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EOS Price Prediction: How Much Will EOS Cost in 2019-20-25?



🕰️✔️EOS price prediction 2019, 2020, 2025 – What might happen to the Top-5 cryptocurrency in the nearest years? Should you invest in EOS?

Top-10 cryptocurrency EOS attracts traders and investors from all over the world. The underlying blockchain technology makes it attractive for potential partners, too. But will EOS’ technological superiority drive its growth through the roof? Check out EOS price predictions for 2019 and later.

What makes EOS unique?

One of the rare blockchains offering their own smart contract, the EOS platform serves for performing decentralized operations and creating blockchain apps. The EOS blockchain has shown enormous potential and continues attracting investors at a high rate.

Look at the statistics concerning EOS blockchain usage:

It’s not surprising that many companies prefer EOS to other blockchains: the network executes about 50K TPS, which makes it much faster than its crypto counterparts.

Salient features of EOS include:

  • Max. supply of 1 bln EOS makes it a valuable asset – the limited nature of this coin attracts holders and helps to keep the cost under control.

  • Coins are obtained via investments only, no mining is required.

  • EOS is way faster than other existing blockchain platforms.

Thus, EOS promises to become a leader in the crypto sphere. Some believe it will overtake Ethereum thanks to higher TPS speed and lower transaction fees.

EOS price performance in 2017-2018

The history of the EOS price only proves that it’s a viable currency. Initially, EOS was launched as an ICO that began in July 2017 with a starting EOS price of $1.03. During the first months, EOS didn’t get as much attention as it was supposed to.

By November 2017, EOS surged all of a sudden. It continued gaining market capitalization with new ICO participants. By January 2018, one EOS traded at $18.16. As it usually happens to new cryptocurrencies, during 2018, the world witnessed downward spiral movement – EOS fell to $4 but recovered by $21 by April. All in all, the ICO brought EOS 4 bln of market cap.

Today, EOS is trading at $3.65 with the market cap of $3.3 bln. It still remains the fifth largest coin by the market cap. The recent bearish market didn’t spare EOS’ value, but it is set to recover despite everything.

EOS pride prediction 2019

How much will EOS cost by the end of 2019? It’s hard to make any short-term statements – EOS has to break the resistance level before it starts growing again. Judging by technical analysis, EOS might reach $5 this march, if it manages to crawl to a $4.55 resistance zone. Until that happens, it will continue trading at around $3.5.

The market forecast is very positive. For example:

  • Coinfan predicts it will rise to $47 by December.

  • TradingBeasts provides more realistic predictions, claiming EOS will double its price to hit the $7 level by the end of this year.

  • OrdinaryRich (Steemit writer) has come up with a $20 EOS prediction.

  • CoinSwitch predicts that EOS will reach $15 at some point during 2019.

  • According to CryptoGround, EOS will be around $6.4389 in 2019.

Not all experts and websites are equally optimistic about EOS. Luckily, their forecasts aren’t actualizing. For example, Gov Capital predicted that on March 9th,  2019 EOS’ value would fall to $0. As we see, it’s still thriving.

We can hope for EOS to double or triple its price as soon as it manages to break the current $3.5 level. That might happen in March but depends on a number of factors.

EOS Price Prediction for 2019: 70$ or Less?

EOS development drivers in 2019

Aside from traders, it’s the developer who influences cryptocurrency value to a large extent. What will happen to EOS during 2019? Unfortunately, developers haven’t shared much information about it. There are no officially assigned releases or events, but the community still knows something from the words and announcements of representatives.

  1. There’ll be the 5th phase of Cluster Implementation. However, no specific dates are named yet.

  2. is waiting for the leveraging of inter-blockchain communication that will activate scaling via sidechains, making operations faster and more efficient.

  3. Asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant will also improve operational timeframe.

Another interesting feature from is Resource Exchange that will allow for token leasing and will trigger voting. The new EOS infrastructure will have 4% inflation, however, no one guarantees that updates will take place in 2019.

