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Model Y Not? Elon Musk Rolls the Dice Unveiling Risky New Tesla SUV



If you are launching an SUV to prove to everyone you’re not as chaotic a company as the media makes out, then start on time.

The Tesla Model Y launch live stream was delayed. As I sat waiting all I could think was here we go again. Maybe I’m just a stickler for being on time, but when everyone is suggesting your CEO, Elon Musk, doesn’t run a tight ship and you make only a handful of unveilings a year, start on time. After 15 minutes the screen went black, and rather than increase my excitement I was just annoyed. It then told me to stay tuned. After 20 odd minutes, it began.


First, there was an advert for Tesla generally. Then Musk came out to give a monologue about the origins of Tesla in his unique stuttering, off the cuff, style while they showcased the product line, starting with their first ever car (serial number 01) and working through the different models.

Two awkward jokes about making a model E (ultimately 3) to go between the model S and X and the word Semi and we were finally ready to see the car. Or so I thought, there was a bit more blurb to go and a jovial musk was clearly in a good mood having made it through a tough 2018 and was enjoying his time on stage. Hot off the press: Tesla will build superchargers in Kazakhstan, and a Tesla could be driving on Mars in 10 years. You didn’t come for that info, but there you go.


Some told you so

quotes from naysayers in the past and here comes the Y.  Oh my. It’s a model 3 utilizing the ugliest parts of the X. Probably a brilliant car functionally, however, and it makes sense they would reuse all the components in the other vehicles to makeshift an SUV in a limited time-frame. You can’t help but think it looks like a bit of a rush job though. The Y isn’t a ground-breaking car; it’s a necessary push into the mainstream. A cash cow if you will. All of a sudden Musk disappeared into the night, and it was over. No surprises or Easter eggs this time.

Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and Bentley are all companies you wouldn’t expect to make an SUV, and yet they do. The market just told them they should make one, and here comes Tesla to join them. I can’t help but feel like it’s a mistake, but time will tell. Existing Tesla owners will probably be worried about the company biting off another considerable chunk of car production to chew at a fiscally tight time for the company.

Elon Musk Tesla Model Y

Is Elon Musk stretching Tesla too thin with his Model Y? | Source: Frederic J. BROWN / AFP)


If Tesla isn’t in chaos, then it must be close. The staggeringly loose management style of Musk has been attracting a lot of attention lately, as he faces a sea of legal troubles. Lawsuits from both shareholders and a case filed against him by the SEC take aim at Musk’s tweeting as CEO. Next, take a look at the economy-drive which has seen Tesla close stores, then re-open them, cut prices and then hike them again. Its a wild time for Tesla fans.

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Watch Civic’s CEO Talk About His New Cross-Border Payment System



Civic’s Vinny Lingham joined us at the Digital Money Forum last week to talk about his new money transfer platform – a worldwide system that holds no funds but instead connects multiple money services businesses (MSBs) in a global network.

The product, called Civic Wallet, will let users carry cryptocurrencies and fiat currency on their own devices and uses Civic’s facial recognition systems to secure the system. Because Civic holds none of the keys or currencies, the clients and MSB endpoints will use the wallet as a sort of piping. Lingham said his product uses Civic’s Secure Identity

Ecosystem to reduce dependence on complex keys.

Because it uses facial recognition there are no seed phrases and restoring your wallet is as simple as looking at your phone. “It’s literally using your face as the key as opposed to anything else, so I don’t need to remember any passwords,” he said.

Lingham demonstrated the app to us at CES 2020 last week. He expects it to launch this spring.

“The app is launching to our private list with over 100,000 people on it worldwide at the end of February. We’ll start sending on invites aggressively, and then the public launch is gonna be in March,” he said.

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Overstock CEO: Crypto Investments Are Ready for Prime Time



Overstock CEO and Medici Ventures President Jonathan Johnson has been betting on crypto companies for most of the last decade. Now he believes these investments are finally ready to enter the real world.

In an interview at the Digital Money Forum during CES 2020, Johnson talked about Medici’s portfolio of companies and said many of them are shipping products. He still believes, however, the ecosystem is being driven by early adopters.

“There will always be early adopters who take it and it will become more widespread. I think we’re in the early adopter stage of product in production, not the widespread stage quite yet,” he said.Volume 90% 

Johnson believes the real value blockchain

brings isn’t quite clear but it will be as the use cases become more visible. He sees companies like Voatz as leading the way in blockchain-powered solutions.

“It’s understanding which problems the technology solves,” he said. “So, for example, in the voting space, it’s overseas voters. It’s military personnel and their families. Or it’s disabled voters where the mayor has to have a compliance mechanism to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Ultimately, he believes mass adoption comes from understanding.

“Blockchain technologies could [solve those problems.] So when these companies can explain the solution that they’re providing, then I think it becomes more readily adopted,” he said.

Check out the rest of the video for the rest of his comments on blockchain adoption.

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+1825% per year – Interview with Bitsmax CEO – David Harding



In a recent interview with Teletype, Bitsmax CEO David Harding said that the company would have representative offices opened in 4 countries, by February 2020. Read ahead for the complete interview.

Interviewer: David, there is a lot of talks around your platform regarding the revolution in the field of earning on cryptocurrencies, Could you please tell us what the revolution is about?

David Harding [D.H]: It is a fact that cryptocurrencies are a complicated thing to understand. In fact, if you go outside and start asking passers-by about the blockchain and currencies, how it all works, not everyone would be able to answer you, but I’m sure everyone would have heard about Bitcoin and its price back in 2010. Our platform solves the problem of cryptocurrency complexity. Everything is very simple – our clients make a deposit for a year and receive from 2 to 5% per day passively and stably every day throughout the year. ”

Interviewer: Wow! So if I rightly understand, you and your team do all these courses, follow the market, make deals, exchanges, and so on?
D.H: That’s right, our customers only invest, we do the rest.

Interviewer: But where does such a huge percentage come from? It can’t be exactly compared with bank interest.
D.H: I am constantly asked this but in my opinion, the answer to this is simply obvious. If you looked at the graph of the Bitcoin exchange rate, you would see that it sometimes jumps by 20%

per day, so it’s pretty obvious. I don’t understand this “wow”.

Interviewer: This is amazing David. Who exactly can become an investor?
D.H: Investments are open to absolutely everyone; absolutely any inhabitant of the planet earth who has a smartphone and the Internet can become our company’s customer. One of the revolutionary sides of our platform is that we do not divide people into nations, countries or states. We give absolutely everyone the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Interviewer: So David, right now I can take my iPhone, go to your platform’s website, make a deposit and receive 5% per day stably? Do I understand it correctly?
D.H: That’s right, but the percentage also depends on the amount of investment. Larger the deposit, the greater the interest.

Interviewer: Is there any minimum entry threshold?
D.H: Yes, 10 dollars.

Interviewer: David, all this sounds too attractive, don’t you think so?
D.H: Yes, this is a problem, many do not believe in such numbers, so we lowered the entry threshold so that anyone could test our platform by investing only $10 and make sure that all this is real. We also plan to open representative offices in 11 countries, among which 4 countries would have it by February 2020.

Interviewer: With your enthusiasm and goals, I can only wish you good luck. Thank you for answering our questions.

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