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Interest in Ripple’s XRP unabated: New service XRParrot processed €50k buys in only 3 days

XRParrot is a product launched by one of the members of XRP community, dubbed as WietseWind, that has already launched couple of apps in the XRP ecosystem.

The XRParrot goal is simple, yet very ambitious:  To facilitate the easiest fiat-to-crypto conversion, starting with Euro-to-XRP.

As Xrpcommunity writes, XRParrot is recording impressive adoption, €50k or 125,000 XRP worth of transactions through their service in only 3 days.

“XRParrot went live less than a week ago, and I reported on its estimated volume in my most recent blog.   Those numbers only reflected a weekend transfer, and recently, XRParrot’s creator, WietseWind, issued the following tweet with the results of XRParrot’s first three business days:

Tweet from XRParrot Account

This is a phenomenal amount of XRP purchased through the XRParrot application, and it benefits both WietseWind’s team, and also the Gatehub exchange that partnered with him to make the application work ‘under the hood.’

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XRP enthusiasts can choose any exchange to obtain their XRP, but for those in Europe, I would strongly suggest considering XRParrot, due to its competitive fees and convenience;  but even more importantly, it indirectly supports WietseWind’s efforts at building other fantastic applications.   Using XRParrot is a win-win for European XRP Community members.”

The fee for the service is 0,5% but minimum 1 €. The maximum deposit is €500 per month and it might be heightened in the future.

You can also make regular payments every month by configuring an automated money transfer with your bank to the XRParrot bank account, with your Payment reference (Payment ID).

As the site states on their FAQ page, the XRParrot service exists to make it as easy as possible to purchase relatively low amounts of XRP using the existing SEPA banking system. Using XRParrot you can easily setup an automated, scheduled payment to get yourself some XRP. Also, people new to XRP can easily get started with platforms like the XRP Tip Bot without having to register at an exchange, to deposit, exchange, withdraw, etc. just to get some XRP.

Source: captainaltcoin


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