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Top 10 EOS dApps In 2019: Most Popular Blockchain Games And Gambling Apps – Bitcoin Exchange Guide



Top 10 EOS dApps In 2019

Cryptocurrencies still continue to struggle with high volatility and dropping prices. Even though the situation took a positive turn on February 8th, and a small rally is bringing the prices up, it is unclear whether or not it will last, and when the growth might be cut short by the still present bearish influence.

However, when it comes to blockchain technology, the situation is completely different, and many projects dedicated to dApp creation are actually doing rather well on that front. While Ethereum still remains the project with the highest number of available dApps, and TRON is among the most active ones, EOS is doing pretty well also.

While EOS’ gambling dApps usually attract the most attention, there are others who are also doing pretty well right now. Let’s take a look at the top 10 dApps that are currently dominating this project’s blockchain.

1) PRA CandyBox

PRA CandyBox is a dApp that a lot of EOS supporters tend to use, as the application allows them to regularly claim tokens, once every four hours. The application also supports the pledge of more EPRA tokens, which also increases the users’ level. This results in a shorter waiting period between the claims, which eventually brings even more coins to the user.

The dApp is also supported by a number of wallets, including NOVA, 51Token, TockenPocket, EOS MeetOne, IMEOS, Math Wallet, Lynx, OracleChain, and others.

2) EOSKnights

Gaming dApps have also received a lot of attention on pretty much every blockchain that offers them. The gaming community has taken a special liking to the blockchain, as well as cryptocurrencies, which is why EOS’ EOSKnights mobile game holds the second rank on the list of most popular projects. The game was launched back in September 2018, and it allows users to create smart contracts by simply playing the game. All of the contracts are stored on the EOS blockchain, like every other transaction.

3) Hold’em PokerKing

As mentioned, most of the dApps that are currently taking the spotlight are gambling-related, as most of those who enjoy this activity see a lot of potential in blockchain technology. EOS’ PokerKing is near the top, holding the position of the third most popular dApps, as it allows users to play the game no matter where they are at any given time. Besides, thanks to the smart contracts, all of the winnings are secure, and PokerKing’s users have a guarantee that they will get their funds.

4) Big Game

Another gambling dApp is called Big Game, and it currently holds the position of fourth most popular dApp within EOS’ ecosystem. It received a lot of attention, just as other similar dApps due to several reasons, among which is pure convenience.

The app is pretty much a blockchain-based casino which is always accessible, and it currently offers two games — Poker war and Dice, while more games are expected to arrive in the future.

5) EOSBet

Yet another gambling dApp, EOSBet, also serves as a blockchain-based casino. The app became quite well-known last year, due to the fact that it became the first regulated casino on the blockchain after it got a license from Curaçao. The dApp also aims to improve transparency and trust, but also to bring forth lower fees. The situation seemed great until reports about a hacking attack appeared, although the incident clearly did not scare gamblers away, as this decentralized application remains the fifth most popular one on EOS’ blockchain.

6) FarmEOS

FarmEOS is another gambling app where players become shareholders if they place a bet that earns them some of the FARM tokens. The dApp offers seven games at this time, including Farm 3D, Dice, Minefield, Crash, R-S-P, Guess BJ, and Roulette. More games are announced to arrive as well, which makes it clear why this app is within the top 10 in the EOS ecosystem.

7) FastWin

As mentioned, gambling dApps are really popular in the crypto world right now, and the seventh spot on EOS’ list of most popular apps is yet another one of those, called Fast. The platform is quite popular as it doesn’t require investors’ personal information in order for them to start betting. As a result, every user gets to keep their privacy, while the EOS coin is the main currency used for betting. Apart from EOS itself, there are also FAST tokens.

8) EOSHash

EOSHash is also a gambling dApp, but one that allows the simplest forms of betting. We are, of course, talking about the lottery, which remains popular even today, as proven by this dApp. Developers are often calling EOSHash the fairest decentralized casino within the EOS ecosystem, with the lowest house edge, which is at 1.9%.

9) Karma

Stepping away from gambling for a second, there is Karma, a dApp that holds the 9th spot on the list. This dApp wishes to inspire people to do more good in the world by incentivizing beneficial interactions. Karma tokens can be earned by helping those in need, as well as witnessing a good deed of others and validating it. It can also be shared with pretty much anyone who deserves it, which puts it among the nobler crypto use cases.

10) QuickWin

Finally, there is QuickWin, which is another gambling decentralized application. Its users can win EOS coins or WIN tokens in a lottery-like betting by picking a number combination between 1 and 30. Every 5 minutes, the game reveals 4 out of 7 numbers, and the chance of winning goes up with the more numbers being announced. If the round ends up lacking a clear winner, the coins end up being shared among the players.

