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MINDEX, GMEX Group and HYBSE join forces to launch the first blockchain securities exchange in Mauritius



We are pleased to announce the launch of the HYBSE International Marketplace; a joint venture between MINDEX Holdings Limited (MINDEX), GMEX Group Limited (GMEX) and Hybrid Stock Exchange Corporation Limited (HYBSE); that will bring to market a revolutionary blockchain exchange platform, based in Mauritius.

MINDEX; a complete exchange, post-trade, and physical infrastructure, facilitating a variety of asset classes to be traded in Mauritius, supported by GMEX; a world leader in digital business and technology solutions for exchange and post-trade operators, will partner with HYBSE; a global online marketplace based on blockchain technology that is part of the DIM-Ecosystem.

The HYBSE International Marketplace will integrate blockchain solutions and technology with traditional financial industries providing a complete and governed ecosystem that digitalizes assets onto the blockchain. This partnership will for the first time, enable institutional investors to access to cryptocurrency ETF’s and other crypto-instruments.

The following asset classes will be facilitated for trade in a digital tokenized format:

  • Cryptonized Shares
  • Cryptonized Currencies
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Forex
  • ETC’s (Exchange-Traded Commodities)
  • ETF’s (Exchange-Traded Funds)
  • CETF’s (Crypto Exchange Traded Funds)

SMEs will be able to use the HYBSE International Marketplace to seek capital by launching an Initial Blockshare Offering (IBO); a time-limited offer to purchase cryptonized-equities and other cryptonized-instruments, such as blockshares, from businesses registered on the HYBSE International Marketplace at special discounted rates. This will provide opportunities for the unbanked (more than 1.7 billion worldwide) to participate in the listing and trading of stocks.

The parties have chosen to set up the HYBSE International Marketplace in Mauritius further to the recent announcement that the Financial Services Commission (FSC), the local regulator, will create new licensable activities for the Custodian of Digital Assets and Digital Asset Marketplace and provide a regulated environment for the exchange and safe custody of digital assets. The regulator in Mauritius has also issued guidelines on investment in cryptocurrency as a digital asset.

Hirander Misra, Chairman of MINDEX and CEO of GMEX Group commented:“I am delighted to announce this exciting joint venture, where HYBSE will bring its vast domain knowledge, securities to be tokenised and its blockchain-based digital exchange technology and MINDEX, supported by GMEX, will provide scalable institutional grade digital trading platforms and business and operational expertise to set up the new marketplace.”

He added,“We welcome the new regulatory framework for digital assets in Mauritius and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of market development as one of the first ventures to set up under the new regime. We are firmly convinced that there is a massive opportunity for Mauritius to position itself as a major global hub in this dynamic space underpinned by strong governance and regulation to ensure trust.”

Daniel Liu of Hybrid Stock Exchange Corporation Limited (HYBSE) commented“The new venture between the three companies will bring about an exciting new development, not only for the crypto sphere, but global capital markets as a whole. As we embark on a journey to pave a previous uncharted way forward, this will inevitably create an ideal prospect to move the evolution of all financial systems, light-years ahead. We must also maintain a conscious belief of the power of this evolutionary step, as not to disrupt current global markets, but to rather bolster a new way of thinking that encompasses a decentralised and truly free market entity.”

HYBSE International Marketplace will apply for a Digital Marketplace license and operations are due to commence in Q1 2019 subject to regulatory approval.


For GMEX Group:



MINDEX Holdings Limited – The holding company for the MINDEX ecosystem

MINDEX Clearing Limited – Will operate as the central counterparty (CCP) clearinghouse regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) to clear all trades executed on MINDEX Limited.

MINDEX Limited – Will operate a multi-asset Derivatives Exchange regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC).

MINDEX Spot Limited – The marketplace for the electronic trading of standardized physical and digital spot commodity contracts for gold, precious metals, and other commodities.

MINDEX Vault Limited – The proposed secured storage depository solution for gold and other precious metals.

MINDEX Refinery Limited – The proposed world-class smelting, refining and recovery of gold and other precious metals to the highest standards.

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About GMEX Group

GMEX Group (GMEX) comprises a set of companies that offer leading-edge innovative solutions for a new era of global financial markets, providing business expertise, the latest technology, connectivity, and operational excellence delivered through an aligned partnership-driven approach. GMEX uses extensive market infrastructure experience and expertise to create an appropriate strategic master plan with exchanges, clearing houses, depositories, registries, and warehouse receipt platforms. GMEX also offers the added benefit of interconnection to multiple partner exchanges, to create global networks of liquidity.  GMEX Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of GMEX Group.

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The Hybrid Stock Exchange (HYBSE) is an online blockchain based exchange platform. It permits the buying and selling of cryptonized-equity in the new era of cryptocurrencies. The use of blockchain technology allows participants to cut out many of the intermediaries that are associated with traditional exchanges. While traditional exchanges serve participants from specific geographical locations, the HYBSE is open to all participants globally.

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About the DIM Foundation

The DIM Foundation is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the marketing, public relations, customer care and oversight of the DIM brands (DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies, DIM Cryptocurrencies, and future DIM denominated coins). DIM X is a cryptocurrency converting platform. The DIM Foundation is registered in Singapore.

