lawsuits allege that the company sells and aggressively promote the coin. As such, investors buy in the hope that they are going to make profits. The cases are in court and even though Ripple may succeed in clarifying how it’s not a security, I don’t see the exchange jumping onto the decision and simply list the coin.

0x (ZRX)

0x is an open-source and permissionless protocol that allows users to utilize its ZRX token to trade any other ERC20 token on the Ethereum network. Many see it as a revolutionary platform that will change how tokens are traded.

That hype means that there has been strong speculation that Coinbase may add 0x since it acquired Paradex earlier in the year.

The platform has a lot of advantages going for it, which could easily qualify it for listing on the crypto exchange. 0x does meet all the requirements as set up by Coinbase for its GDAX listing via the Digital Asset Framework.

In early March, the exchange stated that they were only going to list assets that meet the conditions. The ZRX token fulfills requirements regarding decentralization, economic freedom, and legal compliance

And so, while that could still be enough to make it happen, there is a growing feeling that it’s very much unlikely. 0x allows investors to trade virtual coins and tokens directly with each other. As such, 0x could be seen as a platform that provides direct competition to GDAX. One other thing is the cryptocurrency’s objective of making centralized exchanges obsolete. It may be a counter-point to the coin’s efforts to get on one of the world’s premier traditional exchanges. But there’s more that alludes to the end of hopes for ZRX getting onto Coinbase.

Recent developments

And it all has to do with recent developments. Coinbase is in the process of getting the regulatory go-ahead to start adding blockchain/crypto security assets.

“If approved, Coinbase will be capable of offering blockchain-based securities, under the oversight of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)”

This development may mean it no longer needs to use the services provided by 0x (ZRX). Even though the token qualifies to be added, it may not serve any value to the site. It thus means its more lucrative for it to look at other coins with attractive propositions and which meet all the requirements.


0x [ZRX]

Crypto Market Remains Above $250 Billion as 0x, Status, and Tokens Surge



The valuation of the crypto market has remained above the $250 billion mark, closing July 1 at $255 billion. Tokens have performed particularly well, recording gains in the 10 percent region.

0x, Status, Funfair, and Aion

The top performers of July 2 were ERC20-based tokens 0x (ZRX), Status (SNT), Funfair (FUN), and Aion (AION). ZRX demonstrated the largest gain amongst major digital assets and tokens, seeing a 14 percent increase in its value against the US dollar and bitcoin.

Throughout last week, amidst a drop from $6,500 to $5,800, the price of 0x fell below the 0.00010 BTC mark, reaching a montly low. In the past 24 hours, the price of 0x has rebounded to 0.000137 BTC, with strong momentum.

ZRX 1-hour chart from TradingView

Various momentum indicators and momentum oscillators show that the recent run of 0x is supported by high volume and a rapid rise in demand in the short-term. Both exponential and simple moving averages and MACD are portraying a positive short-term trend for 0x. Given that the Relative Strength Index (RSI) of 0x is at 54.77, the token is still not demonstrating an overbought condition and has the potential to continue its move to the upside.

In a sideways market, during a period in which bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and other digital assets struggle to record any major movement on the upside, tokens tend to perform well. The abrupt rise in the volume and momentum of tokens also show that investors have become more comfortable with the market now that it has become slightly more stable than where it was last week.

The volume of bitcoin has recovered to $4.6 billion and the volume of Ether has risen to $1.5 billion, from $3 billion and $1 billion respectively. The recovery of the daily trading volumes of major cryptocurrencies signify an increase in stability in the crypto market.

Still, the high daily trading volume of Tether (USDT) is a worrying indicator, as the volume of USDT is currently twice as large as the volume of Ether, the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the market.

If the volume of bitcoin and Ether decrease in the next few hours, the high volume of Tether would signify that investors are once again hedging the value of major digital assets to the value of the US dollar, which may trigger the market to enter yet another short-term downtrend. Hence, the next 24 hours will likely dictate the short-term price trend of bitcoin throughout the week.

Funfair, Status, and Aion did record a 10 percent gain over the past 24 hours, mostly due to the volume coming from Binance, the world’s most widely utilized cryptocurrency exchange. But, with a volume of less than $5 million, it is unlikely that the short-term movement of Aion and FunFair can be sustained, dissimilar to 0x and Status whose volume have supported their corrective rallies.

0x Coinbase Rumor

Several analysts have suggested that the corrective rally of ZRX on July 2 was initiated by the re-emergence of rumors about ZRX integration on Coinbase.

