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XRPChat community: Ripple, Santander, and LianLian in a partnership with American Express?

Speculation ensued in the XRP community as user slinuxuzer discovered a connection between Ripple, Santander, American Express, and LianLian. Reportedly, these companies are teaming up to deal in China, tapping into a potentially huge market for cross-border payments.

The user slinuxuzer is a member of the XRPChat forum and started going down the rabbit hole after seeing an allegedly leaked job posting at American Express. The job was reportedly in the FXIP division, which is AMEX’s cross-border payments group specializing in business-to-business payments.

The posting in question said:

“In 2018 we are introducing a block chain solution with Ripple and Santander. This is an exciting time to join the FXIP organization as we increase our focus on growth…”

Job Listing on AMEX Website

Job Listing | Source: AMEX Website

This listing was then purportedly replaced with one that did not mention Ripple or Santander. However, according to the unedited listing, it can be assumed that Ripple and Santander are partnered with AMEX, more specifically the FXIP wing.

Since the FXIP division deals with cross-border business-to-business payments, Ripple’s products for fast settlements across legacy banking systems would provide an effective strategy for the company.

Moreover, American Express was the first US-based credit card company to be granted authorization back in April, according to a Wall Street Journal article. The authorization to operate in China will be a joint venture with LianLian, which is a leading mobile payment provider.

The nail in the coffin that seems to drive home this speculation is that LianLian and Ripple entered into a partnership in Q1 of this year. This links together Ripple, Santander, LianLian and American Express through tenuous links.

As slinuxuzer said:

“Finally, the last thought I had as part of this is, maybe Ripple’s strategy here isn’t to sell xRapid directly to the masses, but to team up with a known and trusted brand like AMEX, so the sales conversations aren’t as strained as “hey use this space age technology, from a very new company” but instead “please use this cheaper, faster service, from a hundred year old brand whose commercials you’ve seen your entire life”.”

This news must be taken with a grain of salt, as it is still speculation from unconfirmed sources.


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