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Steemit Becomes Subject of Multiple DDoS Attacks, but Blockchain and Associated Apps Remain Untouched

Steemit provides a blogging front-end that users can contribute to in the discussion of multiple topics, using a tokenized system as part of the Steem blockchain. According to a report from CryptoSlate, Steemit was recently taken down for 25 minutes on March 14th, during which time that the platform was the subject of sustained distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Right now, reports indicate that there hasn’t been an impact on the Steem blockchain or any apps associated with the blockchain. A statement from the Steem team showed that the website was still experiencing issues with accessibility in the following day.

With this kind of attack, multiple computers are used in an effort to overwhelm the servers of a particular web service, which was, in this case. To do so, the attack usually involves a high abundance of messages, connection requests, and malformed data, which easily forces the shutdown. Real actions of the users are unable to be processed because the website cannot be accessed.

On March 14th, an official Steemit blog account posted an engineering update to the blockchain. However, the blog added that there has already been work on mitigation setup by the Steemit team, and the issue presently appears to be resolved. Furthermore, the blog clarified that the outages were not the fault of Steemit and the recently implemented changes. It is worth noting that the people in the attack have not been named and have not been found.

While Steemit has gone through DDoS attacks in the past, the front-end of the social media platform has been setup in a way that is much more capable to holding its own against the attacks. Unfortunately, the outage makes this security a little more concerning. On the same day of the attack, Steemit’s head of communications and advocacy, Andrew Levine, said that they had been working hard on the communications, but their biggest challenge so far has been “security concerns.” He described concern of the employees for security as an



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