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Ripple (XRP) Poised For A Decisive Breakout By Weekend



Ripple (XRP) Poised For A Decisive Breakout By Weekend

Ripple (XRP) Poised For A Decisive Breakout By Weekend

Ripple (XRP) has formed a descending triangle but inside that triangle, it has formed a falling wedge. So, which way is the price going to break out? Well, under the present circumstances the probability of the price breaking to the upside is a lot higher. If that happens, we should be able to see XRP/USD climbing towards $0.50 around late December. The price is still in a downtrend long term and is yet to break out of the descending channel it is trading in. That being said, the chances of a reversal at this point are very high, even if Ripple (XRP) has to return back to current levels for a double bottom in the future.

While most crashed hard in the last 24 hours with more than 5% losses, Ripple (XRP) held its ground against both Bitcoin (BTC) and the US Dollar (USD). This is a new development that would have made no sense until recently. Previously, Ripple (XRP) was the go to coin for going long hard or going short hard. The cryptocurrency had the potential to make aggressive moves both ways depending on market direction. However, ever since Ripple (XRP) overtook Ethereum (ETH) in market cap, that trend seems to have changed completely. Now Ripple (XRP) holds its ground even while the rest of the market falls and it makes aggressive gains when the market rises. It is hard to say if this transition is completely organic or induced, but it has made a big difference as far as investor confidence is concerned.

The cryptocurrency that until recently was termed as a bank coin and a centralized coin has now the same people as investors that once heavily criticized it. This goes on to show how sentiments take no time to change. Ripple (XRP) had strong fundamentals but the sentiment was against it. The team behind Ripple (XRP) was competent enough to recognize the real interests of its target audience and they successfully acted on them to lure in those investors that once criticized it. Ripple (XRP) initially adopted a strategy of directly confronting Bitcoin (BTC) but that did not serve it well as the entire crypto community stood up to it. Later when it focused more on the cross border payments use case, it was able to achieve a lot more adoption and penetration in the crypto community.

Ripple (XRP) might be on the verge of a bullish breakout against the US Dollar (USD) but things do not look as good with Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, XRP/BTC has one chance to break past this resistance at this point. If it fails to pull this off, it will have to fall back into the descending channel. The reason things look different with Ripple (XRP) is that it did not follow the same trajectory as the rest of the cryptocurrencies. This is why it is reasonable to assume that it might be due for a short term retracement against Bitcoin (BTC). However, if it faces a rejection at the top of the channel, then it will have to fall a lot more.

Source: global coin report

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC/USD danger remains at large, $3000 eyed



  • Bitcoin price on Monday nursing minor losses of some 1.4% into the second half of the day. 
  • Vulnerabilities continue to lurk for BTC/USD, at danger of retesting the $3000 mark to the downside, where some call it the bottom. 
  • Bobby Lee, forecasts $333K for Bitcoin. Saying,  “If history repeats perfectly, then the current bear market for #Bitcoin would bottom out at $2,500 next month, in Jan 2019. And then the next rally would start in late 2020, peak out in Dec 2021 at $333,000, and then crash back down to $41,000 in Jan 2023.”

BTC/USD 15-minute chart


Spot rate:                  3474.38

Relative change:      -1.60%

High:                         3589.36

Low:                          3443.91

Trend:                        Bearish

Support 1:                  3466.00, near-term ascending trend line.

Support 2:                  3392.70, daily pivot point support.

Support 3:                  3252.53, psychological support.

Resistance 1:             3516.95, 15-minute resistance.

Resistance 2:             3655.36, daily pivot point resistance.

Resistance 3:             3777.85, daily pivot point resistance.

BTC/USD 4-hour chart

  • Price action is depressed, moving within a range-block, ahead of further potential moves to the deep south, $3K remains eyed. 

Source: fxstreet

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Ripple’s XRP Follows the Market Leader and Trades at a Key Level



Ripple’s XRP has been following the movements of market leader Bitcoin. Both dropped significantly in price leading up to Friday last week but underwent a small recovery over the weekend.

