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John Mcafee: fcuking relax, winter is followed by glorious spring

The most famous personalities in the world of cryptocurrency, John Mcafee adviced the cryptocurrency community to stop panicking and just relax. Mcafee adviced that the falling prices will surely be followed by a massive surge soon. John Mcafee tweeted on November 20th when the prices of the prominent cryptocurrencies were falling sharply.

John Mcafee has been in the trading space for decades and according to him such type of market conditions have been seen dozens of times. The bear market is always followed by the bull market just like winters are followed by glorious spring. All markets are cyclic and ups and downs keep happening in every market worldwide. The movements are necessary for bringing in the air required to keep the markets healthy and stable.

Mcafee also expressed his views on why the cryptocurrency market fell so sharply. According to him, it is just because of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), the term which is well heard in the crypto space. He criticized the people who sold their coins as losses due to the fear of losing their funds as these investors and traders ignore the real potential of cryptocurrency. The exchanging of cryptocurrency in dollars and other fiats at this stage makes the fiat currency stronger in the eyes of the masses. The real potential of cryptocurrency was to make the financial system decentralized and not profit making.

The Final Tweet by John:

John Mcafee shared his views of the market in the final tweet where he expressed that he is not the only one who is advising everyone to be calm. All major players in this space are trying to calm down the community. The forces trying to push down the prices will soon evade. So Just relax, calm down and have a drink.

The people should understand that despite the falling prices of the major cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency space, as well as the adoption of the digital ledger technology is on a massive rise. The daily bitcoin transactions are going to cross the transactions of giants such as MasterCard and Visa. The massive advancements in the world of cryptocurrency in coming up starting from the lightning network which is surely going to be massively implemented next year according to Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin who has even bet against Roger Ver on the same.

Altcoins such as XRP will see massive growth after the XRapid is adopted by major banks worldwide. Ethereum is going to release its new version Ethereum 2.0 starting from next year and so on. The growth is massive. So don’t fear the bears, the bulls are not far away.


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