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Stellar (XLM) – Lightning network on stellar livenet in December? Possible stellar moonshot!

Stellar is currently trading on a year’s support level at $0.19, and it has held all through the recent meltdown.  This is a key signal that this is the bottom, and $0.19 could mark the beginning of a new stellar bull run.  There are a number of factors that give credence to the possibility of a stellar bounce off $0.19.

One of them is that stellar could start using the lightning network on the stellar livenet in 2018.  Stellar offered a timeline for off-chain payment channels earlier in the year. As per this timeline, stellar would implement the lightning network as from December 1st.

If things happen as per this schedule, then December could be a good month for stellar.  That’s because it will make stellar a highly scalable blockchain even more scalable, and better placed for adoption by the business world. The lightning network allows transactions to be handled off-chain, fast and at any scale. With the lightning network, stellar would be in a position to handle millions of transactions at speeds that overshadow any centralized system available today, hence opening up stellar to mass adoption. The best part is that all these advantages come with no counterparty risk. That’s because,

When the channel participants are ready to go their separate ways, they close the channel and settle back to the public ledger. No matter what happened in-channel, the rest of the world only sees that final transaction. It’s like showing someone the last frame of a movie; from that one still, there’s no way to unpack the rest of the film.

Once implemented on stellar, and adoption gains tractions, it will drive up the value of stellar, by strengthening its position in the finance world. Just to get perspective on how big of a deal the lightning network is, it is one of the key factors that is expected to give bitcoin (BTC) a kick to enter into its next wave of growth. That’s because it will give bitcoin (BTC) much-needed utility in payments. Therefore, the lightning network on stellar makes it one of the most efficient blockchains when it comes to payments. This is bound to catalyze exponential growth for stellar usage, and as a consequence, drive up the value of stellar (XLM).

Of course, stellar is also getting a boost from the fact that it is also working on privacy capabilities, on its starlight payments channels. This will widen the adoption of stellar by institutions. That’s because, for business and regulatory reasons, most institutions would not broadcast their information on the public blockchain.

The flow of institutional money on stellar will have a huge role in the growth of the stellar network. As such, Stellar could be close to a moonshot.  There is a clear confluence of technical and fundamental signals, which makes it possible for Stellar (XLM) to outperform the market in December and going into 2019 and beyond.  It’s a crypto worth watching both in the short-term and in the long-run.  The possibility of stellar rising to a dollar is quite high.


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