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Cardano [ADA]

Cardano (ADA) Could Hit $33 In 2020, Primed To See More Gains



We are still in an uneven period for digital currencies despite the April 2 crypto bull run that saw the price of the major assets rise. Since that date, the volatility appears to be in effect as overall, prices have dropped and risen again. This isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. Investors and traders hope the next crypto bull run will usher in an era where price rises can be sustainable for stablecoins. However, the overall outlook for cryptocurrencies remains optimistic. Today we will see how Blockchain protocol Cardano (ADA) has faired via its year to date (YTD) chart.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD

Name Price 24H (%)

Cardano Price Prediction 2019: Cardano Went Down on Its Year to Date Charts

Cardano (ADA) is still number 9 in the list of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The digital asset latest dips occurred in November of this year when it went down on its YTD charts.

The recent crypto bull run ensured that Cardano was able to acquire positive returns as seen on its YTD charts. However, following the dip that continued for weeks leaving only a few days for rebounding on November 26th, ADA is down by 2.5% on its year to date chart. Cardano is still a promising Blockchain project in the market as a result of its unique technology. It has massive potential with the reports Coinbase listing in coming weeks and the scalability solution the network offers.

Cardano Price Prediction 2019: Cardano Long Term Forecast

In the event that Cardano enters Q2 of this year at $0.10, that is if the positive market trends come into play, ADA could trade as high as $0.50 per unit.

By the year 2020 Cardano should have implemented scalability solutions or officially become a third generation crypto. This could take its price at the beginning of January 2020 at $0.90.

Our price prediction also shows the least ADA price in 2020 as 0.9$ and its highest price above $5.

More enthusiastic Cardano price prediction 2019 are forecasting $33 for ADA in 2020. They expect that it will acquire stable growth and keep its value above the $30 position.

It is being considered, according to ADA’s price patterns and its future roadmap, that the digital asset may top in the year 2025 to set its lowest price at 15$ per ADA.

The highest price that Cardano could attain in this case would be $50. The reason for this is because ADA is expected to get close to EOS and Ether on the list of top ten virtual currencies.

Cardano Price Prediction 2019: Cardano is Likely to See More Gains in the Long Term

Considering the fact that Cardano is one of the most prominent projects in the crypto market ADA is likely to surge higher than fall short in the coming months.

Cardano much like Ethereum (ETH), is a smart contract-backed system that can run dApps). It is a layered system.

According to Cardano, the project claims to be the first digital currency on the scientific peer review. This ensures the safety of the time digital asset. As of the time this report was published, Cardano was trading at $0.084318. The digital asset is up by 2.41% with a market cap of $2,186,123,531

Cardano [ADA]

Cardano (ADA) In Altcoin Market Rally, How High Will Cardano (ADA) Go?



Cardano News Today – Cardano (ADA) was one of the top gainers in yesterday’s altcoin rally. Days after the entire market suffered a bleed out along with their big brother, Bitcoin, they attempted a recovery. The price of Cardano ADA was up by over 5% against the USD. There are several factors that contributed to the bull rally including the recent partnership with AlgoZ that allows Cardano to enjoy liquidity services. This move alone is going to lead to a boost in the price of Cardano. How high will Cardano (ADA) go?

Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano Latest Update – Cardano Price Up By Over 5% Against The USD

After Cardano announced the partnership with AlgoZ, our Cardano price prediction stated that the price of the token was going to hit the $0.120 level in the coming months. However, along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market over the last five days, the price of Cardano has been struggling to overcome the bearish storm. Thankfully, there was a breath of fresh air yesterday when the cryptocurrency spiked. The bears ran out of steam and the bulls were able to gain some ground in the market. The announcement from the team behind Cardano right after the AlgoZ partnership was as follows;

“Cardano Foundation – in line with its mission to drive the adoption of #Cardano – has elected #Algoz to provide liquidity services. Algoz will also provide an ongoing analysis of #Ada’s order-books and movements across various exchanges. @Algoz_io #cryptocurrency #blockchain.”

While the partnership will hopefully lead to a surge in the price of Cardano ADA, it is difficult to determine when a more sustainable bull run will start or how long the current price trend will last. The cryptocurrency market is as unpredictable as ever.

Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano News Today – Cardano Latest Update – Current Price Of Cardano ADA

This morning, the price of Cardano ADA touched the $0.058 level maintaining an upward trajectory for the first time in five days. The fact that it was able to move from $0.055 to $0.058 after falling significantly to the $0.053 level was impressive. At one point, the price of Cardano ADA moved as high as $0.059 before it started to decline against the USD. Even with the impressive performance over the last 24 hours, Cardano ADA is still down significantly in the last 30 days.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD

NamePrice24H (%)
Cardano (ADA)$0.057091-1.68%

At the time of writing, the price of Cardano ADA was $0.057120. It is down by 2.28% against the USD and down by 1.11% against the price of BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $61,697,337 and the market capitalization is $1,480,952,067. For now, it’s not clear if the bulls have retreated permanently or they will return to the market with full force. The next few trading sessions will determine the next steps for ADA.

What do you think about the current price of Cardano ADA in our Cardano news today? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Cardano [ADA]

Cardano Investors Sell Off In Bulk ,What Hope Is There For Cardano?



Cardano News Today – Altcoins are likely to increase in value when Bitcoin surges. Similarly, a dip of the largest crypto by market capitalization can cause a fall in the prices of other digital currencies. The recent Bitcoin plunge hit Cardano (ADA) amongst other altcoins. The Cardano (ADA) dips 32.7% week-to-date. This plunge has triggered a sell-off by Cardano investors.

