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Less Than 40% Of Millionaires Are Getting Cryptocurrency Advice



Yesterday, Capgemini released a survey which showed that 29% of wealthy individuals have a lot of interest in investing in virtual currency and aren’t getting enough advice from their wealth managers.

The data is acquired through annual survey from Capgemini’s. In the latest release, it showed that as well as the previously mentioned 29%, an extra 27% (26.9%) are “on the fence” in regard to virtual currency investment. This means that more than half of HNWIs are aware of or are interested in cryptocurrency.

The Paris-based company consulting corporation, Capegemeni (not to be confused with Capgemini) defines HNWIs as people whose wealth mean that they can invest at least $1 million, excluding holdings such as real estate, artwork and vehicles. At the start of this year, there were approximately around 15 million people like this around the globe. Collectively, this demographic controls more than $70 trillion with Capgemini expecting to see that figure grow to over $100 trillion within the next ten years.

The results of the survey found that over 70% of the millionaires, that were aged 40 and below, were placing “high importance” on getting information regarding cryptocurrency from their management firms. The same goes for the 13% who were aged 60 and over.

Just under 35% of the millionaires said that they had received information from their wealth managers regarding cryptocurrency.

This boosts the stereotype of wealth managers not being up to date within the industry and rather being behind the times. It also shows that a market force could go some way in the direction of explaining the more than 160 new cryptocurrency hedge funds which were created in 2017. Over the whole of last year, these funds saw a great amount of growth in profit.

Even in 2018, we saw memorable developments such as new cryptocurrency investors funds being established by those from BlackRock and Goldman Sachs. We also saw Venrock signing with a cryptocurrency investment fund as well as seeing Soros Fund management allegedly looking into the sector in April earlier this year.

However, the Financial Times have recently published a report that shows that cryptocurrency hedge funds have had their profits dive by over 30% in 2018 and nine have been completely shut down.



MicroBitcoin Blockchain Community and Korea Association of Care Workers (KACW) Partner to Expand for Users



MicroBitcoin Signs An Exclusive Contract With The Korea Association Of Care Workers (KACW) To Expand Its Usability To 1.5M Users

The MicroBitcoin Open Source Community has announced that it has signed a contract with Korea Association of Care Workers (KACW) to adapt the MicroBitcoin blockchain networkprotocol.

The contract entails 1.5 million care workers who are certified to download and use the MicroBitcoin Wallet and make payments using MicroBitcoin which will be available via their care portal that handles all long-term care with about 6,000 sanatoriums.

Furthermore, fees for agents and store purchases from the KACW portal will be payable in MicroBitcoin.

The trilateral contract was made between the MicroBitcoin Open Source Community, the Korea Association of Care Workers, and a technology consultant – Bluequotient.

In the KACW ecosystem, MicroBitcoin will be available to their 1.5million certified care workers, 25,000 care portals, around 12,000 sanatoriums, Smart New Media Press Association, Korean Beauty Federation Association, Professional Economic Person Societies, Korea internet newspaper broadcasting association, Korea Care News and more.

As a step towards MicroBitcoin’s use in the real economy, it’s expected to be a use case that improves the rights and interests of Korean care workers and services which will run transparently by adapting blockchain technology for the welfare of the aged population in Korea, which is becoming an aging society, said MicroBitcoin Open Source Community.

MicroBitcoin is a Bitcoin hard fork cryptocurrency and has recently been listed on an international cryptocurrency exchange, ‘BitOnBay’, ranked in 40th with worldwide exchange volume for the first time on September 20, 2018.


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Winklevoss-Led Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Eyes UK Expansion: Report



Gemini, the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange founded by bitcoin billionaires Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, is rumored to be eyeing an expansion into the United Kingdom.

Gemini Plots Transatlantic Expansion

Citing two sources close to the process, the Financial Times reports that the New York-based exchange operator has hired advisors regarding a move into Britain and may soon submit an application to the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for regulatory authorization to open an exchange in the country under the agency’s e-money licensing program.

Gemini has not confirmed the report, telling FT that it has “no immediate plans” but is evaluating opportunities to increase its global presence.

