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Cardano [ADA]

Cardano (ADA) – It’s getting boring and this means it’s time to buy

Cardano (ADA) hasn’t made any major price moves for months. Since it broke $0.12, it has been a slow uninspiring drop all the way to its current price $0.04. This lack of any major movements may fool investors who are looking for the thrill. It may also be discouraging for day traders looking to make a quick buck from daily price fluctuations. However, for investors looking to make real money from Cardano (ADA), this period of low volumes is the best time to take positions in Cardano (ADA).

It presents a perfect opportunity to dollar cost average on Cardano and gets a very good average price for a long-term portfolio. But it’s not just the price inactivity that makes Cardano a worthy investment at current prices, its core fundamentals are also quite good, and give it value.

One of the factors that make Cardano a sound investment at current prices is the prevailing conditions in the platform blockchains space. This space has been dominated by Ethereum (ETH) all through, but at this point, it is in crisis. Ethereum is facing lots of problems that could be a threat to its very existence. The biggest one of these being its inability to scale.  Ethereum has a real challenge with scalability, and most of the solutions proposed are a few years away from implementation.

The ICO model that has been the backbone for Ethereum is also collapsing since most of them either fail or are outright scams. The uncertain position of Ethereum in this market creates a vacuum that Cardano could fill quite easily. That’s because it has the answer to most of Ethereum’s problems. For instance, Cardano is built to scale. It uses Ouroboros, an algorithm that enables it to scale efficiently, without compromising on decentralization.

Cardano also focuses on functional correctness, which ensures that smart contracts work the way they are supposed to, 100% of the time. This places it in a very unique position to take over the platforms blockchain space going into the future. It also guarantees that Cardano’s value will continue to rise going into the future, and, therefore, highly undervalued at 4 cents.

The Cardano roadmap also has some other interesting facets to it that will be relevant in the future. For instance, Cardano (ADA) is working on Quantum resistance, and this will become important in the blockchain space in a few years. Quantum computers have been under development for more than a decade now. This means that if one hasn’t been developed already, it is very close to being developed. The moment quantum computers become a thing, blockchain will be under threat, and Cardano is prepared for such an eventuality.  This makes it a high-value blockchain both now, and in the future. This value will reflect in the price of Cardano the moment the bear market comes to an end, and money starts flowing back into crypto.  For investors who get a good average price under $0.10, Cardano could be a ticket to wealth in the not so distant future.


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