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EOS continues to bleed as price drop crosses the 20% barrier; altcoins crumble



The bear market maul has continued with several cryptocurrencies seeing visceral bleeds. Many cryptocurrencies also saw position changes on the cryptocurrency chart, an event that saw market cap changes and overtakes. Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH] and EOS have not stopped falling on the price spectrum with double-digit drops becoming a common sight.

At the time of writing, EOS was spiraling by 20.85% with a total market cap of $1.581 billion. The cryptocurrency was trading for $1.75 and was holding a 24-hour market volume of $820.937 million. A majority of the trade volume was held by OKEx which had a grasp on 13.71% of the total EOS trade. OKEx was followed by DOBI trade, which controlled $72.406 million worth of EOS on the network.

EOS 24-hour chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

EOS 24-hour chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

December has not been kind to EOS proven by the fact that since December 1, the cryptocurrency closed at a lower price than the previous day. Over the past week, EOS has been severely wounded by the bear with recent reports showing that the cryptocurrency has dropped by more than 30% in a seven-day time frame. It has also lost its position as the fifth-largest cryptocurrency after the climb of Stellar Lumens [XLM] and Bitcoin SV [BSV].

Bitcoin SV has made a splash in the crypto verse as it is the only cryptocurrency, other than Tether, that is enjoying a bullish run. The rise has been substantial too, with Bitcoin SV spiking by more than 18%.

The EOS community had some reason to rejoice recently when it was revealed that EOS had the most number of transactions compared to any other cryptocurrencies, even surpassing that of Ethereum [ETH] and Tron [TRX]. The finding also showed that EOS and Tron cumulatively contributed to 82% of all cryptocurrency transactions.




EOS Price Surge Signals new Market Cap Flippening With Litecoin



Most of the top crypto markets are currently in the process of moving up again every so slightly. When Bitcoin goes in the green – albeit ever so slightly – the other currencies will usually follow suit pretty quickly. For the EOS price, these current gains can prove to be crucial. Its “flippening” with Litecoin in terms of market cap will continue for quite some time to come, it seems.


The past week and a half have been relatively positive for EOS watchers. The value of this currency has risen significantly, and it appears most of the bearish pressure can be negated without too many problems. There is also the recent push to the market cap top 4 lately, although EOS has dropped to #5 again after Litecoin noted some higher quick gains. It seems likely both currencies go one-up one another for some time to come.

Over the past 24 hours, the momentum in cryptocurrency has turned from semi bearish to semi bullish. Such shifts tend to occur quite regularly, although this is a pretty interesting development, all things considered. For the EOS price, it means a 0.8% gain can be noted in both USD and BTC value. One EOS is now valued at $2.82 or 0.000777 Bitcoin. Both levels are seemingly sustainable based on the current trading volume.

Behind the scenes of the EOS ecosystem, it would appear a new partnership has been formed between Unlimited Tower and EOS Park. Both entities partner to build better API and full node endpoints for the items and user activities provided by Unlimited Tower. It is a pretty significant development for this alternative currency itself, as EOS continues to grow and evolve at an accelerated pace.

Secondly, it would appear a new gaming dApp built on EOS is getting some attention. Known as Ready Player One – nothing to do with the actual movie or book – it offers Monopoly-esque gameplay elements. It is a game which has been in development for some time now. Efforts like these can make more people aware of EOS and how its blockchain can function. Not all dApps have to be gambling related or DExes, after all.

For traders and speculators who are not too bothered about the current market value of EOS, there are some interesting arbitrage opportunities to take note of as well. Different platforms maintain a variable price for EOS at this time, which can make for some easy profits along the way. Considering how most traders yield a 1% profit or more, there is a good reason to exploit these price gaps for profit.

