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Craig Wright (Faketoshi) and Ripple (XRP) head to head, who wins?

Dr. Craig S. Wright has claimed a lot of credit for himself by attacking several projects and events in the cryptosphere, and he’s at it again. But this time, he probably jumped into the wrong hole.

His latest rant goes against XRP. In this article we’re going to debunk some of the “logic” he uses to go against both Ripple Labs and the XRP token. We start with the Tweet from Dr. Wright’s (we don’t know what his Ph.D. specialty is) that has angered Ripple fans for the last ten days or so. He writes:

There are several things to say here.

First of all, after reviewing many reactions from the XRP community in Reddit and other social media sites we found that nobody wants to try and argue with him at all. That’s not to say that they are willing to agree with him either.

It’s more that nobody is willing to take him seriously at all, not just because of his latest rant on Ripple and XRP, but because he’s made a name for himself attacking the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in general. Obviously, calling the XRP people “idiots” didn’t help either.

Source: global coin report


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