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Blockchain-based Human Resource Bank to Be Launched by to Allow Over 200,000 Users Find Help and Job

Having attracted over $10 million in seed investments from venture funds and established solid partnerships, the Humans.netproject is set to launch extensive testing of its innovative blockchain-based Human Resource Bank, where everyone can find help and everyone can earn.

As mentioned in the company’s press release, the project is preparing to enhance the capabilities of its revolutionary blockchain-based platform after having attracted over 200,000 users and established important partnerships after a successful trial run in four states across the US. Testing will involve extensive security protocol enhancements and the introduction of new features allowing users to earn on the data they choose to provide. The company is placing immense focus on providing its users with flexible tools that allow peer-to-peer matching of potential employers with contractors on the basis of honesty, transparency and verifiability of all user data. One of the key monetization sources that the project seeks to capitalize on is the redistribution of 25% of revenues received from advertising among its users who allow their data to be used for marketing purposes.

The Humans platform has generated considerable organic growth thanks to strategic relationships in the US, such as with the National Newspaper Publishers Association, which allows to connect with more than 20 million weekly readers. Another important partnership was established with FreshTunes, a free distribution platform for musicians, connecting with more than 200,000 musicians and music producers featured on the FreshTunes service. The global Coffemania/L’adresse chain of upscale coffee houses has also entered into partnership with to search for talented staff.

“Our effective partnerships and other collaborations highlight the adaptability of our platform across industries and will enable us to reach millions of users in the US by the end of 2018, and millions more worldwide as our service reaches full operational capacity. We are convinced that our technology has immense applications in the freelance industry and will prove its convenience for users and its economic viability,” says Vlad Dobrynin, founder and CEO of

The development team of the platform believes that the introduction of their service on the market will greatly facilitate the interactions of various participants of the freelance industry. Given the fact that the platform redistributes its proceeds among users, does not involve any third party services, and has a convenient set of tools for direct peer-to-peer communication, the prospects of a mass migration of users to it are quite high.

The platform has been under development since 2016 and is currently preparing to launch its blockchain with the internal HG Token allowing users to take full advantage of its capabilities and functions. With its solid partnerships and operational product, the project is determined to develop its full potential in 2019 once it successfully passes all testing stages and completes its upcoming crowdsale.

Source: global coin report


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