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Digibyte (DGB) now accepted in buying Amazon gift cards: Long-term prospects positive

It is increasingly clear that many crypto projects in the market today will not survive in the long-run. That’s because many of them have up this point been riding the bitcoin wave, and have no tangible developments going on. Others are just too ambitious and are trying to solve problems that may not necessarily need blockchain technology. We are at a point where most projects just throw around the word blockchain, while trying to solve problems that are utopian at best. Then there are the well-known ones that along the way have lost steam, and a sense of direction. That’s why as an investor looking to invest in crypto at this point, it is best to go for projects that have a real utility, and some solid tech behind them. One such blockchain is Digibyte (DGB).

Digibyte (DGB) is one of the highest potential blockchains in the market, but also one of the most underrated. This is mainly because Digibyte was always focused on the technical aspects of the project, with minimal focus on marketing. However, after the launch of the Digibyte awareness team, things are looking up. More exchanges are listing Digibyte and businesses are adopting it. One of the latest cases of adoption of Digibyte is in purchasing Amazon gift cards. As per the bookcoin website, it is now possible to buy Amazon gift cards with Digibyte (DGB). This is a big deal because it points to a future where Amazon could possibly adopt Digibyte (DGB) as a payment method. Most of the cryptos in the market today are all hoping for adoption by a major organization such as Amazon. Therefore, if Digibyte were to be adopted by such a company, it could literally take this crypto to the moon. Besides, it could open the doors for other major businesses to adopt Digibyte (DGB) as a payment method, further adding to the intrinsic value of this crypto.

From a tech perspective, Digibyte is one of the best cryptos in the market. It has been in the works for four years, and everything about it is perfect. For instance, Digibyte is one of the most secure cryptos in the market. It is almost impossible to attack Digibyte in the similar manner as happened to Verge (XVG) or Bitcoin Gold. It is also one of the fastest cryptos in the market when compared to bitcoin, Litecoin and many other top 10 cryptos. Given that transaction speeds are a factor in the applicability of crypto in real-world business usage, it then follows that Digibyte’s long-term prospects are quite good, as blockchain technology continues to gain a foothold in business.

That’s why in a scenario where a good number of cryptos fall off the map for lack of utility, Digibyte (DGB) would be one of the projects that would reap big. That’s because in an altcoin apocalypse, investors would pivot towards more liquid and stable coins such as bitcoin (BTC) and a few large and trustworthy altcoins. The future of Digibyte (DGB) looks great.


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