Based on all of these developments and circumstances, it would appear as if this may be the beginning of a new EOS mini bull run. Although it is still too early to say so for sure, these developments can all impact the price in a positive manner. Unfortunately for EOS and other currencies, that will primarily depend on how the Bitcoin price evolves over the coming hours and days. Anything can happen ahead of a weekend, after all.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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EOS Price Faces Bearish Pressure as all Momentum Sours



When the overall cryptocurrency market sentiment sours a bit, it is only normal some projects lose more value than others. Whereas most people have high hopes for Bitcoin, it seems the current momentum doesn’t warrant too much optimism. The EOS price is also going down significantly, but that was somewhat to be expected.

EOS Price Momentum Sours and Follows Bitcoin’s Trend

In the cryptocurrency world, virtually all markets rely on Bitcoin in one way or another. Most of the time, that allows altcoins to turn bullish when Bitcoin does much of the same. However, if the world’s leading cryptocurrency turns bearish, it is only normal all of the other cryptocurrencies will do the same. EOS is a clear example of how dire things can get in quick succession.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a drastic change where the EOS price is concerned. Following a steep 4.5% drop in both USD and BTC value, it would appear all of the positive momentum has been eroded. That in itself will pose a few challenges of its own in terms of value recovery. With a current value of $2.8 and a BTC value of 0.00077 BTC, things could be far worse for this popular token.

One of the latest projects built on top of the EOS blockchain goes by the name of Karma. It is a new dApp which aims to build a different breed of social network to incentivize people to do good in the world. Steady Coins shared an interesting image of how this looks in most people’s minds, even though the reality is hopefully very different.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

There is a very intriguing EOS-related development as far as block producer guidelines are concerned. EOS42 has confirmed the regproducer contract will be rewritten to define more explicit procedures to bring Block producers together. It is a pretty substantial development for the ecosystem as a whole. It will not necessarily impact the price, yet it confirms the project is still under active development at this time.


In rewriting the regproducer contract we aim to define explicit procedures to help bring Block Producers together in the mutual pursuit of providing the premiere multipurpose platform for decentralized applications. 

Twitter Ads info and privacy

Rewriting regproducer – EOS42 – Medium

Protecting EOS together
See EOS42’s other Tweets

When it comes to dealing with the current value decline, multiple options are available. Some traders will cost average down, whereas others will seek alternative options. Arbitrage trading with EOS can be quite lucrative today, as a fair few different exchanges have a decent spread between them. As such, there is still some good money to be made where this altcoin is concerned.

All of the signs point toward a positive future for EOS, even if the current price might not necessarily reflect it all that well. With ongoing developments behind the scenes and new dApps being built on a regular basis, EOS appears to be in a very good place. It is still in the market cap top 5 as well, although the competition with Litecoin will continue to rage on for quite some time to come.


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EOS Price Prediction 2019: Why you shouldn’t ignore EOS? USD / EOS Price News Today -Thu Feb 14



Why you shouldn’t ignore EOS? The cryptocurrency market has been in a bearish mood during 2018. The market was in a bullish phase in the month of December last year and ever since then, it has been cooling off. Even the 4 biggest cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple/XRP as well as Bitcoin Cash have been falling consistently. As a result, investors are actually worried about the cryptocurrencies in which they should invest.

USD / EOS Price Today

Name Price 24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)

At such a time, of course, investors will be surprised to hear about newer cryptocurrencies like EOS. However, it is one of the cryptocurrencies which holds a lot of potential.

Launched in 2017:

EOS was launched in the event Consensus 2017. is the parent company of this cryptocurrency. It has been selling the tokens for almost one year now. In total, it has raised around $ 4 billion. Rather than taking the conventional ICO approach, it has decided to open a token sale for 1 year. The Chief technology officer of the company is Dan Larimer. He has created two other cryptocurrencies which are worth $ 4 billion each. The year-long ICO of the company will end on June 1, 2018. The total number of tokens which are in circulation currently are 1 billion. Only 100 million tokens are held by the parent company. The unique feature of this cryptocurrency is that even if you’re not using the tokens actively, you can get some kind of the tokens. The development team believes that EOS, has the potential to overtake Ethereum. Ethereum is currently the 2nd most valued cryptocurrency.

