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New TRON Weekly Update: TRX Outpaces Ethereum’s (ETH) Daily Transactions Record

Tron Weekly Update – Tron Beats Ethereum’s Daily Transactions Record

Earlier this week, Tron released their weekly update covering the week ending on November 16. As usual, the report entailed the milestones attained, transaction volumes and future plans concerning the Tron network.

Increased Transaction Volume

Since the transition from Ethereum to its own mainnet, Tron has performed impressively. Last week, the average daily transaction reached 1.36 million. This figure is better than Ethereum’s record high of 1.34 million. Concerning this, Tron made a bold claim that Ethereum will never match their transaction volumes.

According to data form Tronscan, their Tron blockchain client base grew to 600,000. Furthermore, TRX, the native digital currency of the Tron blockchain, was included on the Scatter platform. This explains the notable increase in the number of transactions.

Technical Improvements

Over the past week, the Tron technical team implement a new mechanism of prioritizing transaction’s and devised the pan for the light node. Soon, the team plans to introduce support for tokens, anonymous transactions and an improved database.

The standout introduction to the Tron DApp ecosystem was Snatch-Tron, a game built using smart contracts on the Tron blockchain. Moreover, it has multiplayer support and offers incentives to latecomers. Within a month of its existence, the game has transacted over 200 million TRX.

Partnerships And Global Expansion

The popularity of Tron is increasing on a global scale. So far, Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron Foundation, has 2 million followers on Facebook.

Recently, Tron held a party for its community in Lisbon. During the event, the attendees exchanged their ideas and had the opportunity to get first-hand information about the Tron blockchain form the development team.

Of late, Tron has been highlighted severally by the Iranian press. Specifically, the media in the country acknowledged TRX as one of the most impressive digital currencies in crypto space.


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