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Wirex unveils corporate partnership with hand-held ‘piggy-wallet’, Pigzbe



Partnership aims to prepare new generations for the technology and currency of tomorrow, today.

LONDON, UK – November 13, 2018 – Today, Wirex – the payments pioneer that is bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies and everyday spending – announced its first corporate partnership with the blockchain-powered ‘piggy-wallet’, Pigzbe.

Pigzbe was designed to reinvent pocket money for a new generation of children. The part physical, part digital ‘piggy-wallet’ runs on Wollo (WLO), Pigzbe’s family-friendly crypto-currency, and is designed to introduce children age 6+ to modern money management while teaching them good financial habits in a safe and secure setting. The partnership will see Wirex list WLO alongside its existing Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and XRP wallets. In turn, Wollo holders will be able to buy, store, exchange and spend WLO through the existing Wirex app and Visa card.

Wirex currently holds the crown as the only company in Europe with a debit card that is linked to users’ crypto wallets, allowing them to convert and spend their digital assets in shops, bars, restaurants or on public transport and the only UK headquartered crypto-friendly company to receive an FCA e-money licence. Already a success in Europe, the company recently announced plans to expand its card offering into the US in what would represent North America’s first multi-cryptocurrency prepaid card programme.

Pavel Matveev, Co-founder and CEO of Wirex, said: “Our relationship with Pigzbe paves the way for novel crypto and blockchain product partnerships and cements London’s status as a key innovation hub. Equally as important, however, is the incorporation of pioneering technologies to educate and inform the next generation about the benefits of money management and the future of finance.”

The partnership between Wirex and Pigzbe is one of the very first examples of two innovative corporations aligning business models to provide an end-to-end, practical cryptocurrency system that drives mass adoption. It will offer the 400+ million families that spend an average of $14 per week on pocket money an easy route into the world of blockchain and decentralised digital currency, without unnecessary complexity or technical jargon.

Pigzbe Founder, CEO and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur Filippo Yacob, said“Pigzbe is a project that has the power to drive mass adoption. We’re excited by the prospect of having millions of children growing up with Wollo as the first cryptocurrency they encounter in their lives. Central to our vision at Pigzbe the realization of millions of children and families being able to use their Wollo coins in the real world – our partnership with Wirex will deliver this.”

About Wirex

Founded in 2014, Wirex is a global digital payments platform serving over 1.8 million customers in more than 130 countries. As a frontrunner in the cryptocurrency payments arena, Wirex has delivered pioneering, world-class products that bridge the gap between crypto and traditional currency. Wirex is backed by large, reputable financial institutions including the Tokyo-based SBI Group. Wirex has spent the past four years building its own established software platform that enables a fast, secure and efficient service with zero transactional fees and some of the best rates in the industry. For more information, visit

About Pigzbe

Pigzbe is a London-based fintech company that enables micro-financing for families worldwide by giving parents and children access to products and services that accelerate financial literacy. Pigzbe consists of a team of award-winning designers, thinkers, and makers who have delivered products and services to millions of people for brands like Apple, Google, NASA, Primo, and Kano. The company understands how the world is changing and their mission is to give families the tools to help children become financially knowledgeable, confident and independent. For more information, visit pigzbe.comand join them on Telegram at

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Source: global coin report


WAVES Price Prediction: Long-term (WAVES) Value Forecast – July 28



  • WAVES/USD market has had tiny lower lows than lower highs around $1.50 price territory in the current ranging pattern of the trade.
  • Price may still shake downward to test a lower line at $1 before witnessing a bearish reversal that can give birth of a bullish up stride afterward in this crypto trading operations.

WAVES /USD Long-term Trend – Ranging

  • Distribution territories: $2.50, $3, $3.50
  • Accumulation territories: $1, $0.75, $0.50

WAVES/USD market has been one of the crypto-economics that yet keep indifferent range price moving mode as it did in the last week’s trading sessions until the present. $1.50 price territory has continued to be the choppy trading line of this crypto-trade. The market has had tiny lower lows than lower highs in the ranging pattern of the trade.

The 50-day SMA trading indicator is above the 14-day SMA trading indicator with a notable separating space found between them. The smaller SMA has very a little trended past the $1.50 price territory. And, the price has only made variant touches with it from below. The Stochastic Oscillators have a strong-hold in its current consolidation moving manner around range 20.

As the WAVES market’s value has been tightly held down at such a low point at the $1.50, it could as well be a golden opportunity for an investor to consider coming on board as at now. However, the price may still shake downward to test a lower line at $1 before witnessing a bearish reversal that can give birth of a bullish up stride afterward in this crypto trading operations.


