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Electroneum (ETN) – $50 can make a huge difference in your life

When most people think of investing, they think that it’s something that needs big money to get started. However, if there is one lesson that the crypto market has taught investors, it is that the amount invested does not matter, provided one gets in at the right time.  For instance, anyone who put just $1000 in bitcoin in its early days is now wealthy. Though that boat has already sailed for bitcoin (BTC), there are other cryptos that can generate good returns even from a small investment put in at current prices.  A crypto like Electroneum (ETN) is very lowly priced, even though it great fundamentals that could drive up its value in the long-run.

At this point, Electroneum is trading at $0.00887. This means that with just $50, one gets 5600 ETN coins. That’s a significant amount for an amount that can’t buy much of anything both in consumables or investment assets. It’s the kind of money that most people would find it hard to account for in their budgets, but money that can actually help them out later along. That’s because if Electroneum hits a dollar, that $50 would be worth a cool $5600.

Even if it were to hit just $0.50, that $50 would be worth $2800. In some countries, especially in the developing world, that’s a substantial amount that can be used to start a business and change someone’s life. Even in the first world, that’s money that could go a long way in paying off credit card debts and sort out bills. For the entrepreneurial minded, this money could be used to start a business too. All these scenarios are possible thanks to $50, an amount that wouldn’t last a few days in the wallets of most people, irrespective of where they live in this world.

But are the chances of Electroneum ever being $0.50 or even a dollar? Well, while such valuations may look overly optimistic at current prices, Electroneum (ETN) does have what it takes to achieve them. This is a crypto that has what it takes to revolutionize the payments ecosystem as we know it. It is designed for instant crypto payments and has signed agreements with mobile providers all across the world.

This gives Electroneum the platform to grow quite fast and hit millions of users all across the world. This could see the value of Electroneum rise pretty fast and hit valuations that may seem like wishful thinking at current prices.  Electroneum is also one of the few cryptos that have KYC. This means that it is compliant to regulations and could attract partnerships that other crypto projects would struggle to get.

With such capabilities, there is no doubt that Electroneum could pull a surprise rise in price in the foreseeable future.  It’s definitely worth putting money into, even if it’s just $50, or some other amount that would otherwise be spent on consumer expenditures, which may never add much value, beyond instant gratification. If the market turns bullish and surpasses 2017 highs, then a $50 put in Electroneum could be a ticket to riches.

Source: cryptoglobalist


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