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Human Coin: The Next Big ICO in 2019

Donations have been a huge problem within the following years. According to a report created by Populus for the Charity Commission, a survey with a sample size of 1,000 respondents and discussions within focus groups, trust in charities has dropped from 6.7 out of ten to 5.7 from 2014 to 2016.

Most of these issues are due to the centralization of charity funds. When donors would give money into charities in third world countries, they realized that their funds were used for corrupt government instead of helping their desired recipient.

Want to know the top ico in 2019?

Human Coin.

As the project continues to grow, we can see how it will affect the world in its later stages in development. Learn more about Human Coin right now, so you can see a newer, more decentralized way in donating towards legitimate charities.


Meet Humancoin

Humancoin is a platform that focused on decentralized philanthropy. Most of us have been subjected to commercials of sad looking pups complete with music to help stir our emotional feelings into opening up our wallets.

While hundreds of legitimate charities operate this way, the trust in charities has dropped in the last 5 years because of the scandals involving humanitarian charities were brought to the public eye.

Human Coin’s team is currently developing a blockchain solution for recipients and donors of funds worldwide. The decentralized and transparent nature of cryptocurrency makes them a great transaction source for philanthropic industries.

Based on their whitepaper, here’s why 3 people who tend to donate change their mind:

  1. Potential issues with foreign governments and Cross-border payment complexity.
  2. Lack of trust for charities. These donors feel like their contribution will reach their recipient on time due to the lack of proper charity regulation.
  3. The inability to see any additional benefits when donating.

To prevent these problems, Human Coin plans on focusing their efforts on the collaboration of cryptocurrency, eCommerce, and charity market.

Why is This the Top ICO in 2019?

Humancoin is the first project within the e-commerce section that can change how the loyalty program works. Instead of acting as a competitor to existing models, this platform works to create partnerships with them.

The Humancoin tokens will be converted into miles, coupons, bonuses, and points. To do this successfully, business owners don’t need to know how systems work. All they need to do is create a conversation rate.

As its number of partners grow, so will the token’s popularity. In fact, Humancoin plans to make partnerships with crypto exchanges. If this happens, Humancoin token holders will have a discount on exchange fees.

The project’s future expansion will be financed by a 5% fee that’s raised on the fees collected for charity projects. This number is 4x lower than the market average. Because of Humancoin’s association with charity will give it a competitive advantage when making loyalty programs with partners.



To conclude, Humancoin has the potential to become the top ico in 2019. Due to its current progress, concept, and its plans to solve the charity issue, we can see more people looking into it. We hope to see this ICO continue its success in 2019.



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