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“I am pro all crypto” says Changpeng Zhao as he clarifies his thoughts on being called the “leader of the XRP Army”



The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao has made clear his stance in the Ripple XRP community with an affirmative tweet that shows he is in full support of the growth and progress achieved by the XRP token.

CZ who revealed that he was recently referred to as the “leader of the XRP army” had highlighted the importance of the XRP’s newest arrival on the Binance exchange official wallet, the trust wallet saying ;

“The XRP army should be happy about this. Someone called me the leader of the XRP Army” during my live AMA lol…”

The tweet referenced the inclusion of the XRP to the Trust wallet which the exchange acquired back in July 2018. On the 12th of March, the Binance team made a press release following the inclusion of credit card purchases and support for the XRP token. This means that cryptocurrency users can send, receive,  exchange and store the XRP token on the Binance Trust Wallet.

It would be interesting to note that CZ had been eyeing the Ripple XRP token from as far back as February when he tweeted “can’t argue the XRP army is strong”. The CEO who has been very vocal about his admiration for the XRP network might have stepped on some Ether users foot when one Twitter user suggested that CZ seems to be anti-ether and pro-xrp.

This isn’t a surprising suggestion as CZ, despite noting that he isn’t against any cryptocurrency has made very little comments about the Ethereum network and its native token Ether. However, the CEO was quick to refute that suggestion with a tweet that read “I am pro all top crypto”.

Meanwhile, the likes of Ran NeuNer, a highly pronounced member of the XRP army has also been very vocal about the tokens growth. NeuNer who had previously urged crypto users to boycott BCH and BTC for XRP has recently taken to Twitter to commend the XRP for its flexible usage. While most would argue that BTC is still the most reliable cryptocurrency yet, NeuNer believes that XRP is not only faster but way cheaper than BTC.


How to verify cryptocurrency transactions?



This article will take you through the easy but crucial method of validating cryptocurrency transactions in the Blockchain. This is you achieving your complete claims from the technology that allows absolute transparency.

Blockchain explorers are tools that allow you to inspect any cryptocurrency transactions in real-time. They are web locations you can check and apply, and luckily, they are very user-friendly. Blockchain Explorer, for instance, allows you to only paste the drawing address into the search bar. This points immediately to the status page where you can confirm that the transaction went through, and the correct amount is proceeding to the correct address.

The two main elements in a block are the record of transactions and the Block Header. The Block Header comprises of the hash of the contemporary block, the hash of the prior block, timestamp of when the modern block was hashed, the objective complexity of the block, and the nonce.

How to Verify Cryptocurrency Transactions?

The Blockchain is a digital ledger of all transactions that can be accessed by anyone. The following are the steps:

Step 1: Note Your Transaction ID

After transferring coins from one exchange to another exchange you would get a transaction ID (or TxID) from the exchange. This TxID expresses a different footprint of your transaction and enables your transaction to be traced. Always save the TxID.

Step 2: Insert The Transaction ID into the Blockchain

Various cryptocurrencies have their individual blockchain, which can be obtained from a website. For Bitcoin, you can trace all transactions at Now you can view your transaction by entering your TxID into the search bar.

Step 3: Check the Status

All the details about your transactions will display up after you’ve inserted the TxID. You can check the details of your transactions and monitor its status. If you see the term “Confirmations” this tells the position of your transaction. The blockchain is a constant series of blocks piling up on top of each other, and each block includes numbers of transactions, which covers yours.


A confirmation indicates your transaction has been recorded in the blockchain. Normally, a total of 6 confirmations is required before your coins are displayed at the receiving location.

Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any cryptocurrency. It is not a recommendation to trade. The crypto market is full of surprises and overhyped assets. Do your research before buying anything. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Drags Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) into the Price Rally



Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Price Analysis:

Bitcoin price chart - Aug 23
Bitcoin Chart By TradingView

Bitcoin (BTC) is dealing with the bulls. The current scenario seems to embark price rally soon. However, the upsurge can still take some time, as the recent price drop has affected the coin at large. The coin touched $13000 in the last month is now at $10000. The difference is of $3000, which is a hard task to achieve. Let’s have a look in the intraday movement.