The DIM-Ecosystem is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem. It includes DIM Currencies, an offering of various stable digital currencies, backed by precious metals. DIM Currencies are a medium for day-to-day commerce and merchant payment solutions. The currency stability will be further enhanced by the swift and efficient purchase of precious metals through MINDEX Spot Limited (Gold Spot Exchange), and storage of the wealth in secured MINDEX Vaults.
The regional DIM Foundation will be responsible for:

  • Collecting donations for the DIM Ecosystem
  • Creating events for the DIM Ecosystem and attending blockchain events
  • Launch marketing campaigns for the DIM Foundation
  • Attract businesses into the DIM Ecosystem
  • Becoming a central meeting point for ambassadors and promoters.

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Robinhood Invites Dogecoin (DOGE) to Join BCH and LTC



Robinhood has decided that it is time to add another crypto to its trading platform. The platform already supported Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BHC). Now, however, Dogecoin (DOGE) has received the platform’s support as well.

DOGE joins Robinhood
Robinhood has decided that Dogecoin (DOGE) will make an excellent new addition to its crypto trading platform. DOGE is a P2P cryptocurrency that was created back in 2013 as a joke. The coin came as a response to the meme that was popular at the time, based on Kabou, the real Japanese Shiba Inu that inspired the internet to create countless variations of this meme.

It was created, and ran for a while, by Jackson Palmer, who has since decided to remove himself from the place of the coin’s leader. However, Dogecoin continued its existence, and it currently holds the 40th place on CoinMarketCap, with the price of $0.002893 per token, and a market cap of $333.6 million.

Robinhood’s announcement makes DOGE the newest coin to be added to this crypto platform, alongside Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC), which joined only last week.

An interesting thing about Dogecoin is that it has no limit when it comes to the number of coins that can be mined. In fact, the crypto already has more than 115 billion coins in circulation. It hit the $1 billion market cap back in January, and its worth exceeded that of Japanese Yen at the time.

Robinhood wants a banking license
As for Robinhood, its first batch of users came back in February, when they witnessed a launch of zero-fee trading of Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). The platform is actually called Robinhood Crypto, and it can be used in 17 states. Additionally, the platform is now supporting five cryptos, but it also provides market data in real time for a lot more than just these five coins.

Some reports from last month have said that Robinhood is discussing the possibility of getting a banking license with the US OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency). Some sources even stated that Robinhood is interested in offering saving accounts and much better interest rates than traditional banks. They even mentioned the possibility of a one-stop financial service portal.

If true, this might be more than enough for the platform to beat any immediate competition that would include traditional banks and financial institutions. Additionally, the company published a job posting for crypto engineers back in June, which has been a cause for an entire wave of various rumors regarding their plans for the future. Some even suggested that the company is creating its own wallet. However, so far, there were no indications that this might be true.

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Why Tech Darlings Robinhood and Square Don’t Care About Cryptocurrency Profits



Robinhood, a major stock trading app based in the US, whose valuation surged from $1.5 billion to $6 billion after integrating cryptocurrency, said that the company does not expect to generate large profits in the near future, and the company is fine with it.

Vlad Tenev, the co-CEO of Robinhood, said that more than 200,000 new customers registered to Robinhood Crypto on a daily basis following the launch of the company’s cryptocurrency trading platform. Upon the integration of crypto, Robinhood became the second most valuable fintech startup with more than 4 million users, all of whom are based in the US.

Keep Robinhood Cryptocurrency as Breakeven Company

Still, despite registering over a million crypto users in the past few months, Tenev stated that the company will essentially process cryptocurrency trades for free, even if it may mean losing out on many millions of dollars in profits.

“We don’t intend to make very much money on it at all for the foreseeable future. We intend to operate it as a breakeven businesses,” Tenev said on Fortune’s weekly fintech show.

With a user base of over a million, Robinhood Crypto could easily push its platform to commercialize its cryptocurrency trading application and aggressively expand its cryptocurrency businesses to maximize profits.

Robinhood Crypto is now available in 16 US states.

In the first quarter of 2018, as CCN reported, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange generated $200 million in profit, substantially more than Deutsche Bank, the biggest financial institution in Germany.

“Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. In the first 3 months from inception, profits amounted to $7,500,000 USD. In the 2nd quarter, profits amounted to $200,000,000 USD. The 3rd quarter is still in progress, and is expected to have further growth. Any country that can attract Binance to open a branch in their location will receive a handsome tax income revenue,” Zhao said.

Binance is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange behind Coinbase and it is the most widely utilized cryptocurrency-only trading platform. Hence, for awhile at least, it will not be possible for Robinhood to replicate the profit margin of Binance. But, if the company tried and set its focus on profits, it could very easily generate tens of millions of dollars in profit on a quarterly basis.

Still, both Robinhood and $26 billion payments company Square operated by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey plan to aggressively expand their cryptocurrency businesses with minimized profits.

Reason Behind Profit Minimization

The cryptocurrency market, as investors like billionaire hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz has said, has the potential to evolve into a multi-trillion dollar industry. For companies like Robinhood and Square that already have significant revenues and profits coming in from their core businesses, short-term profits are not their primary focus.

The two companies however, are concerned about remaining at the forefront of the cryptocurrency market and winning users over to be in a position, three to five years down the line, to generate profits that are simply not comparable to the amount of money that can be made at the present.

In a nutshell, these two multi-billion dollar and highly influential companies are focused on creating a robust infrastructure that they can leverage in the long-term to generate massive profits and strong core businesses.

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