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Ripple price analysis: Bears clutch XRP/USD in a death grip, $0.40 under threat



  • XRP/USD broke below critical support zone amid global crypto sell-off.
  • A sustainable move above $0.4170 is a pre-condition for a recovery.

XRP/USD is changing hands at $0.4056, losing over 13% in recent 24 ours. The downside momentum is gaining traction following the break below critical congestion zone $0.4400-$0.4430. The third largest coin has the market capitalization of $16.2B, while an average daily trading volume is registered at $660B, nearly double from Wednesday’s figures.

What’s going on

Ripple’s XRP is one of the worst-performing coins out of top-10. The asset has lost nearly a quarter of its value in recent 7 days, retracing after a strong rise at the end of September caused by the upcoming xRapid launch into commercial operation. As it often happens, the news was overhyped, the coin was overpriced, while traders were overexcited. Now everything returns to a normal balanced state, in line with the global market.

XRP/USD, the technical picture

From the technical point of view, XRP/USD is trying to settle above $0.4000 after a short-lived dip to $0.3850 during early Asian hours. The local resistance is noted at the congestion zone $0.4150-70.  Once itis cleared, the recovery will gain traction and push the price towards $0.4400-$0.4430 (former support). Pivot Point weekly, Support 2 on approach to $0.4350 is likely to slow down the upside, while the ultimate resistance is created by 61.8% Fibo retracement under $0.4500.

On the downside, the local support is produced by the psychological $0.4000, followed by $0.3850 (Asian high).  Once this hurdle is out of the way, the sell-off may be extended towards $0.36.

XRP/USD, the daily chart

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Imgur Announces It Secured $20 Million Investment From Ripple-Affiliated Coil Micropayment Tool



  • Imgur Received An Investment Of $20 Million From Coil
  • Coil CEO and Former CTO of Ripple Stefan Thomas Will Join Imgur Board
  • The $20 Million Originated From Ripple Labs Xpring Initiative To Boost Xrp Ecosystem

Imgur, a recognized community-powered platform announced that it has received a $20 million investment form Coil, a San Francisco-based platform. The information was released by Coil in a recently published press release.

Imgur Receives $20M Investment From Ripple Labs’ Xpring Backed Coil

With this new fund, the intention is to continue Imgur’s company mission of making the internet a more positive place. Stefan Thomas, the founder, and CEO of Coil and former CTO of Ripple Labs explained that he will be joining Imgur’s board of directors.

About it, Alan Schaaf, the founder and CEO of Imgur commented:

“Imgur began in 2009 as a gift to the internet. Over the last 10 years we’ve built one of the largest, most positive online communities, based on our core value to ‘give more than we take.”

He went on saying that every single product and service they offer is to give it to the community. Coil’s technology will also open up new opportunities for users in order to support the community in different ways.

Imgur plans to build a special membership-only based content that will they offer to Coil users that want to pay a flat rate monthly fee. Content creators will then be paid for their submissions to the member only section of Imgur. They will be paid in USD or as you can imagine, Ripple’s XRP at a rate of $0.36 per hour their content is viewed.

Techcrunch asked if this will affect regular users that do not wish to pay for the service and Imgur CEO Alan Schaaf said:

 “We’re in the business of making the internet better. We do not plan on taking anything away for the community”

We’re excited for a partnership with @Imgur that will empower millions of creators and their fans!

— Coil (@Coil) June 26, 2019

The CEO of Coil, said that he realized that Schaaf shared his passion for the Web, how to improve it and the challenges that it is currently facing. Imgur has also registered its 10th consecutive year growing, including the highest-grossing year to date for its advertising division. This partnership represents an opportunity to increase this revenue and improve users’ experience while using the services. Also included in the details of the partnership is Coil CEO will also be joining the board of Imgur.

Coil was founded back in 2018 by the former CTO of Ripple Mr. Thomas. The goal was to create a better business model for the web. At the moment, it has a subscription service that is open beta and it has also extensions for both Chrome and Firefox.

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Imgur Raises $20 Million From Ex-Ripple CTO’s Micropayments Startup



Imgur, a popular image hosting site, revealed it has received $20 million in venture equity from Coil, a micropayments tool for content creators.

In addition to the funding, Imgur has agreed to build Coil into its platform, which receives 300 million monthly users, to provide micropayments to users who view content, according to a report from TechCrunch.

The partnership will also be marked by a forthcoming premium Imgur membership with exclusive features and content for Coil subscribers. A $5 per month Coil subscription funds creators per second that the subscriber spends consuming their content at a rate of 36 cents per hour.

“Imgur began in 2009 as a gift to the internet. Over the last 10 years we’ve built one of the largest, most positive online communities, based on our core value to ‘give more than we take’” Alan Schaaf, founder and CEO of Imgur, said in a press statement. “Coil’s technology will open up new opportunities for users to give to one another and support the community in new ways.”

Coil was founded last year by Stefan Thomas, the former chief technology officer of Ripple Labs, as a means to pay creators for their labor. It’s subscription service is now in open beta, and it provides extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Comparable to Spotify, Coil’s Web Monetization API automatically pays creators in XRP based on usage, while the user enjoys the flat subscription fee.

Thomas will join Imgur’s board. Imgur previously received $40 million Series A from Andreessen Horowitz and Reddit.

Coil’s investment stems from Ripple Labs’ Xpring Initiative, which aims to fund proliferation of the Ripple XRP ecosystem. Imgur received US dollars in the funding deal.


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Ripple And XRP (XRP) Can Benefit World’s Central Banks, And That’s The Final Goal



As we already know, the conventional banking system is experiencing lots of flaws that affect the customers, from slow transactions to high fees. Luckily, Ripple and its XRP (XRP) cryptocurrency can benefit the world’s central banks to perform faster and satisfy their clients’ needs in a more proper way than what’s happening at the moment.

And, as it seems from her latest statements, the IMF leader, Christine Lagarde, agrees with that. Even more, at the beginning of the year, Ripple announced that it teamed up with over 200 financial institutions, mostly global banks.

And, as for the banks’ part, they find themselves in an exceptionally troublesome situation, mostly related to the traditional methods they use for transacting and operating. And there’s where Ripple and its XRP (XRP) cryptocurrency come to the rescue as they offer a modern, faster, and cheaper way for the world’s financial institutions to conduct their operations.

World’s central banks can benefit from Ripple and XRP (XRP)

The most significant competitor for Ripple is SWIFT, that is the conventional method for banks to conduct transactions. The downside of SWIFT is its slow processing and, thus, the latency on which financial institutions carry on the transactions.

“I think in the banking system at large in many, many countries; the difference will not be between those who are disrupted and those who survive. The difference will be between those who are cannibalized because they are not seeing it coming, and they are not embracing it and those who self-induce that cannibalization. […] So that is where I see changes happening now. If you think of Circle, and Ripple and all those – that is where they are active and helpful,” stated Christine Lagarde, the IMF director, this year, suggesting world’s central banks to adopt Circle or Ripple and its XRP (XRP)-based operations.

In short, Ripple and XRP (XRP) have the sustain of Christine Lagarde, the IMF leader, so, most likely, we’ll soon witness a change in the banking system. And when thinking that Ripple- and XRP (XRP)-based methods are all about instantaneous cross-border transactions, we believe that soon everything would change, triggering the rise of Ripple and XRP.

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