Last month, Coinbase clarified with its acquisition of Paradex that it will indirectly implement tokens through a decentralized digital asset relay, and if the ZRX run was solely triggered by Coinbase listing rumors, it is unlikely to continue throughout the next few days despite its optimistic momentum indicators.

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0x [ZRX]

Best Altcoins to Consider for Investment During Bearish Trends in the Crypto Market



Market volatility is inevitable when you’re dealing with projects which failed to modernize and adapt in order to meet growing social, political and economic or financial demand. On the other hand, bearish times are also the beginning of something more successful, so it’s a great time to invest. Here are the best suggestions:

0x (ZRX)

0x is an open, permissionless protocol for decentralized exchange. It executes trades via Ethereum smart contracts, and it targets to be an interoperability catalyst for decentralized applications aka Dapps and liquidity pools. 0x’s protocol abstains from arbitrary costs which extract value from one group of users to offer benefits to another. 0x also integrates decentralized governance to securely incorporate protocol updates and smart contract deployment.

It’s important to note that it’s also eliminating the possibility of a protocol update invalidating open market orders. 0x powers low-friction P2P exchange of ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain in virtue of creating a borderless financial system across various cryptographic assets.

It’s worth keeping an eye on 0x because it allows users to place orders off-chain and it keeps transfers of value on-chain, avoiding high transaction costs. Find out more about 0x here.

DeepOnion (ONION)

DeepOnion is a hybrid crypto that implements both Proof of Stake (PoS) and the x13 Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm which is one of the most secure hashing algorithms in cryptography. The dual algorithm offers individual identity and privacy via an anonymous, stable, scalable, instantaneous and untraceable payment platform. Another reason for which you should keep an eye on this coin is its massive community and support network.

The coin’s current state could catapult it towards the top of privacy coins. You can find out more about Onion here.

Ontology (ONT)

Ontology is a blockchain/distributed ledger network that offers infrastructure for a P2P cross-chain, cross-application, cross-device, cross-system, and industry. It combines identity systems, data exchange, data collaboration, communities and attestation, procedure protocols and industry-specific modules for distributed scenarios. All these are mixed into a single platform.

Ontology has to publish the economic model of ONT to ONG payouts. ONG stands for Ontology Gas, and it’s ONT’s utility token that’s used for payments on the network.

Ontology recently revealed a venture capital cooperation with Sequoia China, Danhua Capital (DHVC), Matrix Partners China, and ZhenFund. All these will contribute towards application development, outreach, and incubation in hopes of building a new gen blockchain infrastructure. Read more about Ontology here.


LUXCore highlights the lack of customizable blockchain solutions for end users. It’s an open source platform, and it provides privacy, anonymity, enterprise-ready architecture, and a scalable ecosystem. LUX’s transparent roadmap has a few features that make it worth keeping an eye on: the release of cross-chain unifying bond LUXGate and testing, SegWit, mobile wallets (LUX already has a web wallet), advisor onboarding, ramped up marketing. Find out more details about LUX here.

All these projects are bringing value in their own way to the crypto market.

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0x [ZRX]

Zilliqa (ZIL), 0x (ZRX), Decred (DCR), Huobi Token (HT): May’s Crypto Winners Bucked a Brutal Trend



May of 2018 was a month most crypto hodlers would love to forget. The market sank from a market cap of $417 billion to $334 billion, with Bitcoin falling more than 15%.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Despite the downturn, some coins managed to survive the struggle. Huobi Token led the way, witnessing a dramatic rise of more than 69%.

Here’s a look at some of the month’s top gainers.

Coin Percentage Gain
Huobi Token 69.36%
Bytecoin 30.68%
OriginTrail 16.93%
0x 15.70%
Decred 15.19%
Zilliqa 14.29%
Iexec 12.24%
Nuls 12.00%
Golem 10.70%
Binance Coin 0.95%

The month hit the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap with dramatic losses. IOTA fared the best, on the heels of its beta release of the long-awaited Trinity wallet. Cardano was hit the hardest, falling nearly 36% in the month of May.

Coin Percentage Loss
IOTA -5.29%
Ethereum -11.70%
Bitcoin -15.25%
Litecoin -17.76%
Bitcoin Cash -22.03%
Ripple -25.46%
EOS -27.89%
TRON -30.72%
Stellar -30.89%
Cardano -35.99%

What’s in store for next month? Let us know in the comments!

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