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How to Get Started With Bitcoin Gambling?



Apart from entertainment, the other awesome part of the online gambling is massive wins. The online casinos offer its player various added incentives, bonuses and even free chances to play the games so the players can get huge returns for their waged amount. They also offer different methods of payments to depositing and withdrawing these amounts. These payment methods involve Debit/Credit card payments, depositing directly through the bank and even Digital wallets. Currently, a new platform of payment called cryptocurrency has arrived, the most popular one being Bitcoin. Know all about Bitcoin and how you can easily play scratch card games at online casinos through Bitcoins.

What are Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin?

A digital currency based on blockchain technology that uses cryptography for security is known as Cryptocurrency. These digital currencies come with peer-to-peer, decentralized network systems which indicate that they are not
by any country’s central banks.

Bitcoins are first of cryptocurrencies that emerged in 2009. Bitcoin occurred in the market as open-source software through which this cryptocurrency can be bought and used for the transaction by anybody. Also, the transaction done does not involve any intermediaries.

How to get the Bitcoins and store them?

The trend of E-wallets is on the rise that allows users to store their money in a specific virtual location. The same goes for Bitcoin. There are three different types of Bitcoin e-wallets designed to store the Bitcoins. They are online Bitcoin wallets, offline Bitcoin wallets and Hardware e-wallets. These wallets can be used to store the Bitcoins which also keeps the track of the transaction made through it.

Online Bitcoin wallets: Just like many other e-wallets, online Bitcoin wallets are also cloud-based services that let the users store their Bitcoins on an outer server. These servers are set by third parties that are responsible for them.

Offline Bitcoin wallets: This comes with the option of a software. The software is to be installed on the user’s computer where the Bitcoins can be stored as well as used for various transactions. The user itself is in-charge of his Bitcoins in case of offline Bitcoin wallets.

Hardware Bitcoin e-wallets: The last option comes with Hardware Bitcoin e-wallet devices which are portable and can be used to store Bitcoins in them. The most popular of these devices are Trezor, Ledger Nano S to name a few.

Once you choose the option to store Bitcoins, you can move to them online itself. There are third-party websites that help connect the buyers to sellers. The real money must be deposited to these third-party websites through online bank payments. Once the funds are transferred, the buyers get to place the order for Bitcoins through the exchange for real money. This step is similar to the trading stocks.

How to use Bitcoins on Online casinos?

Nowadays the online casinos have added another way of financial transaction and that is through Bitcoins. Players can avail many online games through this method of payment. You can also play scratch card games by depositing bucks through Bitcoin wallets.

Players can access the Bitcoin wallet option in ‘Payments’ or ‘Banking’ section of online casinos. Players can add and withdraw Bitcoins through their Bitcoin e-wallets without sharing any of their personal information on the cyberspace.

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Ripple Price Analysis: Ripple (XRP) Showing Fine Movements In The Upwards Direction



In the last 5 days, the trend of XRP has also shown some really good moves. The Ripple price was initially trading below the baseline. On 15th August at 06:00 UTC, the price of XRP was trading at $0.25173. The Ripple coin then increased by 6.70% on the same day at 22:30 UTC trading at $0.26858.

The Ripple slightly dropped after that by 4.88% on 16th August at 05:40 UTC with the trading price changed to $0.25548. The Ripple price then saw a tremendous rise of 14.03% on 18th August at 17:00 UTC time with the trading price of $0.29133. The value as of now is slightly dropped by 3.7% from then.

XRP/USD Price Chart By TradingView:

Ripple Price Prediction
Ripple Price Chart by TradingView

Current Statistics of Ripple coin:

The price of Ripple is seen trading at $0.28001 at 01:26 UTC on 20th August 2019. The other important factors in the capitalization are calculated as:

  • Return on Investment: 4673.16%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 99,991,376,954 XRP/ 42,890,708,341 XRP
  • 24 Hour Volume: 1,207,732,835 USD
  • Market Cap Value: 12,025,169,499 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 298729 USD / 0.252390 USD

Ripple Price Prediction and Conclusion:XRP is exchanging the bearish zone, which means new dealers are free to purchase money. It is effectively chipping away at new accomplices and declarations so that the cost may rise soon enough! To appreciate a few benefits at that point, it may be a decent time to purchase new coins starting at now.

For traders, you should offer under the calculative resistance support as:

R3: 0.29947

R2: 0.294281

R1: 0.288804

Pivot Point: 0.283615

S1: 0.278138

S2: 0.272949

S3: 0.267472

Continue watching the pattern intently and good karma with your new coins! Furthermore, we never know, we may most likely observe the worth exchange contacting down to $0.50.


