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Bitcoin is the Only Crypto Asset for Twitter’s Jack Dorsey as He Uses BTC’s Lightning Network

A recent initiative was launched by a pseudonymous Twitter user, promoting the reach and functionality of the Lightning Network with an experiment called the “lightning torch.” Each person in the lineup is meant to send the accumulated amount to someone else that they think will pass on the BTC. One of the most recent recipients of the “torch” is Jack Dorsey of Twitter, which opened up many questions about Dorsey’s stance on the crypto asset and the industry in general.

Any time someone in the public eye proclaims their stance on pretty much anything, the public decides that they have the right to know as much as possible about that person and their opinions. As the torch was passed and the funds were moved from crypto podcast host Matt Odell to Dorsey, Dorsey tweeted, “Cool example of #BitcoinTwitter experimenting on the lightning network.”

The torch was passed to Lightning Labs CEO Elizabeth Stark, who heads up one of the companies that Dorsey invests in.

And then the questions rolled in. Dorsey has been clear about his support for blockchain technology in the past and has remarked positively about Bitcoin as well. At the ConsenSys conference last year, Dorsey even commented that he hopes it will eventually evolve into the internet’s “native currency.” However, don’t touch on how much Dorsey has in his wallet, because he will simply say “enough.”

Asked by another Twitter user “Thomson” what cryptocurrency he presently holds, he simply replied, “I only have Bitcoin.Upon being urged to elaborate, he added that the crypto asset is “resilient,” “principled,” “native to internet ideals,” and “a great brand.” Explaining further, Dorsey expressed that he is optimistic about Bitcoin’s potential to become a currency for the internet as a whole, which would reach billions of users and make the crypto industry boom.”

However, it looks like consumers in favor of Bitcoin haven’t been able to tempt Dorsey with other cryptocurrencies. The thought of Ethereum simply received a “no” in reply, while a question about Dorsey’s view on the Tron (TRX) token led to a sarcastic reply, as he said he “love[s] the movie.” However, rather than tearing down or criticizing any other tokens as they were suggested, he states that he has no intention of holding any other coin in the future.



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