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Ripple Price Analysis: Will XRP Dump Because of Mexico Regulations

Today’s Ripple (XRP) News

By design, cryptocurrencies were made to reduce government control. It is through this realization that governments across the world are trying to regulate cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. But it is not rocket science to see why they are trying to do this. Firstly, cryptocurrencies are global and as fiat competitors, they are better and immune to local politics. Secondly, by putting in place measures, they will have controls in place to efficiently collect taxes and even put in place necessary funds to expand digital currency by investing in crypto infrastructure.

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With the world shifting to cryptocurrency and adopting blockchain based solutions, regulations are maturing and now Mexico is planning to introduce their rules in a bid to regulate cryptocurrencies. Through the Official Gazette of the Federation, the Bank of Mexico issued a statement of their intent to implement laws that clarify their positions on cryptocurrencies.

Although we can glean from previous bills that the country may classify digital assets as property subject to taxation and not legal tender like government-issued fiat, there is a general consensus that despite the advantages presented by this burgeoning technology there is need to put in place regulations that foster development while not stifling innovation.

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But it will be a delicate balance between efficacy and preventing total control. On one hand, proposed laws should not give governments strong hands to in a very short notice bar crypto-based transactions now that Mexico is a remittance hub and a region where Ripple Inc is working overtime to create payment corridors.

XRP/USD Price Analysis


At the time of press, Ripple (XRP) is trading within a tight trade range with caps at 4 cents. Although we are bullish on the third most valuable cryptocurrency, we also realize that the coin is under pressure and yet to breach and close above 34 cents, a key resistance level and a price tag of interest.

Unless otherwise, price action proves us wrong, we shall hold a neutral stand on XRP and the only time we shall execute long positions is when prices race above 34 cents at the back of high transaction volumes preferably exceeding those of Feb 24—61 million but most importantly above averages of 15 million.

Technically, that rally will be a confirmatory move complementing bulls of Jan29-30 as well as those of Feb 25—when CoinBase announced their listing—which is bullish from an effort versus results point to point of view. It is once prices close above 40 cents is when XRP bulls would have little upside resistance and would likely print above 60 cents by mid-Q2 2019.




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