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Is Bitcoin casino a good entertainment option?



What are the advantages of Bitcoin casinos?

As technology progresses it makes its way through every aspect of our daily lives like work, relationships, and entertainment. Blockchain gave birth to cryptocurrency which is spreading so rapidly that we can now use our digital currency for shopping, various payments, even test our luck at an online btc casino.

 All the benefits of blockchain including anonymity, security, fast transfers, and absence of conversion losses are awaiting you with Bitcoin casino gaming. Nevertheless, let’s take a more profound gaze at some of the most important features of this sort of entertainment.

Anonymity – BTC Casinos don’t require personal information

Gambling is not allowed in many countries, both online and offline. However, when it comes to Bitcoin casinos any form of restriction becomes obsolete. Instead of filling out your personal information forms and providing credit card information, BTC casinos like FortuneJack are keeping your activities anonymous. Not only when making a deposit, but your information is also not requested even when you make withdrawals.

Licenced Bitcoin casinos are Safe and Secure

Thanks to the blockchain technology, and it’s decentralized nature, your activities are perfectly safe, as are your winnings and transactions which are performed under strong encryption. Furthermore, all the transactions are strictly peer-to-peer, which means no third-party entities are involved. In addition, with two-factor authentication, you can make sure that all your actions are authorized by you.

Bitcoin casinos offer Variety of Promotions

It’s always nice to feel appreciated for your loyalty, and Bitcoin casinos really know how to show their appreciation. There are always some promotions and bonuses available for players including free spins, bonuses on certain deposit amounts, partial retribution of monthly losses and others.

Fast Withdrawals

Another perk of blockchain technology includes almost instantaneous. There is no need to wait for days until the money is at your disposal. With regular casinos, it can take days until you have the money in your hands, and the transaction fees are always a rip-off.

Game Variety

A casino is only as good as the entertainment options it can provide. Bitcoin casinos are nothing less entertaining than regular online casinos, or brick and mortar for that matter. The choice of games varies depending on the provider; however here are some of the most notable gaming options.

 Bitcoin dice is a well-known game of luck with fixed house edge where the player rolls the dices and bets on the outcome of the roll.

Bitcoin roulette is another famous game where player bets where the ball will end up once it’s dropped on a spinning wheel.

Bitcoin Blackjack is a card game where the player needs to beat the dealer by scoring closer to 21. Most Bitcoin casinos provide a versatile choice of Blackjack games.

Bitcoin Slots don’t differ from those you could play in Vegas. There are all kinds of slot games like 3D slots, Video slots, and classic slot games where all you have to do is to chip in and wait for the coins to start raining.

24/7 Support

It’s important to know that there’s someone looking after your best interests while you’re having fun. With 24/7 support available you can address any issue that comes in your way. Most casinos have their own knowledge base as well, which is often more than enough to settle any perplexity.


Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD confluence detector shows lack of resistance and support levels



  • The daily confluence detector shows one healthy support level at $10,075.
  • BTC/USD has gone down from $10,110 to $10,092.

The hourly BTC/USD price chart shows us that the price dropped from $10,130 to $9,815 this Thursday. The bulls then gathered momentum before it picked up to $10,190, meeting resistance. Since then, BTC/USD has been on a continuous downtrend and is currently trending around $10,092.

BTC/USD daily confluence detector


The daily confluence detector shows only one prominent resistance and support level. The $10,500 resistance level has the 5-day simple moving average (SMA 5) curve. The $10,075 support level has the 1-month 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level, SMA 10, 1-hour Bollinger band middle curve and 4-hour previous low.

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Bloomberg Says Bitcoin Could be Finding Support at $10,000 as Altcoins Rebound



Yesterday, Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly slipped. After tapping $11,000 just days earlier, the cryptocurrency cratered, falling under $10,000 as bulls failed to step in.

This move was so dramatic that according to the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index, this sudden reversal has resulted in a reading of five — the index’s lowest value in its history. This is crazy, especially considering that BTC is trading over 300% higher than its bottom price of $3,150.

Bloomberg Says Bitcoin Could be Finding Support at $10,000 as Altcoins Rebound 1

While the index’s reading may seem entirely arbitrary — just look at the bullish momentum Bitcoin has experienced in the first half of 2019 — the index is backed by data.