EOS price prediction 2020

Suppose EOS develops well and breaks $5 during 2019. What should happen next? The EOS price 2020 promises to be not much higher than today:

Today, EOS is viewed as the major rival of Ethereum. EOS technology is superb, but Ethereum has been around for a longer time span and proved its reliability. Yet, if EOS continues evolving at an optimal pace, the best scenario for it is to hit somewhere within the $45-$70 range. According to the Coinfan website, during 2020 EOS price might grow from $40 to $168 – a considerable change!

All in all, EOS is expected to develop slowly but steadily – this blockchain has to rely on its own powers.

EOS price prediction 2025

Surely, making such a long-term forecast would be speculation. We don’t even know what will happen to EOS in the nearest year. If EOS continues fulfilling its potential and gaining support from investors, it might easily overcome an all-time high and trade at around $500 per unit.

Hacker Gets Away with 2.09 Mln EOS Due to Failed Blacklist Update, Huobi Blocks Its EOS Accounts to Find Culprit

Investment in EOS: For and against

Here are a few things for potential traders to consider:

Why invest in EOS

Why NOT invest in EOS

  1. This is the 5th cryptocurrency by market cap with a very promising, technically advanced blockchain.

  2. EOS boasts great liquidity and high daily trade volume.

  3. EOS supply is limited, and it’s protected against inflation. This is a wise long-term investment.

  1. EOS has been around for 1.5 years only, and it’s still to prove viability.

  2. EOS is currently going through a downtrend.

  3. EOS price graphical charts do not provide much useful information – this currency is a hard nut for analysts.

No matter what, EOS stays one of the most promising blockchains on the scene. It is set to disrupt the modern approach to creation of dApps and has all chances to stay ahead of Ethereum and Tron. In the nearest years, we will see whether EOS can stand the test of time.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of U.Today. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always perform your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.

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$71 Million: Galaxy Digital Sells Stake in EOS Blockchain Maker Block.One



Galaxy Digital, the crypto merchant bank founded by former hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz, has received $71.2 million after selling its shares in, the maker of the EOS blockchain.

Galaxy Digital said in an announcement on May 21 that it closed the transaction on Monday after a tender offer for its position in was made on April 18. The firm claims it made a 123 percent return on the realized investment and following the transaction, its remaining shares in “will no longer maintain a material investment position.”

“The acceptance of’s tender offer reflected a decision to rebalance the portfolio to maintain an appropriate level of diversification after the position increased due to its substantial outperformance relative to the remainder of the portfolio,” Novogratz said in the release.

Galaxy Digital added it will still partner with on other businesses such as the Galaxy EOS VC Fund, which primarily backs startups that are developing applications on the EOS blockchain network. Galaxy Digital and entered a joint venture in January 2018 to launch the EOSIO Ecosystem Fund with $325 million.

In July of last year, received investment from a number of big-name investors such as PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu.

Galaxy Digital’s exit comes as part of’s buyback program of 10 percent of its company shares.

According to a report from Bloomberg on Wednesday,’s buyback offer values itself at around $2.3 billion, up nearly 66 times from what it was valued at in a 2017 seed funding round. The repurchase price for the buyback is around $1,500 per share. It was offered at $22.5 per share during the 2017 round.

The report added that had about $3 billion in assets including cash and investments at the end of February, based on a March 19 email sent to shareholders and seen by the news outlet. is also holding as many as 140,000 bitcoin, the report further said.



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EOS (EOS) Predictions: Is the Downfall of EOS Over or Bear has More Plans?



EOS cryptocurrency is backed by blockchain technology and supported by EOS.IO protocol. The specialty of this protocol is it imitates major features and attributes of a real computer and its components like CPU and GPU. EOS cryptocurrency works on a smart contract platform and its decentralization what helps the users to have complete control on the transactions and anonymity. This platform aims to facilitate transactions on a minimum cost and less turnaround time.

