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10 Bitcoin Facts That Will Cheer You Up



We all know how disappointed you are with the current bitcoin situation. We have been stuck in the bear market for long however, some experts say that we are to expect a bitcoin rise. The situation might just turn bullish. So to lift up your mood we have ten facts that are bound to cheer you up.

Satoshi Nakamoto who?

It’s good to be reminded that Bitcoin’s founder is still unknown. Nobody has been able to guess his/her identity. The only thing we have is the name, Satoshi Nakamoto, otherwise, we are still unaware of who he is, what he does, are they even a he? Or a single entity? Nobody knows! Doesn’t this curious little case blow your mind from time to time?

One of the first transaction

May 22 was the day when one of the first transactions were made and it will be remembered as Pizza day. Everyone in the community knows that Laszlo Hanyecsz’s purchased two pizzas from Papa Johns of worth 10,000 Bitcoins. Back then this much was around $40.

Bitcoin has a limit

This one might be new for many and it’s true. Bitcoin has a limit. There will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins in the world and as of now, 17 million have been mined and we are left with 4 million only. After it has reached its limit, producing new coins will not be possible.

Crypto-friendly countries

Yeap, it’s a thing. Crypto-friendly countries exist and to name a few Malta, China, India, Georgia are the ones trying to achieve the maximum level of comfortability towards cryptocurrencies.

Countries are adapting to it and the even US, for that matter, is working on creating cryptocurrency taxes. Doesn’t all of this make you happy??

10% of Bitcoin is used for crime

So according to DEA, contrary to most belief, only 10% of bitcoin has been used in criminal activity. This myth was busted by a special agent from the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

Honey Badger is Bitcoin’s unofficial mascot

Honey Badger’s are known for being tough. They can withstand terrible injuries, bee attacks, and bites from poisonous creatures. Thus this animal seems like a perfect fit as Bitcoin, too, has survived many attacks over the past years.


We have more digital wallets than banks

The battle of banks against cryptocurrency wasn’t enough, now they have to fight against digital wallets as well!

Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is the most successful cryptocurrency and AFTER its success, people gave birth to their own currencies. Bitcoin paved the way for many altcoins. Currently, there are 1900 tokens backed up with amazing projects.

Bitcoin is a heating system

If you have seen a Bitcoin miner, you’d know how hot it is. Mining rigs eat electricity and the consumed energy is returned in the form of heat. People all over the world use mining farms to heat their houses, greenhouses and other heat-depended places. Bitcoin is a heating system for the future.

Bitcoin is a popular choice among millennials

Cryptocurrencies are the millennial choice. After the 2008 economic collapse, millennials were tired of how things had turned out and the advent of Bitcoin is what gave them hope. They are investing in bitcoin and altcoins as they better understand the technology as opposed to baby boomers. Which is good news.



Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for ETFs and stocks, says Abra CEO



Bill Barhydt, CEO and Founder of Abra – a leading fintech firm in the cryptocurrency space, spoke about a range of services offered by the platform, in an interview with Nugget’s News.

The discussion started with Barhydt talking about why he started Abra. He stated that it was because he wanted to “build an effectively new type of banking system,” adding that it was to replace traditional banking services with cryptocurrency-based services. The CEO stated that this could include investing, transferring money, and accessing credit. He also added that he wanted to create a “Whatsapp” for money.

This was followed by Barhydt stating that every country across the globe had its own dedicated mobile money system, such as Paytm in India, Venmo in the U.S, and WePay in China. However, there was no app that enabled its users to make cross-border money transfers. He went on to state,“[…] because they only work in one country by definition […] so one app that could work in every country could start to solve things like cross-border money transfer, cross-border payments, investing in Western assets in the east, and eastern assets in the West. so this is basically what we’ve built with the Abra service […]”

During the interview, the CEO was asked whether Abra’s focus was more on STOs, equities, and ETFs. To this, he stated that the platform was not providing any services related to STOs yet, adding that the market for those types of tokens wasn’t established as of now. He said that Abra currently supports 50 different fiat currencies and 30 cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin [BTC], Litecoin [LTC], Ether [ETH], and Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. He added,

“[…] investment exposure via our smart contract model, so that you can invest in all 80 assets both crypto and fiat and move between them. We just announced that we’re adding US stocks and ETFs to that mix so they’ll be about 50 stocks and about 50 ETFs and you can literally exchange between any of the cryptos […]”