Can EOS, overtake Ethereum?

EOS can handle anywhere between 1000 transactions to 6000 transactions each and every second. On the other hand, when you look at the capacity of Ethereum, it can just handle 15 transactions each and every second. EOS does not have any transaction fees. Ethereum, on the other hand, has significant transaction fees. This is the reason why EOS can actually gain a significant amount of traction.

The development team:

The Chief Technology Officer of the cryptocurrency, Dan Larimer has in the past also founded Bitshares which can handle volume which is equivalent to NASDAQ. This clearly proves the fact that there is no dearth of talent in the development team. This is another reason why EOS can actually rise significantly in the future. Thus, instead of ignoring this cryptocurrency, it is a good idea to find out more about it. It can surely increase in the future due to the immense potential which it has due to the above few reasons which we have highlighted. Keywords: Eos price today, eos price prediction 2019, eos news today


Incentives for developers on the EOS blockchain, the developer of the EOS platform has deep pockets at the moment and has pledged to invest in its development. This was illustrated earlier this week when they partnered SVK Crypto and revealed a $50 million fund for developers seeking to build on the EOS blockchain ecosystem. A PR by the two said in part that: “It will invest in projects that are building on the EOSIO blockchain platform, with a focus on decentralized applications (DAPPs) for social media, data ownership, data control, technology platforms, supply chains and logistics. This includes established or early-stage companies that have started exploring EOSIO or are building software on the platform” It’s still early days, but pulling developers is one way of rallying the community and a bullish community may just be what it needs to push the prices higher. Of course, this will also work in tandem with a wider positivity around the general crypto community. There are question marks over the platform’s governance systems, especially the 21 block producers who are seen as a potential weak link and point of vulnerability. EOS maintains its dPoS (delegated proof of stake) is the best. That remains to be seen, but if all goes as planned, and then reaching higher price values in June won’t be that difficult.

EOS token 

If EOS manages to navigate free of the red zone and picks up a nice trend in coming days, its price could rally. There’s no telling what may happen next, but certainly gaining by 50% in the next 20 days isn’t beyond one of the most exciting blockchain projects. Watch this coin- $25 in June is very much achievable.

The Top 100 Holders of EOS Own 75%, or $11B Worth

The EOS initial coin offering (ICO) has generated news for a variety of reasons. Not least among them is the distribution of wealth among its token holders. (See also: What Is Wrong With EOS, the Cryptocurrency?) According to a post on the online platform Reddit, the top 100 addresses, which are used to identify holdings for nodes on the cryptocurrency’s blockchain, account for 75% of total distributed coins. At current prices for EOS, that figure translates to approximately $11 billion in monetary terms. The statistic for wealth distribution becomes even more skewed when you consider that the top 10 EOS holders own half of the total coins distributed during the ICO. The largest holder of EOS tokens is the development firm, which owns approximately 10% (or 100 million) of all distributed tokens. If you remove’s share of the overall total, then the share of top 10 and 100 holders drops by 10%. Those statistics, however, come with a caveat. During transition of the code from a test environment to mainnet—a production environment where the cryptocurrency’s code goes live—exchanges have banned withdrawal of EOS tokens. Effectively, crypto wallets with EOS tokens are frozen since the day that the ICO ended. It is likely that users will begin transacting and EOS token balances for addresses will change after the mainnet is live.

The Unequal Distribution Is Not News

The unequal distribution of wealth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not news. Bitcoin has a similarly skewed circulation. BitcoinPrivacy has estimated that 5,500 addresses, each containing at least $5 million each, account for half of the current stock in the cryptocurrency. (See also: Cryptocurrency Billionaire Rankings: Richest People In Crypto.) In the case of EOS, an unequal distribution of wealth has governance implications. This is because the cryptocurrency uses the delegated Proof of Stake (dPoS) system for governing its ecosystem. The system assigns votes based on stakes of cryptocurrency holdings for each node. This means that the top 10 (or even top 100) token holders can impose their diktat on the EOS ecosystem without any opposition. For a supposedly decentralized monetary instrument developed in response to the centralized nature of the existing finance ecosystem, the wheel has turned a full circle.

