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Binance Coin (BNB) Long-term Price Analysis – February 10



BNB/USD Long-term Trend – Bullish

  • Distribution territories: $11, $12, $13
  • Accumulation territories: $6, $5, $4

On February 4, Binance Coin market strived to beef up its driving force against the US dollar. On its succeeding day, the crypto visibly continued to surge higher northwards to eventually touch past $9 last week’s immediate distribution territory briefly on February 9.

The market line has actively been trading around the $9 horizontal point. Both the SMA indicators seemingly point towards north than an east direction in their outlook. The 14-day SMA still maintains an upper location over the 50-day SMA. The Stochastic Oscillators are found consolidating around range 80 closely to the overbought zone.

The market may soon be witnessing a pit-stop between $9 and $7 marks, and during that presumed course, there may be short ups and downs. A breakdown through the 14-day SMA southwards may not be finding it easier against the 50-day SMA to freely make a smooth passage in favor of bears. Whilst that even happens, it may allow the bulls to re-find its foundation for anew decent entry.

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Binance Coin

Binance Coin (BNB) Price Analysis – BNB Approaches Important Support



Binance Price:$27.57
Key BNB resistance levels:$28.7, $32.6, $34.6, $36.3, $39.5
Key BNB support levels:$26.2, $24.1, $23.1, $20, $18.3

*Price at the time of writing

BNB Long Term Price Prediction: Bearish

As one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2019, Binance Coin BNB, 3.73% has demonstrated a stunning performance in the first half of the year. Now, the market has remained in a bearish condition since June 22 after marking $39.59 as the current yearly high.

The native token of Binance Chain is now approaching the ascending trend line (yellow) which has been acting as pennant support for the market over the past five months now. Considering this support line, Binance Coin could break the yellow line to $24.1, $23.1, $20 and $18.3 after meeting $26.2.

If this yellow line continues to provide support, the price may rebound to $28.7, $32.6, $34.6, $36.3 and $39.5 on the upside. Currently, the RSI is moving sideways following the past few days of decline. Despite the recent downtrend, Binance Coin is still showing a positive sign on the Stochastic RSI. 

BNB Medium Term Price Prediction: Bearish

On the 4-hour chart, Binance Coin is displaying downward movement. BNB is currently changing hands at  causing the market to exchange hand at around $27.4 and could be getting ready to explore the $26, $25 and $24 support levels. As shown on the chart, the descending trend line (yellow) remains a defensive line for the bears.

Currently, the BNB token is down by 1.9% on the day, owing to Bitcoin’s price rejection at around $12,300. Should the trend reverse and crossover the yellow line, the BNB market could rise to $30, $32, $34, $36 and above. However, the bears seem to be in play for now. 

The RSI has nosedived again below the 50 level. The token’s price may continue to fall if the RSI drops further. Due to the ongoing price drop, the BNB price is now testing the oversold level on the Stochastic RSI.

BNB Short Term Price Prediction: Bearish

The price of Binance Coin is dropping on the hourly outlook due to the recent sell-off in the crypto market. So far, the month of August has projected a bearish market after a short opening which has brought trading into a channel formation. In late July, we saw the price increase from $26.2 before the price got rejected at $28.7.

BNB is now approaching $27.1 and $26.8 on the channel’s lower boundary before a bounce is likely to occur. A further drop may floor the market at $26.5 and $26. However, if the bulls can push the price back to $28, the next key resistance levels to watch out for are at $$28.5, $29, $29.5 and $30.

Over the last few hours, BNB has dropped to 39.7 on the RSI indicator. The Stochastic RSI has reached the oversold territory. We can expect a rise shortly.

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Binance Coin (BNB) Is Successful Because It’s Centralized – Weiss Ratings



Binance Coin (BNB) currently ranked the 6th largest cryptocurrency by market cap has had a good run this year. BNB’s performance has been well noted by the crypto community as well as Weiss Ratings, a financial ratings agency. According to Weiss Ratings in a tweet on July 25, 2019, BNB is a success because it is centralized.

BNB Makes Remarkable Leap in Price in 2019

As of press time, BNB is trading at $29.36 with a market valuation of over $4.5 billion. Its year-to-date high has been $39.57 which is quite intriguing on considering its opening price of $6.19 and a market cap of barely $800 million at the start of the year. There’s also its ICO price of $0.10 to contend with. Similarly, BNB kept surging in price despite Bitcoin’s sideways trading in the first few months of 2019.

Weiss Ratings, on the other hand, is of the opinion that BNB’s success can be attributed to its centralized nature. Specifically, the centralized nature of BNB has enabled its creators to constantly create new use cases for the virtual currency. As a result, it has made a positive impact on its market cap.

BNB’s Use Cases on Binance and Binance LaunchPad

The use cases Weiss Ratings has hinted can be associated with BNB’s use to pay fees on Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Users of the Malta-based exchange are incentivized to use BNB instead of BTC to pay fees by offering a 25% discount on trading fees.

In the same manner, BNB has been the major cryptocurrency received by Binance during the token sale of assets such as BitTorrent, Fetch.AI, Celer, and Matic on Binance Launchpad. On March 24, 2019, Binance also announced that its next token launch will be on a lottery basis and not the first-come-first-served system.

Binance’s Quarterly Burning of BNB’s Token

As such, anyone who holds a certain amount of BNB for at least 20 days before the token sale will be able to claim tickets to be a part of the lottery. The news was, however, able to surge BNB’s price at the time by almost 15 percent. There’s also Binance’s strategy of burning a certain percentage of BNB in their reserve allocation on a quarterly basis which has also impacted on the asset’s price.

On the contrary, some members of the crypto space were not in agreement with Weiss Rating’s stance. They opined that centralization should not be attributed to a coin’s success. A user, for instance, said Tether (USDT) is minted in excess before it is used to pump BNB’s price. Another remarked that BNB’s success may be short-lived since regulations could potentially kill it.

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Binance Coin Price Prediction: Will BNB Hold the $25 Support Level?



Binance Coin price:$25.60
Key BNB resistance levels:$30, $40
key BNB support levels:$25, $20

*Price at the time of writing

Binance coin Long Term Price Prediction: Ranging

Binance Coin BNB, -0.35% is currently in a ranging market according to the weekly charts. It’s trading just above its key support level at $25 after an immense run from $5 at the start of the year. BNB looks to be suffering from the Bitcoin pullback and the general markets but it is still in a good position to trade higher.

Over the long-term, we can expect BNB to continue flirting with its key support levels around the $25 area. If support does not hold, the coin could drop to its next support level at $20.

Binance coin Medium Term Price Prediction: Bearish

Looking at the medium-term, daily charts we see a grimmer picture for the currency. The RSI is pointing down but is not yet in oversold territory. The coin is also below its 9-day moving average and is looking to move lower.

As markets do not move in a straight line, we could expect a slight bounce to the upside, especially if the RSI dips in oversold position. Traders looking to trade the bounce could jump in and save BNB from falling further.

To give this temporary downtrend some credit, the volume from yesterday’s daily candle was substantially higher than others in the previous weeks and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Binance coin Short Term Price Prediction: Bearish

On the short-term, 4-hourly charts, we see that sellers are firmly in control. The RSI made a head and shoulders pattern in the oversold territory and its currently staying put. Buyers jumped in briefly to move the needle towards the bulls, but the overall trend is downwards.

BNB continues to slide in favor of the bears despite rumors that Binance intends on opening a cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. Details of the proposed opening remain scarce, but some sources have indicated that Binance would work with local partners to open a new exchange in the country.

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