“Gemini continues to explore potential jurisdictions around the globe to provide a best-in-class digital asset exchange and custodian which will enable growth and infrastructure to the entire digital asset community,” FT cited the exchange operator as saying. “Although we have no immediate plans, we . . . will always evaluate opportunities that allow the global economy to buy, sell and store digital assets in a regulated, secure and compliant manner.”

In March, San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase received such an e-money license from the FCA, authorizing it to provide payment and electronic money services to customers in the U.K. and 23 other European Union countries. Coinbase UK customers can currently trade GBP against BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and ETC.

Gemini currently ranks as the world’s 61st-largest cryptocurrency exchange, according to CoinMarketCap, with a 24-hour volume of about $12 million and a 30-day volume of nearly $750 million. Binance, the highest-volume exchange, averages more than $1 billion in daily volume.

Recently, the exchange launched a fully-collateralized, USD-pegged cryptocurrency called the Gemini dollar (GUSD).

U.K. Lawmakers  Call for End to ‘Wild West’ Crypto Markets

Earlier this month, FCA chief Andrew Bailey said that regulators need to take a balanced approach on cryptocurrency, mitigating risks and maintaining consumer protections while also leaving sufficient room for innovation. Lawmakers, though, have been more critical of the nascent industry, alleging that regulators need to cease with the “feeble warnings” and regulate the “Wild West” cryptocurrency markets.

Increased regulation would likely not be a major hurdle for Gemini, though, as the exchange is already one of the few cryptocurrency companies to receive a charter authorizing them to operate in New York under the state’s rigorous BitLicense framework. The firm has also partnered with Nasdaq to police its markets for illegal trading activities using the stock exchange giant’s market surveillance technology.

According to a recent survey, 30 percent of London residents plan to invest in cryptocurrency assets, compared to 13 percent of the national average. A previous survey found that 27 percent of male millennials living in the U.K. consider bitcoin a better investment than real estate.

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Bitcoin Investors, Here’s 6 Crypto Analysis Tools All Traders Should Have in Portfolio



Taking A Look At A Few Improved Crypto Analysis Tool

Remember the days when cryptocurrency analysis sites were nothing more than a fancy excel sheet. Well, that’s not the case anymore. Although Coinmarketcap is still the clear leader in the space by a big margin, it has competition now. The interesting thing is that most of these platforms aren’t simply aspiring to be CMC knock-offs, they’re providing fresh tools for grasping the complexities of the ever-evolving crypto-economy.

Let us take a look at 5 new blockchain explorers and crypto monitoring sites that have made notable progress in the near past.


Let us start off with the popular new tool Onchainfx. A few weeks back, they added a Breakeven Multiple columns, showing how many times your altcoin collection needs to double to reach its previous all-time high. In the case of Zclassic, 70x is what it takes for bagholders who bought at the ATH to break even. Its latest addition is more elaborate, however, and infinitely more useful. It’s now possible to mark fundamental events on charts using Onchainfx, allowing observers to correlate market movements with actions. If you’re looking to understand why an asset boomed or dumped, from mining reward halvings to chain splits, Onchainfx’ new feature aims to capture it.


Blockchair was already an established analysis tool for BCH, BTC, ETH, and LTC for over a couple of months now. It has now expanded, adding an Omni layer protocol for keeping tabs on Tether transactions, and a Wormhole layer for monitoring activity on the new Bitcoin Cash token and smart contract protocol. As if that wasn’t enough, Blockchair has added the ability to generate printable receipts for BCH, BTC, and LTC transactions. Simply navigate to your transaction using the blockchain explorer and click “PDF receipt”.

NFT Marketcap

This analysis tool can be called as a Coinmarketcap for non-fungible tokens. Having only launched this week, it’s still rudimentary but has the potential to evolve into something greater. Meantime, anyone interested in checking up on the status of their favorite ERC721 marketplace should head to, which enables tracking and trading of everything from Decentraland to Cryptokitties. Statistics detail the number of tokens traded over the past 24 hours, their average value, and the number of active users.

Blockmodo And Coinratecap

For people seeking a Coinmarketcap with added peculiarities, Blockmodo and Coinratecap both have use cases. Blockmodo adds in social, video, and community data, presenting a more holistic picture of how the markets are performing and why. Coinratecap, meanwhile, provides real-time price updates and also adds a handy list of the top 100 crypto exchanges.

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