The intraday chart of Bitcoin is indicating an upsurge in price. The coin opened with $10158 and immediately dropped to $9812. The fall was of 3.08%. The coin escalated from $9812 to $10067 by 2.16%. Further, the coin jumped from $10068 to $10227 by 1.59%. Despite the escalation, the coin closed with a loss of 0.42% and closed at $10111. Today, the coin opened with an escalation of 1.56% from $10111 to $10269. The coin inclined by 0.67% from the opening time. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently dealing at $10180.

The coin would be best suited for long term traders. The same would bring a colossal profit for the traders.

Ethereum (ETH/USD) Price Analysis:

Ethereum price chart - Aug 23
Ethereum Chart By TradingView

Ethereum is the second-largest coin in the market. The market cap of the coin is marked as $20,696,437,065 at 09:09 UTC. The coin is anticipated to bring the price rally in the market soon. Let’s have a look at the price chart. Yesterday, the coin opened at $189. The currency fell from $189 to $183 by 3.49%. The coin started moving up. The coin jumped from $183 to $188 by 2.80%. Further, the coin jumped from $188 to $195 by 3.69%. The coin closed at $190. The intraday loss was of 0.55%. Today, the coin opened with a slight fall of 0.60%. The price counters changed from $190 to $189. Further, the coin improved from $189 to $192 by 1.62%.

Ethereum (ETH) is among the most promising coins in the market. The currency has always resulted positively for the traders. We are quite positive about the upsurge in the coin. We would recommend to dig in for long term investment for high dividends.

Ripple (XRP/USD) Price Analysis:

Ripple price chart - Aug 23
Ripple Chart By TradingView

Ripple (XRP) had a roller-coaster week. The improvement in the price started from yesterday. The coin has been through a lot lately. Hopefully, the storm has passed and left us with repairable damage. We are anticipating that the coin would soon start moving up on the price chart. The said inclination would last in the coin. To understand the movement more precisely, let’s have a look at the price chart.

Today, the coin opened with an escalation of $0.274 from $0.272 by 0.69%. Yesterday, the coin slipped from $0.267 to $0.0261 by 2.20%. Further, the coin escalated from $0.26 to $0.27 by 3.67%. The intraday movement in price booked an escalation of 1.90%. The coin closed at $0.27.

For better result in the future, we would recommend going with long term investment plan.

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BoE’s Mark Carney: Digital currency “could dampen the domineering influence of the U.S. dollar”



  • The world economy is being reordered and the US dollar effect cannot be ignored.
  • Mark Carney believes that a central bank-backed digital currency could displace the US dollar as the domineering currency.

The influence of the US dollar has been felt for over a century. A looming recession in the United States economy is sending jitters around the world. In his latest comments at the Economic Policy Symposium, the Bank of England governor Mark Carney believes that a central bank-backed digital currency could displace the US dollar as the domineering currency in the world.

“While the world economy is being reordered, the U.S. dollar remains as important as when Bretton Woods collapsed,” Carney stated.

The governor is open to suggestions that would replace the US dollar. In fact, he went ahead to suggest a digital currency supported by an association of central banks. Carney said:

“It is an open question whether such a new Synthetic Hegemonic Currency (SHC) would be best provided by the public sector, perhaps through a network of central bank digital currencies.”

He added:

“An SHC could dampen the domineering influence of the U.S. dollar on global trade.”

Although Carney did not directly mention cryptocurrencies, he admitted that new technologies offering efficiency and lower transaction costs are coming into play to disrupt the traditional system.

“The relatively high costs of domestic and cross border electronic payments are encouraging innovation, with new entrants applying new technologies to offer lower cost, more convenient retail payment services,” Carney explained.

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