 Current Statistics-

EOSEOS coin is the 6th largest coin in the global crypto market with an ROI of 360.26%. A total of 944,040,817 EOS coins are in supply. The current market cap as on 2nd May at 04:44 UTC is 4,480,487,563 USD. The value of each coin stands at 4.75 USD and 0.00087936 BTC. The 24h volume at the same UTC is 1,564,267,107 USD. The coin’s all-time high was on April 29th at 22.89 USD.


EOS coin was being traded around 2.5 USD at the onset of 2019. However, it managed to get a good growth over the last 4 months. The lowest point for EOS was on 29th January at 2.25 USD. There have been certain cases of steep ups and downs for EOS as well. On the last week of February, it managed to grow by 80% in just 3 days. But the major growth was achieved after 1st April boom. It managed to get and sustain 50% growth in just 4 days’ time. The current status of the coin is affected by price correction. The market cap on 2ndApril was 4,178,390,871 USD, and the value of each coin was 4.61 USD. The market cap as well the value in USD has increased by almost 3.03% in these 30 days.

The 1-day growth graph is volatile to the core. Speculators will be harmed by this movement easily. In the last 24 hours, there were 6 major price variations. The range of the coin was 4.82 USD to 4.73 USD.


The value will be a little lower than the current one in a few weeks, as per our prediction. It will go to 3.8 USD in the coming two weeks. After this downfall, the coin will rise to 5 USD after facing one restriction at the same price. The 2019 prediction goes with 7 USD level.

Source: cryptoking

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EOS could reach double digits soon: Can we easily break $7 resistance?



The altcoin market is looking healthy after a nice green day across the board, with most alts now retracing and finding support. EOS is currently resting on major support near $6. What does EOS have in store for us?


– Double digits EOS on the way?

– EOS finding support

– Need to break $7 resistance

Diving straight into the 3h chart we see that EOS is resting on its higher timeframe support of $6. This is also local support since $6 is the highs from April. Looking at our momentum indicators, the RSI and Stoch RSI shows us that this downwards move might be nearing its end.

RSI is above 40 sitting at a value of 46, which indicates we are are still bullish. We also have Stoch RSI confirming that we are nearing the floor of this retracement with it trading below the 20 line. It’s very much possible that we rest here for a day before it continues to move higher. And once we clear the $7 resistance zone is when we can expect EOS to move to double digits.

EOS/USD chart provided by Tradingview

Daily outlook
Over at the daily chart we get a better view of the bigger picture. We notice that EOS has already broken past the 200EMA and made it’s way back to it to declare $4.5 as support. Since we made another push away from the 200EMA and broke the next resistance at $6 shows us that the chart is bullish. With EOS now finding support on the lower time frames we should definitely keep an eye on it.

EOS/USD chart provided by Tradingview

EOS finding support

Lastly, if we look at the hourly chart we get a clearer picture of current movements. EOS has found support at the 200EMA which is also our $6 support zone, confirming that we have support here. Looking at RSI we see that it’s briefly visiting below the 50 line. Usually when RSI is below 50 is when we see downwards movement, but in this case, it’s a bit different.

Since RSI has mostly been holding above 50 this past few days we can assume that the norm is currently for the price to move up. We notice that RSI suddenly moved below 50 and made its way to the 30 line, showing us that the current price action is out of the norm, and that we should return to the norm anytime soon. As soon as RSI pushes back above 50 is when we can expect to see new local highs as we make our way to $10.

EOS/USD chart provided by Tradingview

Crypto is thriving again with most coins already providing large % gains. While we wait for Bitcoin to find support, we will continue to look at alts for possible moves. EOS seems to be an interesting choice, can we break $7 and run for double digits? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this not investment or trading advice, just the opinion of our analysts. As always, do your own research, make your own decisions.


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