Everything You NEED to Know About EOS


The formal release of EOSIO 1.0, shipped by development company, has come after a year-long ICO. With the ICO raised an impressive $ 4 billion in total to finance the EOS project. It is by far the largest ICO ever, even bigger than many IPOs on the stock market. Is EOS the Ethereum killer and is it still a good time to invest in the project? This article will hopefully give you more background information to help you make that decision.
EOS is the largest ICO ever to date. Earlier this year, messaging app Telegram raised another $ 1.7 billion through a private placement after which it canceled the ICO.  EOS, the project!
With EOS, hopes they can speed up the adaptation of blockchain technology. EOS is a blockchain-based, decentralized system that enables the development, hosting, and execution of commercial-scale decentralized applications (dApps) on its platform.

EOS aims to be the platform where developers can easily build applications. Although this is already done by Ethereum, EOS wants to distinguish itself based on scalability (many transactions per second) and transaction costs (free). As mentioned, with EOS it becomes possible to build applications on the EOS blockchain. These apps will then become completely decentralized organizations, which can all choose their own path in terms of the project’s purpose. The same formula that has proven to be very successful for Ethereum. – EOS is Designed With Scalability in MindThose who have been active in the crypto world for a while, probably already have read about the current scalability problems multiple times. Especially for Bitcoin (4 transactions per second), it is a big dilemma. Bitcoin already had several hard forks trying to resolve the matter. Perhaps to a lesser extent, but also for Ethereum the scalability issues are currently playing a big role. Why is scalability a problem? Currently, Ethereum has the capacity to perform up to 15 transactions per second. Not enough if crypto wants to become the ‘next big thing’. For comparison: Paypal can handle almost 200 transactions per second and Visa approximately 24.000 transactions per second.

The Internet of Things, however, requires hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. Although Ethereum claims to solve the scalability problems with the update called Plasma, there are projects such as EOS aiming to take over the throne in the meantime. Dan Larimer, the creative mind behind EOS, is a huge believer in Blockchain. Larimer believes everything will go through the blockchain in the future. To make this possible, it requires a huge amount of transactions per second to keep everything running. ‘Facebook requires 50,000+ transactions per second for likes. This is only for likes, not the shares/comments and other things that are possible.’ In order to run all these different applications on a single platform, something clearly had to be done, according to Dan Larimer. In theory, EOS should be able to handle more than one million transactions per second in the future. Sounds promising! – Transaction fees Transaction fees are, next to scalability, often a topic of discussion. Bitcoin believers once used the network’s near-zero fees as a selling point. On December 23, however, a peak of $34 per Bitcoin transaction was reached. Because of this, video game maker Valve stopped accepting bitcoin payments for its Steam platform in December, writing that “it has become untenable to support Bitcoin as a payment option”.

Although the Bitcoin fees have gone down enormously since then, it makes people wonder how we can reach a world-wide adoption of cryptocurrency, if these kinds of fees have to be paid. It is, therefore, promising to see that EOS is ensuring fee-less transactions. Letting users interact without having to pay fees is more user-friendly, and is therefore encouraging real-world use.– Delegated Proof of Stake EOS uses the Delegated Proof-Of-Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism. DPOS works similarly to Proof-of-Stake (POS), though it involves the approval of the block validator through a voting system. Any person who participates in the EOS blockchain and holds EOS tokens is able to vote for a validator. Due to the fact that there are no “miners” involved, participants in the EOS blockchain do not have to pay transaction fees that go towards the incentivization mechanism needed to keep the blockchain functional. Furthermore, since there are no fees needed for the blockchain to keep functioning, applications that are built on EOS’ blockchain are able to decide whether to offer their services for free or whether to charge their users. The possibility of the ‘freemium’ model is important as it allows developers to be able to build on EOS without the need for any fees. – EOS’ founder: Dan Larimer Although the scalability and transaction fees are unique selling points for EOS, the biggest hype surrounding the project still comes from the founder: Dan Larimer. Larimer is responsible for Bitshares and Steemit and has, therefore, already proven that he can actually perform something and make it successful.