The CEO further added,“[…] and any of the stocks any of the fiat currencies and any of the ETFs so for example you can hold Australian dollars and buy Microsoft you can sell your Microsoft and exchange it for Litecoin and any combination of those across the entire portfolio […] our mission is to democratize access to financial services globally and this is a big step towards making that that vision a reality […]”

Source. ambcrypto

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Bitcoin [BTC] and Litecoin [LTC] Price Analysis: Bulls drag BTC from bear’s trap; fail to save LTC



The cryptocurrency market was painted red on April 25 as most major coins fell. Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, also fell by 2.83% over the day, along with Litecoin [LTC], which reported a fall of 1.25% over the day.

At press time, BTC noted a fall of 0.39% over the hour and was valued at $5,433.19 with a market cap of $95.97 billion. The coin fell by 2.82% over the past day and noted a minimal growth of 2.90% over the past seven days. The 24-hour trading volume for BTC was observed to be $16.11 billion.

Source: Trading view

Source: TradingView

Resistance- $5,532.75

Support 2- $3,851.02

Bollinger Bands noted a bullish trend as the moving average line was under the candlesticks. The bands appeared to be converging, indicating reduced market volatility.

Awesome Oscillator indicated strong bearish momentum.

Chaikin Money Flow pointed towards a bullish market as the marker was above zero. However, it appeared to be approaching the mark, with a change in trend imminent.

Litecoin [LTC] one day chart

At press time, LTC fell by 1.25% over the past day and was valued at $72.54 with a market cap of $4.46 billion. The coin fell by 0.77% over the past hour and by 10.20% over the past seven days. The 24-hour trading volume was observed to be $3.13 billion.

Source: Trading view

Source: TradingView

Resistance- $93.131

Support- $59.488

Parabolic SAR indicated a bearish market as the dotted markers aligned above the candlesticks.

MACD line was under the signal line, pointing towards a bearish market.

Relative Strength Index indicated that the buying and selling pressure evened each other out.

According to BTC’s long-term chart, a bullish market was predicted. However, the CMF suggested that a trend reversal may be underway. LTC pointed towards a bearish market.

Source. ambcrypto

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Bitcoin Price Analysis April 25: Critical Decision Point For BTC – a Double Top or Hold Support?



Since our previous BTC price analysis, and following the trend, the Bitcoin breakout had reached a daily high of $5627 on Bitstamp. This is still not our expected target (around $5700 – $5800), however, this is crypto and anything can change anytime.

Since yesterday, the crypto markets are suffering from severe declines: Both in Bitcoin and especially among the altcoins. This includes Ripple that keeps decreasing against Bitcoin since 2019 had begun.

A quick overview to keep things simple: the hourly and the 4-hours chart reveal a double top in Bitcoin around $5625. This setting is a bearish formation. From the other side, Bitcoin is still getting support from the mid-term trend-line on the 4-hour chart, along with the stiff resistance turned support area at $5300 – $5350.

Total Market Cap: $176 Billion

Bitcoin Market Cap: $96.3 Billion

BTC Dominance: 54.6%

Looking at the 1-day & 4-hour charts

– Support/Resistance:
As mentioned above, Bitcoin is very close to the ascending trend-line marked in orange on the 4-hour chart, along with the $5400 support area. This trend-line is holding nicely for the past ten days. The next critical support level is the resistance turned support $5300 – $5350 zone. Below lie the $5200, $5100 and $5000 support levels.

From above, after failing to break-out the previous high at $5625, Bitcoin marked $5500 as the closest resistance level. Above, lies the mentioned $5600 – $5625 resistance, before reaching to the major area of $5700 – $5800, which held the 2018 bear market as last support level throughout 2018. In case of a break-up, the $6000 level is not expected to be easier to overcome.

– Trading Volume: looking on the 4-hour chart, we see that the sellers’ candles (in red) are decreasing over the past two days. This could turn bullish, combined with the Stochastic RSI oscillator which is deep in the oversold area.

– Daily chart’s RSI: The RSI level had dumped down to 68, which is considered a support range. It will be interesting to see if it can find the necessary support here.

– BitFinex open short positions: the number of short positions continues growing up over the past days, and currently stands at 25.7K BTC open short positions.

BTC/USD BitStamp 4-Hour Chart


BTC/USD BitStamp 1-Day Chart



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