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After XRP and Stellar, Crypto Exchange Coinbase Eyes 28 New Coins for Launch



As promised, the leading US crypto exchange Coinbase has dramatically increased the number of coins supported on its platform. The company just added Stellar (XLM), a few weeks after the long-rumored debut of XRP.

So which coins will land the coveted Coinbase listing next?

Back in December, Coinbase revealed it’s taking a hard look at 31 additional cryptocurrencies. The platform now supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar,

Ethereum Classic, Zcash, 0x, Basic Attention Token and USD Coin.

That leaves 28 coins on Coinbase’s list of prospects.

• Cardano
• Aeternity
• Aragon
• Bread Wallet
• Civic
• Dai
• District0x
• Enjin Coin
• Golem
• Kyber Network
• ChainLink
• Loom Network
• Loopring
• Decentraland
• Mainframe
• Maker
• OmiseGo
• QuarkChain
• Augur
• Request Network
• Status
• Storj
• Tezos

Coinbase Pro, the company’s professional trading platform, already supports a handful of the coins on the list above: Civic, Dai, District0x, Golem, Loom, Decentraland and Zcash.

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Ripple Succumbs To Community Pressure To Halt XRP Dumping



Ripple bows to pressure from the XRP community and pauses “programmatic sales.” Following the much-publicized practice of XRP dumping, Ripple finally halts its monthly sales of escrow released tokens.

Ripple Sales Have Sunk

San Francisco based fintech firm, Ripple, has released its Q4 2019 report. And total sales have sunk to $13.08 million, down 80% from the previous quarter.

The company attributes this to a shift towards more cautionary accounting methods. Which, they say, is a move designed to address concerns over fake XRP volume on exchanges that allow wash trading.

“Ripple shifted to a more conservative volume benchmark for XRP sales, away from CoinMarketCap and to CryptoCompare Top Tier (CCTT) and significantly reduced XRP sales.”

Ripple's quarterly performance - Q4 2019

Latest quarterly sales and volume report. (Source:

Indeed, in a report filed with the SEC last year, Bitwise Asset Management claimed that as much as 95% of the reported volume on exchanges is fake.

Other researchers have disputed the extremity of this claim, for example, Alameda Research, who believe 68% is a more accurate figure.

All the same, any percentage of fake volume, regardless of the percentage, still taints the concept of cryptocurrency. And so, is it any wonder that regulators are wary of green-lighting Bitcoin ETFs?

That being so, fake volume and wash trading are still industry-wide problems. And for that reason,

Ripple deserves credit for tackling this issue head-on.

“There is still much progress to be made, and Ripple will continue to evaluate its benchmarks and work proactively with industry participants toward addressing the persistence of fake volumes in industry volume data.”

XRP Dumping Is Out

Another hit to total sales comes by way of programmatic sales. This refers to the practice of selling escrow released XRP each month.

In Q4 2019, programmatic sales totaled zero. And the pause in this practice began partway through Q3.

A comparison of the last quarterly report shows that Ripple netted a staggering $145 million from the sale of escrow released XRP in Q2.

“Every month, the escrow releases a total of one billion XRP to Ripple. The portion of XRP leftover each month is placed into a new escrow to be released in the following months.”

Ripple's quarterly performance - Q3 2019

It was during the summer of last year when XRP dumping gaining widespread public attention. Twitter user crypto_bitlord, who was frustrated with stagnant XRP price action, launched a petition to “Stop Ripple dumping.”

Such was the strength of his feelings, when that failed to gain any traction, he suggested the community hard fork XRP.

As drastic and nonsensical as that sounds, the consistent pressure from crypto_bitlord, and many others in the XRP Army, looks to have paid off.

And it seems as though Ripple is finally taking heed of what token holders are saying, for now at least. All the same, the big question is, will this move spur XRP back above the much-fabled $0.50 mark?

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Ripple’s Partner MoneyGram Strengthens Its Presence in Fifth Biggest Remittance Market



Ripple’s key partner MoneyGram will now allow Egyptians to receive remittances directly into their bank account after partnering up with Suez Canal Bank

Ripple’s partner MoneyGram is expected to greatly expand its presence in Egypt, the fifth largest remittance market in the world, after forming a strategic tie-up with Suez Canal Bank.

Because of its deal with one of the country’s leading financial institutions, local consumers will be able to receive money from abroad directly into their bank accounts.

MoneyGram CRO Grant Lines highlighted that expanding deposit services around the globe is a vital part of their ‘digital transformation.’ The importance of digitalization was earlier highlighted by the company’s CEO Alex Holmes.

“We’re excited about how this partnership with Suez Canal Bank will provide our customers in Egypt with

cutting-edge capabilities that offer the industry’s best service.”

The importance of this partnership for MoneyGram shouldn’t be overestimated given that Egypt accounts for 11.6 percent of the country’s GDP.

Notably, the deal with Suez Canal Bank came just days after MoneyGram Lulu Financial Holdings to expand into the Asia-Pacific region.

As reported by U.Today, MoneyGram now relies on Ripple’s On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution for conducting cross-border transfers after the San Francisco-based blockchain leader acquired a 10 percent stake in the legacy money transfer company.

Apart from mentioning its existing ODL corridors, Ripple also announced its plans to open additional ones in numerous world regions, including EMEA. With MoneyGram gaining a foothold in Egypt, one shouldn’t rule out that Ripple might choose this country as a springboard for its future expansion into the African region.

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Ripple’s XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD bears close to punishing support breach



  • Ripple’s XRP price is trading in negative territory, nursing losses some % on Thursday.
  • XRP/USD is subject to breaking out to the downside from a narrowing daily range block. 
  • Next critical daily support areas are seen at $0.2250, 0.2100 and then $0.2000. 

XRP/USD daily chart

Price action has been narrowing for some nine sessions, with a breakout to the downside

nearing. An ascending wedge structure can also be viewed, which the bears are breaking out of. 

XRP/USD 60-minute chart 

Price action has smashed out to the downside from a bearish flag structure, making way for greater pressure south. 

Spot rate:                  0.2368 

Relative change:       -5.15%

High:                          0.2369

Low:                           0.2244

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