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Will Coinbase delist ETC in 2019? Place your bets on Augur…



A new prediction market on the Augur (REP) platform has provoked a major debate in the crypto community. Users can now bet on whether they believe that Coinbase will delist Ethereum Classic (ETC) by the end of 2019.

The recent 51 percent attack on the ETC network led to the loss of a significant amount of funds, although the price of ETC wasn’t affected as negatively as might have been expected. Many have started to speculate about the future of the crypto, in the wake of this potential damage to its reputation.

Users of decentralized prediction platform Augur can now back up their speculations on the fate of ETC with real capital, placing ETH bets on the outcome of “Will Coinbase, Inc (coinbase.com) delist ETC trading pairs on the Consumer exchange before Jan 1, 2020 12:00AM UTC?”.

The bet has drawn the attention of Cornell professor and crypto commentator Emin Gun Sirer, who described it as an “assassination market for ETC”. This is a reference to the infamous markets on Augur where users can bet on the murder of President Trump and other leading public figures.

Sirer seemed to think that the apparent lack of security on the Ethereum Classic network would eventually force the leading crypto broker to delist ETC, in order to protect its own reputation, although others believed that it wouldn’t take any action unless it actually lost money directly.

If you’re interested in more forecasts and predictions for 2019, check out this Chepicap article, where we round up what a host of crypto experts have seen in their crystal ball.

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Mozilla Closes Holes That Led to Coinbase Hacks



19-11707 – first appeared in April 15 and hackers used them to spear-phish Coinbase employees. When they visited sites linked in the email the browser would download a piece of spyware to steal logins and other data.

Some detail from the exploit suggests that the bug could escalate privileges outside of the “sandbox” where most Mozilla code runs:

Insufficient vetting of parameters passed with the Prompt:Open IPC message between child and parent processes can result in the non-sandboxed parent process opening web content chosen by a compromised child process. When combined with additional vulnerabilities this could result in executing arbitrary code on the user’s computer.

The two vulnerabilities combined to create a perfect storm, allowing hackers to run malware installers instantly. Researchers discovered the exploits on April 15 and they suspect that hackers saw them in Mozilla’s Bugzilla bug tracking database and exploited them before they could be patched. The hack did not effect Coinbase users.

Mozilla is asking users to update their browsers in order close these holes.

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Coinbase CFO on speculative trading, Facebook’s Libra runs into trademark trouble and more



Crypto News – 22 June

Bitcoin now being embraced by the masses? As charted out by cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Rooke, BTC’s use the number of addresses holding the coin is “spreading”

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Kraken issues phishing warning: The Jesse Powell-led exchange sounded a warning to its customers that a “scam” involving the use a lookalike Punycode was in the works

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Tron DApps surge: Tron’s DApp surpassed EOS and Ethereum in weekly trading volume

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Shelley goes live: In a recent development, Cardano released its Shelley testnet on June 21

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eToro tests Libra blockchain: According to the GitHub post, the team used specification targeting Ethereum blockchain to write and execute basic implementation to create a digital asset on Libra blockchain

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Google UX expert joins Bakkt: Former Google UX expert, Chris Peterson has hopped on to the Bitcoin Futures Exchange, Bakkt, to develop its upcoming project Bakkt Pay

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Recent Firefox zero-day attack targeted Coinbase employees



It is being reported by ZDNet that the recent announcement made by Mozilla to update Firefox due to a vulnerability came from a specific attack that was unleashed against both Coinbase as well as other exchanges. Fortunately the attack was deterred and all funds are still safe.

Coinbase originally detected the attack on Monday and subsequently announced the following to Mozilla:

“On Monday, Coinbase detected & blocked an attempt by an attacker to leverage the reported 0-day, along with a separate 0-day Firefox sandbox escape, to target Coinbase employees.”

This is what prompted Mozilla to issue a patch for the code and immediately warn all users to update. What makes the story stranger though, is the fact that the exploit was originally on April 15th by Groß, a security researcher with Google Project Zero security team.

The article compiles a list of scenarios in which the attackers could have found out about the exploit, despite Mozilla not having disclosed the information yet:

“- the attackers discovered the same RCE bug on their own
– they obtained the info from an insider with access to Mozilla’s security bugs portal
– they compromised a Mozilla employee’s account and accessed the Bugzilla portal’s security section
– or, they hacked the Bugzilla portal, similar to an incident from 2015″

While it is unclear how it happened, what is important is that the software has been patched and Coinbase was able to intercept the attack before any issues arose. Philip Martin, a member of the Coinbase security team, is quoted:

“We walked back the entire attack, recovered and reported the 0-day to Firefox, pulled apart the malware and [infrastructure] used in the attack, and are working with various orgs to continue burning down [the] attacker’s infrastructure and digging into the attacker involved.”

For now, all is well, but this could have led to a major hack of one of the largest and most popular crypto exchanges out there. Will we see further attacks? Stick with Chepicap for all updates!

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