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ZCash Price Prediction: Long-term (ZEC) Value Forecast – April 6



  • ZEC/USD has been on an increase since April 1st this month.
  • The ZEC/USD bullish market sentiment could be erased if a breakdown occur against the $65 price mark.

ZEC/USD Long-term Trend – Bullish

  • Distribution territories: $85, $90, $95
  • Accumulation territories: $50, $45, $40

ZEC/USD trade stance has been visibly on an increase moving mode since the start of this month, April 1 while it formed a bullish candlestick a bit over the last range upper range mark.

On April 3, the crypto, during its movements to the north direction managed to average $80 point. Thereafter, it began to experience a retracement which has led to being trading around $80 and $65 price territories currently. The 14-day SMA trending line is still found pointing towards the north, and it’s located over the 50-day SMA with a notable space separated them. The Stochastic Oscillators have been seen within ranges 80 and 60 in an attempt to close hairs.

There is an indication that the pair may soon begin to witness a line of range price movements around the recent high price point and a low price mark around the $65 for a while. Meanwhile, another bullish candlestick may occur around the 14-day SMA to once again to give the crypto-market a better heads-up to signify the continuation of the bullish trend. Traders need to be wary of sudden breaking down of the $65 price mark.






ZCASH Price Prediction: Long-term (ZEC) Value Forecast – June 16



  • The journey to the north may be sustained with strong bullish pressure.
  • $100.00 in the supply is the bulls first target in the long-term.

ZEC/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish

Supply zone: $120.00, $140.00, $160. 00
Demand zone: $50.00, $40.00, $30.00

The cryptocurrency is a bullish trend in the long-term outlook. $75.49 in the demand area was the point of further rejection of downward price movement at the trendline. The presence of wicks around the trendline and the formation of the bullish candle signaled the bulls returned. ZECUSD rose to $85.00 above the 10-EMA.

Further confirmation of the market under the bulls control occurred with the large candle of 12th June. Price rose initially to $92.53 and later to $95.99, the high of the week.

The stochastic oscillator signal points up at 83% in the overbought region as the new week began on a bullish note. This is coupled with price above the two EMAs that are fanned apart. These suggest a bullish continuation in the long-term.

The bulls may keep price above the trendline in the days ahead with more candles open and closed above the EMAs as momentum increased and new traders take positions.

Live Zcash (ZEC) Price:

1 ZEC/USD =$93,94 change ~ 1.26%

Coin Market Cap$634.05 Million

24 Hour Volume$340.27 Million

24 Hour Change$ 1.1700IndexBitfinexKrakenGeminiExmoCexio1D1W1M3M1YALLValue$94May 21May 25May 29JunJun 06Jun 10Jun 1465707580859095Volume$306,089.42May 21May 25May 29JunJun 06Jun 10Jun 1402,000,0004,000,000May 21May 25May 29JunJun 06Jun 10Jun 14

24 Hour VWAP$93

The views and opinions expressed here do not reflect that of and do not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research.


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Zcash operator hit with $2 mln lawsuit due to unpaid stocks to ex-employee



According to court documents filed May 29, the parent company behind Zcash, is facing a $2 million lawsuit over unpaid shares.

The Superior Court of California in San Francisco received the complaint from ex-employee, Simon Liu. Liu brought forward the charges after he didnt recieve $15,000 worth of stock in 2016. Simon Liu is reported to have worked for Zerocoin in the past, which now is known as the Electric Coin Company.

Liu, claims the company was not legally permitted to offer the equity and as quoted from the court documents:

“Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that Zerocoin did not have the authorization to issue common stock to employees in 2016, and that Defendants, and each of them, were aware that Zerocoin did not have such an authorization.”

Liu also claims that any requests to view company documents were denied. At this time Zooko Wilcox, CEO of Zerocoin, or anybody in the company has yet to comment on these matters.

Source :ambcrypto

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Zcash Price Analysis: Does ZEC/USD Have Enough Strength For A Breakout?



On June 4, the Zcash price (ZEC) reached an hourly high of $83.3. A rapid decrease ensued and the price made a low of $75.4 the same day.

Since then, the price has been gradually increasing, reaching highs above $73 on June 7.

Below we are going to analyze the Zcash price in different timeframes alongside technical indicators and try to predict its future movement.

Zcash Price (ZEC): Trends and Highlights for Jun 7, 2019

  • ZEC/USD is trading inside an ascending channel.
  • The moving averages have made a bearish cross.
  • The price is struggling to break out above the 0.5 fib line of the entire drop.
  • There is resistance near $84 and support near $76.

Ascending Channel

The price of ZEC on Binance is analyzed at one-hour intervals from June 4 to June 7 in order to trace its current pattern.

On June 5, the Zcash price )ZEC) made a low of $75.38. An upward move ensued, and ZEC/USD made a high of $80.3 the same day.

Since then, it has been trading inside the ascending channel outlined below:

Ascending Channel

At the time of writing, the Zcash price (ZEC) was trading close to the resistance line of the channel. Previously, it had made three unsuccessful attempts at breaking out above this line.

Will this one be successful? A look at technical indicators is required in order to answer this question.

Technical Indicators

The Zcash price is analyzed alongside the 100- and 200-period moving averages (MA) below:

Moving Averages

On June 5, the 100- and 200-period MAs made a bearish cross. This often indicates that a downtrend has begun.

The recent upward movement took the Zcash price (ZEC) above the 100-period MA. However, it is still trading below the 200- period one.

The price is also struggling to break out above the 0.5 fib line of the entire drop.


It previously made an unsuccessful attempt at breaking out on June 4, before reversing and making a low on June 5.

These indicators and fib ratios indicate that there is significant resistance near current prices. However, there are no definite signs that the Zcash price (ZEC) will not break out above it. Most short-term technical indicators give a neutral outlook.

Therefore, the most likely scenario is that the price will continue to trade within the confines of the channel, possibly dropping to validate the support line once more.

Reversal Areas

One resistance and one support area are traced for ZEC/USD below. If a decisive move occurs, they are likely to provide a reversal.

Reversal Areas

The closest resistance area is found near $84. If the price continues to increase at the rate predicted by the channel, it is likely to reach this area on Jun 9.

The closest support area is found near $76. If the price breaks down from the triangle, it is likely to provide support and possibly initiate a reversal.


The Zcash price (ZEC) s trading in an ascending channel. The 100- and 200- hour moving averages have made a bearish cross. An analysis of technical indicators supports gradual price increases at the rate predicted by the channel.

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