The Cardano development team is working hard to improve its system. The developers are set to make Cardano a rival platform to Ethereum. Through research and peer-reviewing of code supporting Cardano, they plan to improve the platform. The team affirms its readiness to perfect Cardano and aid the platform to displace Ethereum from being the king of smart contracts.

Cardano Latest News – Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano News Today – The New Yoroi Update

With the return of the bears, the price of ADA is down by 32.7%. However, the new Yoroi wallet update may not provide enough support to the cryptocurrency. EMURGO, the official partner of Cardano, works constantly on updating the Yoroi wallet with enhanced features. EMURGO releases the new versions of the light Cardano ADA wallet when they are ready for use.

The Yoroi wallet is secure, fast, and simple to use. The recent version of the wallet runs from a sandbox with API’s which helps to fast track developments. Cardano Latest Newsdisclosed that the new Yoroi update has several improved features in addition to its guaranteed security. Some of the enhancements on the web-based wallet include:

A hide balance option

Addition of Cardano payment URLs

Indonesian language

The appearance of a new warning message when the connection to the platform’s server fails.

Cardano Price Prediction – Cardano News Today – Cardano Latest Update – ADA May be Listed on Coinbase

Satisfactory experimentation and provision of quality is the top priority of the Cardano team. Consequently, there is a delay in phase transition but the Shelly test net is currently live. Following this development, the developers search for faults as they nit-pick its code. However, ADA supporters are excited at its transition from centralization to decentralization. The phase transition is crucial to the cryptocurrency. It can favorably position the coin for listing at Coinbase. Though fading, the fame of the “Coinbase Effect” can benefit ADA.

Cardano Price Analysis – Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Current Bearish Trend of ADA

In the last two weeks, ADA plunged by 32.7%. The bearish run is affecting the coin as it closed below the support level at 6 cents. This market condition may be a reaction to April 7 week-ending over-extension. Besides, it is likely to be a consequence of sell pressure experienced in the better part of 2018.

Cardano Price Prediction suggests a bullish run in the long term. Buyers may take advantage of the bullish breakout to trade as a high is a selling opportunity. Like other cryptos, ADA is expected to record new lows in the continuation phase of the bear trend if Bitcoin continues to dip. However, such a scenario can only occur if the breakout is strong enough to drive the prices below 3.5 cents or the lows experienced in the later part of December 2018.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD

NamePrice24H (%)
Cardano (ADA)$0.0586674.50%

Bears of 2018 may return if there is a spike that may exceed those of June 30 week ending at 2 billion. Consequently, ADA may fall below 3 cents.

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Cardano [ADA]

Cardano (ADA) In Preparation To Bounce Back As Altcoins Season Begins



Cardano ADA is one of the many cryptocurrencies feeling the bite of the bearish trend facing the cryptocurrency market. Its attempts to stabilize have meet pressure that has kept it below the price of last week. Cardano ADA had a 10% drop that saw it priced at $0.063. Unlike some other cryptocurrency, ADA hasn’t been able to shrug off the bearish weight dragging it under.

Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano ADA Fell By 10% In Preparation For A Bull Run

Looking at Cardano ADA price prediction made by experts, it can be seen that ADA reached the 61% Fib retracement level after moving between 16% and 38% Fib retracement levels in the previous two months. The analysis shows that if Cardano ADA can remain at this level, it could bounce up in price value. The market cap for Cardano ADA is $1.5 billion and the Return On Investment stands at 167.45%. The number of ADA token in circulation as at today stands at almost 26 billion. The 24-hour volume of the coin is $100 million.

Cardano ADA reached the highest value for the day at $0.060. It dipped by a slight margin to $0.059 but was able to recover and rise back to $0.060. Cardano ADA resistance levels are $0.0620 and $0.0630 while the support levels are $0.0550 and $0.0500. ADA needs to climb above the resistance levels to show positive growth. Though the support levels may come to bear, Cardano price predictions show that Cardano ADA has what it takes to shoulder the bearish trend in the market today.

Cardano platform runs on a proof-of-stake system that reduces the electrical power needed. This reduction in power requirement makes the system more scalable. Cardano also runs a Recursive InterNetwork structure that allows for a subnetwork to exist with a network. The subnetwork aims to allow the network to grow but remain its efficiency.

Cardano latest update reveals that Cardano plans on becoming a network of blockchains, intending to allow all cryptocurrencies to run side by side and be able to make the instant conversion from one cryptocurrency to another without intermediaries. Cardano hopes to make their network friendlier to government institutions and traditional financial bodies by allowing the attachment of metadata to transactions by users. This move will guarantee a higher level of security and privacy for each transaction.

Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano News Today – Cardano Latest Update – Cardano Working With A Platform That Makes Sense

Though Cardano has released some important network platforms, Cardano remains in its early development stage. It will take some years for Cardano to function to its full capability but for now, Cardano ADA stands with the major players as one of the viable cryptocurrency in the market. In the long term, Cardano has the potential to rise to a dominant position in the cryptocurrency arena.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD

NamePrice24H (%)
Cardano (ADA)$0.0585762.40%

In the short term, Cardano ADA must slowly rise to the challenge and turn the bearish pressure its currently facing to a bullish one. With the strengthening of more of the project mapped out for the future, analysts give a Cardano price prediction that sees the ADA climb to $1 soon.

What do you think about the Cardano price prediction 2019 in our Cardano news today? Share your thoughts about the current price action of Cardano in the comment section below.

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