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VeChain Price Analysis: When Is VET Going To Upsurge Above The Baseline?



It is time for VeChain to acquire some attention in the network. However, the trend might favor the investors soon, but the marketing by VET might need some new strategies to work upon. As of now, VET is popular among the short group and might need a little more supply support.

Let’s hope that VET becomes the center of discussion in the Cryptocurrency soon.

Current Statistics of VeChain:

The value of VET is seen trading at $0.004704 at 01:48 UTC on 20th August 2019. Speaking of other major contributions in VET chart, they are mentioned below:

  • Market Ranking: @32
  • Return of Investment: -69.29%
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 86,712,634,466 VET/ 55,454,734,800 VET
  • 24 Hour Volume: 27,343,268 USD
  • Market Cap Value: 256,118,982 USD
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.005306 USD / 0.004395 USD

VET to USD Price Comparison:

VeChain Price Prediction
VeChain Price Chart by TradingView

In the last one month, VET might not have been a real performer for the users. On 22ndJuly at 19:000 UTC, the value was trading above the baseline at $0.006448. The value then dropped by 19.36% on 1st August at 20:00 UTC with a value of $0.0052. The value slightly increased by 15.46% by 3rd August at 09:00 UTC with the trading value of $0.005992, which is as of now the highest touch down for the month of August.

The value then dropped by 26.78% by 15th August at 06:30 UCT time with the trading value of $0.004387. The value from then is increased by 7.79% as of now.

VeChain Price Prediction and Conclusion:

At this moment, VET is demonstrating a Bearish pattern, which means clients are encouraged to offer on the ‘Purchase’ side. Be that as it may, you should consider resistance support:

R3: 0.004924

R2: 0.004807

R1: 0.004742

Pivot Point: 0.004625

S1: 0.00456

S2: 0.004443

S3: 0.004378

However, be cautious and continue watching the pattern intently.

Until further notice, the dull air has encompassed the coin; however, the condition may change soon enough! Furthermore, starting at now, on the off chance that you are new to the VeChain pattern, you may either need to offer on ‘purchase’ or simply watch the pattern for some time. What’s more, with 2019 end, we may most likely observe the pattern of $0.01 most astounding touchdown.


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China Is Racing to Launch a Digital Currency Ahead of FB’s Libra



The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is almost ready to launch its government-backed digital currency, official sources say.

An Aug. 20 report from the CPC-owned English-language news portal China Daily further revealed that the central bank digital currency (CBDC) may have been influenced by the unveiling of Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency, Libra. 

“Inspiration from Libra”

After five years of research and system development work since 2018, the PBoC is almost ready to launch its CBDC, the deputy director of the bank’s payments unit Mu Changchun revealed at a forum last week. 

Trials for the currency have been ongoing and the institution is reported to be testing multiple approaches for the project. If things proceed smoothly, the PBoC expects it could launch the currency sooner than Libra. 

The latter’s recent announcement is notably reported to have influenced the PBoC’s original design for its planned CBDC. 

Yang Dong — director of the Research Center of Finance Technology and Cyber Security at Renmin University of China — told China Daily that the announcement of Libra had sparked debate among Chinese regulators and motivated the project’s designers to involve more non-governmental institutions in the currency’s development and issuance process. He stated:

“Further testing is needed before officially launching the Chinese CBDC, gaining inspiration from the Libra.”

While not revealing specific names, Yang indicated that the next round of CBDC trials will involve both the central bank and private- and state-owned firms and will focus on non-governmental and cross-border applications.

CBDC expected to have many positive impacts

China UnionPay chairman and former PBOC official Shao Fujun told China Daily that the CBDC “will have lots of positive impacts, including tracking the money flow in economic activities and supporting making monetary policy.”

It nonetheless faces challenges such as global coordination as regards monetary and exchange rate policy, he noted.

China’s digital legal tender will be controlled by the PBoC and 100% backed by the reserves commercial institutions pay to the institution, an unnamed central bank official indicated. Citizens will be able to exchange the currency in commercial institutions.

At the forum, Mu further highlighted that currently, several different designated institutions are taking different technical routes for developing the CBDC and electronic payment infrastructure. 

He added that the CBDC’s organizational structure is to some extent similar to that of Libra’s.

As reported just yesterday, top crypto exchange Binance is launching an open blockchain project — focused on developing localized stablecoins worldwide — that also appears to compete directly with Libra.


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