The website that hosts the index claims it analyses a fair mix of volatility, market momentum and volume, social media trends, surveys, dominance, and Google Trends to get the gist of how cryptocurrency investors are faring.

Bitcoin Bounces Back

But, the Bitcoin price has managed to bounce back. After remaining under $10,000 for a number of hours, the cryptocurrency managed to reclaim five digits.

Per Bloomberg, the cryptocurrency “appears to be gaining momentum for a push higher”. The analyst recently claimed that as BTC recently dropped “below the lower limit of its GTI Vera Band Indicator, which measures up and down trends”, a spike to the upside may be ahead. The last four times the bottom band was breached, “it managed to quickly rally back into the range”.

According to Mike McGlone, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, Bitcoin is currently setting itself up for a recovery. He explained in a note that its “unique attributes” (likely a reference to its classification as a digital store of value/digital version of gold) and tumult on the macroeconomic stage could help boost the value of Bitcoin. Indeed, many say that if trade wars continue to rage and if central banks continue to enlist unorthodox monetary policy, the need for a form of money that is decentralized, scarce, borderless, and public will only swell.

While McGlone is bullish for the medium term, he told Bloomberg TV in a recent interview that his short and long-term prospects on the cryptocurrency are mixed.

Per previous reports from Ethereum World News, McGlone argued that with there being key support at $8,000 and heavy resistance at $20,000, the cryptocurrency could be stuck in that range “endlessly”. He added that on-chain fundamentals — active addresses, number of daily transactions, fees, and so on and so forth — have begun to taper off like they did to trigger 2018’s bear market.

Altcoins Finally Gain Some Steam

Interestingly, throughout this short-term recovery, altcoins have bounced, actually outperforming Bitcoin for once.

According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin dominance has fallen to 68.5% from nearly 70%. Ethereum is up 3.5% on the day, while BTC is up a relatively mere 0.2%. It’s a similar story across the cryptocurrency rankings.

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Bitcoin Vs. Ripple: Amidst the Bearish Trend, The Coins Gave Some Brief Moment of Trading



There is a close link between the movement of Bitcoin and Ripple. Both of them are strong coins with a dedicated community of users. At present, they are facing some negative sentiments, but this will wash off soon.

Current Statistics (On August 22 at UTC 08:38):

ParametersRipple (XRP)Bitcoin (BTC)
Price (USD)0.26329929.91
Market Rank3rd1st
Market Cap11,339,553,299 USD178,409,831,940 USD
24-Hour Volume1,033,612,299 USD18,408,249,735 USD
Circulating Supply42,890,708,341 XRP17,890,087 BTC
Price in BTC0.00002654NA

BTC Vs. XRP Price Analysis:

Both Bitcoin and Ripple started on a declining note. In the first hours of the day, Bitcoin price has declined by 6.15% and fell to the level of 10,125.86 USD. Similarly, Ripple declined by 4.15% and landed at $0.2628. After that, the declining trend has slowed a bit, and coins kept fluctuating up and down in the range of around 2%. However, during the early minutes of the second half, on the other day, came yet another dip where BTC price declined by 2.21% and Ethereum by 0.96%.

BTC - XRP Price Prediction

After the second intraday breakdown, the digital coins have shown some strengthening for the next couple of hours. In that period, BTC hiked by 1.75% and XRP by 1.5%. The next plunge that came in around midnight dragged Bitcoin price by 2.91% and took it below $10k mark again. Similarly, XRP declined by 2.02% and landed at the level of 0.26 USD. Lately, the cryptos have been hovering at those levels and showed some bounce back, which helped then to move toward their current position.

BTC vs XRP Prediction & Conclusion:

Making any prediction in this swinging market is a rigorous task. However, for now, Ripple faces immediate resistance at $0.274454 and support at $0.259335. For Bitcoin, the immediate resistance is at 10,636.95 USD and support level at $9,800.93.

The Ripple team has done a recent assessment of the blockchain and assured that they will work toward the narrowing of the skill gap. Further, they added that in order to address the issue, the team would seek the help of experts including academia, governments, and private organizations.


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