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EOS Price Analysis: SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 |

EOS Price Analysis

EOS Price Analysis

Swap.Online, a cross chain hot wallet, is now live. Unlike most hot wallet platforms, Swap.Online did execute atomic swaps between EOS and BTC on its test-net and mainnet. That’s not all, users of the secure hot wallet can secure atomic swaps between BTC, ETH and ERC-20 compliant tokens. At the moment, the web-version of the wallet is available but developers are working on a chrome extension and a desktop version for their clients.

On the charts, EOS prices are evidently finding support. Aside from yesterday’s bar, notice that Sep 25 bear candlestick had a long lower wick signaling entry of bulls in lower time frames. That’s not all. EOS is finding support coincidentally at around key Fibonacci retracement and snapping back to trend as defined by last week’s resurgence.

Going forward, we recommend aggressive traders to load up at spot rates with stops at Sep 17 lows at $4.5. Conservative bull traders can in the meantime enter once there are rallies past $7 as reiterated in previous EOS trade plans.


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