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Casino Operators Will Be Able to Run Their Own Casinos with Zerocoin Platform

With the advanced technology, digital currency is taking over most of the online industry, including online gambling industry. Zeroedge, which is a revolutionary online blockchain casino with 0% house edge casino games on, is using its own digital currency Zerocoin on the platform. Zerocoin has been in the exchange market for a number of months and its value is increasing steadily. This makes it a great option for investing, especially with its online casino platform strategy.

Open your own casino with easy steps

Soon, casino operators will be able to run their own casinos with Zerocoin platform and one of the ways is by simply opening your own online casino on the Zeroedge website in just a few minutes. An added advantage, you will open the online casino using your own customized web URL and casino name. You can say bye to tedious paperwork, hefty capital and heavy license fees when you want to open your own online casino.

All you need to do is have your website URL ready, and a name for your casino. You click on the “open your casino” option on and there will be a very simple form to fill out website details and your personal details. And within a span of five minutes, you will have created your own blockchain online casino easily and almost instantly. This is a way in which casino operators will be able to use the Zerocoin platform.

How will operators earn by opening a casino through Zeroedge? After you open you casino platform, Zeroedge will add casino games to your platform. These games are 0% house edge, in line with the Zerocoin gaming strategy. Therefore you are running the all new gambling system that is attracting thousands of gamblers with less competition. Zeroedge will direct players to your casino when they sign up on In addition, all profits that are generated by your players will be directed to you and when each of your players deposits Zerocoin, you get to earn 1% of each Zerocoin.

How will operators earn on 0% house edge games as casinos are known to earn from players losing? Zeroedge provides all the tools necessary for operators to open their own casino and this makes it a win-win situation. This incentive is meant to increase the adoption of Zerocoin since with more blockchain online casinos operating on Zerocoin platform, there will be more gamblers buying the coin.

With thousands of players buying the coin, its adoption rate will grow higher and the same for its value. Therefore, rather than the house depending on the players losing for its income, both Zeroedge and the casino operators get to earn better profits from the rising value of the coin. As the coins gain more value and popularity, most online casino operators will adopt the currency as the platform which they operate from. Moreover, when online casino operators use Zerocoin as the initial capital for operating their casinos, not only will they receive profits from players but also the capital gains profits as the coin value rises, which maximizes returns.


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