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Best Platforms for Buying Crypto in 2019




Source: Pixabay

The cryptocurrency trading market is a volatile place at the best of times, with even some of the most reputable platforms being known to change the T&Cs overnight. People looking to buy Bitcoin have been saddled with delayed transactions or even having their transactions cancelled by a platform without any prior warning or explanation.

Recent disasters such as the death of the founder of the currency exchange QuadrigaCX, which locked out $135 million worth of crypto, has left the community scrambling for trusted and secure methods with which to buy and sell their e-currency. Here are the best platforms for buying crypto in 2019. 


This handy mobile exchange has been regularly topping the rankings as one of the best exchange platforms around since it first launched a couple of years back. Binance has quickly emerged as one of the most popular exchanges around, thanks to the huge variety of currencies that can be bought and sold on it, as well as the shockingly low trading fees. The security features are top-notch and customer service is good, with a dedicated 24/5 helpline and live chat feature that users can access for free. It doesn’t get much better than this. 


While you can’t sell your Bitcoins via PayPal, the world’s largest digital payment platform is still one of the best options around for buying cryptocurrency of almost any type. Despite a few setbacks a couple of years ago, you can now use it to safely, securely, and instantly buy e-currencies without having to put up with extortionate trading fees. PayPal’s commitment to instant transactions and top-notch security is what made it popular with a huge variety of vendors, including online sports betting sites. Authoritative betting review sites like have long listed an acceptance of PayPal payments as being key to customer satisfaction, so it’s a relief that you can now reliably buy bitcoin and other currencies via the platform.  


If you’re looking to buy cryptocurrencies with a credit or debit card, CEX is by far the best option in 2019. The UK-based platform accepts all major cards, including VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, charging a small fee of 3.5% plus 25p per transaction, putting this platform firmly at the lower end of the scale. Its verification process for new users is mysterious but well-regarded, given that most users are given the OK within just a couple of hours. Limits are pretty generous, with a minimum buy of 0.1 BTC per day and a maximum buy of 10 BTC. It also operates in the vast majority of countries and territories worldwide, although those located in the Middle East or Africa who are looking to buy are out of luck here. 

It may come as no surprise that the best and most-trusted platforms for buying crypto are also the largest on the market. Smaller platforms are best avoided in 2019, as they are simply too vulnerable to disruption. 

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Ways to Store Your Bitcoin




In this age of digitalization, technology precedes the expectations of human imagination. Financing and investment that started from the basic bartering system, has now metamorphosed into a cashless system where money can have no physical attribute, but a mere digital form of currency. Bitcoin is one such cashless form of currency that has taken the world by storm. Even in the casino industry, the best casino in the UK have accepted bitcoin as an alternative form of currency for deposit and withdrawal schemes. However, there is no one way to store this cashless economy. This article describes the gamut of options that lay ahead for gamblers and professionals who are proposing to invest in Bitcoins.

Electronic Wallets – the most preferred form of bitcoin storage:

On the advent of an emerging cashless economy and financial market, many investors were invested in the storage of such money in a digital format. And thus, electronic wallets came into existence where people no longer had to have a physical storage place but could store it into cloud computing software or on their desktop as well! And it didn’t stop there! These gave rise to a number of other forms of wallet as well:

Software and Online Wallets: One go destination where a wallet software could either be downloaded or Bitcoin could be stored on online servers through cloud servers. Users have the option to handle their own private keys in order to store their bitcoin in a safe way. These are mostly third-party sites that have the liability to store the user’s password and private keys for accessing wallets, as well.

Mobile Wallets: With the accessibility of mobiles and handset among millions of people around the world, it was perhaps evident that wallet software could be downloaded on one’s own private handset where the User has the liberty to use their own private keys for accessing without the intervention of a third-party site.

Hardware Wallets – devices for your privacy:

Hardware Wallets are basically small devices that can connect to the internet and could be used to carry out a bitcoin transaction. They are highly secure alternatives since they are mostly offline and thus hacking of such devices could be avoided substantially. 

Paper Wallets – easiest form of storage:

These wallets are perhaps the easiest form of storing bitcoins. They are merely pieces of paper that enlist the site of the bitcoin wallets (a generator issued link) and also a mention of a private key to access the link. Even though virtually inaccessible by hackers, these wallets do have the liability to get damaged over physical and environmental conditions. They should be kept safely since they are no longer just a cashless form of money storage medium.

Bitcoins have certainly paved a way to revolutionize financial storage mediums. However, one must consider the vices of such e-wallets since they are liable to get hacked by online criminals – those who can access such digital wallets illicitly. Wallets are the best way to store one’s bitcoins and so should be preferably considered over any other alternatives.

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