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EOS [EOS] prices fail to reflect EOSIO version update

EOSIO announced the release of its beta version 1.5.0 with added features like security plugins. However, this has failed to drive a positive momentum for the EOS prices as crypto bears are standing strong in the market. Some coins are exhibiting double digit losses and has broken out their key support levels. Bears have pulled down the cryptocurrency to trading around $3 from $5. The digital currency has lost over 22% of its value in the past week.


EOS prices are facing comparatively lesser decline in value considering most other cryptocurrencies. The coin today has found support at $3.5. The crypto is currently facing resistance at $3.6. The next resistance level eyed by the coin is at $3.91. The trading range for the coin today can be found from $3.41 to $3.74. The MACD shows a strong bearish momentum for the coin. The 100 EMA line trading at $3.88 is on a downtrend. The coin is currently trading at $3.57 and is declining against USD by 4.01%.

EOS Chart


The virtual asset is currently losing against BTC by 0.36%. At the time of writing one EOS is equal to 0.00082457 BTC.

EOS Latest Updates

EOSIO has released the beta version 1.5.0 to add several features to the blockchain. Three main features added are Multithreaded Signature Verification, alpha release of State History Plugin and security updates to Whitelisting and Blacklisting. These improvement s focusses on improving the scalability of the blockchain and increase its efficiency. The security update is added to respond to arbitration issues in the community and to resolve disputes among the community.

Source:  bcfocus


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