XRP now trades at the key $0.3 level. The market drop on Friday which brought market leader Bitcoin to a 2018 low around $2800 saw XRP drop to $0.285. It had since recovered back above $0.3 over the weekend and currently trades around this point.

With the market back to declining today, it is likely that XRP will drop and potentially stay below $0.3. The 2018 low for XRP is around $0.25, so a return to bearish movements may bring XRP price to this level. The momentum is on the side of sellers with both the MACD and RSI decreasing to the downside.

XRP Daily Chart – Source:

The market leader Bitcoin which represents over 55% of the entire cryptocurrency market cap has been recording similar movements. A recovery over the weekend brought the price briefly above $3600. Price has started declining since and this has likely resulted in a lower high being formed in both Bitcoin and XRP.

$3000 is the next key level to monitor for Bitcoin, and a drop to this level may bring the entire cryptocurrency market cap below $100 Billion. A drop below either of these may spark another sever sell-off across the market.

Bitcoin Daily Chart – Source:
Cryptocurrency Market Cap

Key Takeaways:

  • Bitcoin and XRP recovered over the weekend after a bearish week but have since returned to depreciating.
  • The recovery over the weekend was likely a lower high forming, and the next significant downside move may result in new 2018 lows forming.
  • The key level to monitor for XRP is $0.25 and the key level to monitor for Bitcoin is $3000. A drop to these levels would likely result in the entire cryptocurrency market dropping below $100 Billion and this may spark a severe sell-off.


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Tron Price Dips in the Red Following Fresh Bearish Momentum



All cryptocurrencies will seemingly be subjected to a fresh round of bearish momentum in the coming hours and days. The hourly charts have looked relatively weak all morning, and it seems most of yesterday’s gains will be wiped out fairly soon. The Tron price is one of the first to budge, as its losses in USD and BTC value are already piling up rather quickly.

Tron Price Starts to Slide Again

Although yesterday was a very promising day for Bitcoin, digital assets, and alternative currencies, Mondays usually offer something entirely different. There has been plenty of bearish momentum during the first day of the week for most of 2018, and this week will not necessarily be any different. If the Tron price is any real indication, things will go from positive to negative fairly quickly. That is an unfortunate trend, but it was also to be expecdOver the past 24 hours, the value per TRX has dropped by 1.5% in USD value and 2.5% in BTC value. This is a very big setback, considering the Tron price was looking rather healthy just a few hours ago. More market pressure for Bitcoin usually results in altcoins losing value. This trend has been in place for months now, and it seems nothing has changed in this department either.

When looking across Twitter, it would seem some interesting TRX-related discussions are taking place. First of all, Justin Sun acknowledges there needs to be a vast improvement in how cryptocurrency can be bought. This is not a problem unique to Tron, though, as purchasing Bitcoin remains an ongoing struggle for a lot of people as well. Especially when it comes to the elderly, getting involved in cryptocurrencies is extremely complicated.

While that discussion is taking place, a completely different tone can be found in the tweet by Analysing Crypto. It seems this account doesn’t like Tron all that much, primarily because of the “bragging, noobs fav coin, and announcements of announcements” approach this altcoin is well-known for. An interesting view, although there will be plenty of people who disagree with these statements first and foremost.Regardless of how people feel about Tron as a cryptocurrency, there are still those who tend to favor the altcoin for what it can offer in terms of trading profits. TheCryptoViking is one of the people looking at this altcoin as a way to diversify the current portfolio, and also pocket some profits over the coming weeks. It is always a good idea to effectively look into different currencies and assets at all times.Although Tron is the first major altcoin to go in the red, there is no indication a lot of damage will be done in the process. The entire year 2018 has seen sufficient bearish momentum to keep markets in the red, albeit ever so slightly. As such, there is a chance the Tron price will rebound fairly quickly, but for now, the minor losses will need to be endured.


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