Besides Bitshares and Steemit, Dan Larimer became a very big name in the crypto world because of things he introduced. Larimer is responsible for a few groundbreaking technologies. Among other things, he has introduced “delegated proof of stake” in the blockchain world, which can be seen as a republican form of Proof-of-Stake. The most famous technology he has helped the world, however, is the concept of decentralized autonomous organizations (the concept that Ethereum revolves around and why it ultimately became so big). Dan Larimer can be seen as a true cryptocurrency veteran. This gives the confidence that EOS will be at least as big, but perhaps even bigger than his previous projects Bitshares and Steemit. Things to keep in mind before investing!
– EOS has not proven itself yet When looking at all the plans for EOS it is hard to deny that the project can indeed revolutionize the crypto space. That said, there are still some doubts regarding the entire project. The biggest problem at the moment with the EOS is that the software has been out for just a few days, the Mainnet still needs to be launched.

Due to Block.One’s legal structure, they cannot create a Mainnet. It is up to the community of EOS people around the world to launch several “mainnets” and eventually the community will (mostly) align to one network as being the mainnet. This could take weeks (or months). Everything that has been written above mainly consist out promises from the EOS team that they are convinced they can make it happen. Time will, however, have to show if this is actually the case. Without a solid and an official Mainnet, EOS will be useless. – Dan Larimer’s future involvement The fact that Dan Larimer is one of the leads at the EOS project does not mean that the project will 100% certainly succeed. There are some rumors that Larimer has not been completely honest during his previous projects. Moreover, Larimer left both Steemit and BitShares very sudden. It is therefore advisable that you do your own research before stepping into this crypto. The question is what the price of EOS will do when Larimer suddenly leaves that project as well. – Competition Similar to the fact that EOS is a competitor of Ethereum, Ethereum is also a competitor for EOS.

EOS is operating in a highly competitive space within the blockchain industry as it is competing with big names like Ethereum, NEO, Stratis, and Lisk (just to name a few). It will thus be a long uphill battle for EOS to position itself in a leadership position among competing platforms that already have been around for a while. – What is going to happen with the invested $ 4 billion? As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Block.One raised an impressive $ 4 billion during the year-long ICO. It is, however, yet unclear how Block.One intends to use the money gained through its token sale. Block.One now has a vast war-chest that can immediately be put to use against competitors like Ethereum, but will they also do this? Block.One has made clear that there is no intention of continuing to develop the project over time.

Block.One does, however, intend to allocate over $1 billion to funding companies that seek opportunities to build on top of the EOS system. Although this is already great, it does raise the question what will happen with the remaining $ 3 billion. – Total Circulating Supply Currently, EOS has a total circulating supply of 900 million in the market, with a max supply of 1 billion. This is far more than most blockchain projects. Ethereum, for example, has acirculating supply of 99 million and Bitcoin has 21 million. Investors are afraid this huge supply will suppress the price in the long term. They would rather see a lower supply because if there are too many coins in circulation, the upside potential is limited. No investor wants a price ceiling on their potential returns. Conclusion
EOS clearly has the potential to shake up the crypto market and perhaps even become number #1 in the long term. With Dan Larimer, the EOS team has a big name among them with a proven track record. That said, EOS needs to shake off a number of competitors and get rid of the doubts surrounding the project, to become truly valuable. If this happens, the current price of EOS will for sure be way higher than it currently is, especially if you hodl for another 2-3 years.

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