Source: coinnewstelegraph

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TRON (TRX) Long-Term Price Forecast- February 17



TRX/USD Long-term Trend: Ranging

Supply zone: $0.0400, $0.05000, $0.0600
Demand zone: $0.01000, $0.00800, $0.00600

Tron long-term outlook remains in a range-bond market. The bears return predicted in last week analysis remained strong within the range. The two EMAs were broken as the bears continue the downward journey.

TRXUSD dropped initially to $0.02448 and later to $0.02360 in the demand area. This was the low of the week on 14th February.

With price below the two EMAs crossover and the stochastic oscillator signal in the oversold region pointing up at 8%. It suggests a minor push to the upside before downtrend continuation within the range.

TRXUSD is in consolidation and trading between $0.02881 in the upper supply area and at $0.02142 in the lower demand area of the range. A breakout at the upper supply area or breakdown at the lower area followed by a retest may occur hence patience is required to allow this to happen before a position is taken.


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New Ripple Insights Post Shows New Generation Of Blockchain Workers Getting Support From Fundação Getúlio Vargas In Brazil



New Generation Of Blockchain Workers Receives Necessary Support And Education From Fundação Getúlio Vargas In Brazil

Blockchain technology is growing every day, and the only way to keep up the pace is to have new developers learn the technology and seek out ways to improve it. However, before that innovation can happen, the industry needs more people that understand blockchain technology, which is what Sao Paulo’s Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) is working towards.

FGV is one of the leading universities in Brazil, and they offer the University Blockchain Research Initiative, which was recently developed by Ripple. Professor Riccardo Rochman of the university spoke with Ripple on a recent issue of their Insights blog to discuss the way that their Crypto Master’s Program is readying blockchain entrepreneurs and leaders for the future.

The topics of blockchain and cryptocurrency are necessary research topics in Brazil, considering the role they play in the evolving economy. In Rochman’s opinion, blockchainhas the potential to overthrow the current protocols that exist in business and economics, ultimately empowering the people of Brazil.

Presently, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) uses blockchain and a proprietary cryptocurrency as a way to fund local businesses. Considering this use case, Rochman pointed out that the new paths being made for blockchain technology will make the environmentally friendlier and needier of the new workers and entrepreneurs with a fresh take of the fintech.

A major part of this future vision is UBRI, which Rochman says is helpful in bringing in more students to the program. In fact, he has noted that there has been an increase in the number of research proposals on blockchain, along with new dissertations.

With the funding, FGV has been able to work with private firms as well. They have also been responsible for the networking that has been set up with other UBRI-funded universities. The cooperation of these networking relationships is now is what will pivot the blockchain community forward. Last year, Rochman even was part of the launch of the Master’s Degree in Crypto Finance, which had never been done before now.

When the program originally began, there were about 20 that enrolled in the first course that they made available, while 250 joined the Master’s Program. The numbers have grown exponentially since then, and there have been many new students immediately enlisting in the program. Rochman views the work that the university is doing as a way to change Brazil and eventually the rest of the world.


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Glitch Goons Is The Newest And Hottest Blockchain Powered Game In Town



One of the first multi-blockchain technology supporting mobile games of its kind, Glitch Goons is a definite win when it comes to blockchain technology progressing. It features very futuristic elements such as a “vaporwave saturated atmosphere” and insane cyborg slash animal slash human characters engage in glorious battle to survive on a dying world.


The game which was released in late 2018, supports a wide variety of crypto technology. supporting a whole range of cryptocurrencies.

The premise of the game is simple. It is set on Earth in the year 2690 where nuclear war has resulted in most species being wiped off Earth. Now the survivors live underground where life is hard due to a lack of oxygen and water. In order to survive, they must battle other survivors in order to make it to a newer colony on a distant planet called Garthorix.

To make their way to the transport system called the ‘Transposition Channel that transfers human minds to a selected ‘carrier’s’ body on Garthorix.

This 80’s inspired trailer is giving us major Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter feels, very reminiscent of the popular retro gaming vibe.

The official Glitch Goons website also features a brief look into the backstory and history of the entire realm and also has comics.

This fighting game also allows players to upgrade and customize their characters through cyrpto coins and 1 GC equals around 0.005ETH.  Although the game play isn’t the best, the story and the applications of blockchain inspired technology makes this game worth playing.

Other than different characters, players can also buy chests that contain 5 items each, ranging from rare and legendary gear which includes armor, boots, weapons, helmets, pants, jewelry and even modification chips.

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