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Qintar: The First Sharia-Compliant Token Is Launched in April 2019



Qintar Capital Switzerland and ISL-Blockchain Sàrl, two Swiss companies specializing in Islamic Finance, announce the upcoming launch of Qintar – the world’s first Sharia-compliant token. This token is based on Islamic Blockchain (ISL). Qintar will be officially launched on April 12, 2019.

Introducing Qintar – the Global Crypto Ecosystem

Qintar is a Geneva-based but globally focused cryptocurrency ecosystem which is the first truly sharia-compliant token which is independent of the banking system and other financial institutions.

As a first of its kind token that enables the trading of cryptocurrencies – the platform leverages the latest in blockchain technologies to trade in the most effective way.

With full transparency as well as ISL secured and speedy technology users can buy and sell tokens without intermediaries – in short, you are in control of your trades.

With an increase in online fraud, security is taken seriously.

Qintar Makes Waves with the Innovative ISL Blockchain

The experienced team has been busy expanding the app and is using the ISL blockchain for this purpose.

Initiated in 2018, the ISL blockchain project was launched to change the way that cryptocurrencies are designed and developed – the goal is to provide a blockchain environment that integrates the needs of users, systems and the markets.

The ISL blockchain is a coming together of innovation and new ideas – combining the best of tech engineering practices with the latest in design strategy the decentralized ISL network links the user with the Qintar.

The True P2P Network

With Qintar it is only the traders that control their transactions, data, and strategy without third party interference!

Every transaction is digitally signed and timestamped – this allows the token holders to trace every transaction, safe in the knowledge that the ISL blockchain’s audit quality is working for them.

Once initiated the transaction cannot be canceled or frozen – forgery is eliminated and allows traders to accept as many international transactions as they wish!

The Qintar platform ensures the following:

  • Innovation: Ideal for entrepreneurs, the Qintar currency encourages and inspires innovation for finding viable fiscal solutions. The ISL blockchain is also considering coded currencies open source allowing the model to be developed for future services and products.
  • Sharia Compliant Token: It is based on Islamic Blockchain (ISL) – a private blockchain that has received a Fatwa from several Islamic scholars and researchers which can only be bought through a direct transfer to Qintar Capital’s bank account in Switzerland preventing forgery risks, to comply with Sharia law.
  • ISL Blockchain: All financial products and contracts issued via ISL Blockchain are in accordance with Islamic principles: no Riba (payment of interest), no prohibited activities such as alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc.

The Future is Bright with Qintar

Qintar believes in the ISL blockchain – as such we are partnering with companies in different sectors to make online transactions easier, faster, less costly and more convenient for the users.

Moreover, Qintar services can be used for all transactions including airline bookings and hotel reservation or even Udhiyya, livestock for sacrifice using a crypto-wallet on a mobile device through Qintar channels (Seitra, Udhiyya) which is Qintar Immediate Goal.

From institutional and private investors to individual traders and individuals, they have attracted great interest – the plans are solid, the platform is strong, and the market is embracing Qintar, as a huge investment will be implemented in the future.

Why Qintar?

Qintar solves many of the problems associated with cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions – what makes it different is that Qintar sales request is completely transparent and visible – the users can cancel their transactions at any time. It is only a matter of time before Qintar becomes the industry standard!

Qintar Capital Switzerland is a financial advisory firm specializing in investments, accounting, auditing, regulatory bodies, Islamic banking, manufacturing, and other business areas. The company is headquartered in Geneva, the world’s major financial center. The management team of Qintar Capital Switzerland possesses extensive regional and international experience. Further information is available on the company’s website:

Contacts: [email protected]

Join the blockchain revolution today with Qintar.

About Qintar Capital: Qintar Capital is a Geneva-based financial services firm focusing on global financial management. From crypto and Islamic financing to technical solutions, our experienced team delivers a range of product and services. For more information please visit our homepage.

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Ripple releases Q1 report for 2019, Charlie Lee on LTC’s vision and more



Bitcoin [BTC] and the rest of the cryptocurrency market has been working towards achieving mainstream adoption amongst the masses. This mantra seems to have worked in small capacities after the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies by institutions and other popular individuals in the general financial space.

In a move that may provide a significant boost to Bitcoin’s claim of being ‘digital gold,’ Lil’ Pump, the American rapper best known for his Billboard-topping ‘Gucci Gang,’ revealed that users can now use BTC to purchase articles and memorabilia on his merchandise store, ‘Unhappy’.

The clincher in the deal, according to many proponents of the cryptocurrency, is the fact that payments will be conducted over the Bitcoin Lightning Network [LN]. The release of the Lightning Network was meant to increase the speed of Bitcoin transactions, while at the same time reducing fees on individual transactions.



On checkout, the website gives the user three options of payment: credit card, PayPal and finally, Bitcoin. Once the user chooses the Bitcoin payment option, they are directed to a window where they have the choice to transact payments on the Lightning Network or opt for a standard on-chain Bitcoin transaction. Both options can be carried out by scanning their respective QR codes, a process that is aimed at streamlining the checkout process thanks to the LN.

Many supporters of Bitcoin consider Lil Pump’s involvement in Bitcoin as a step in the right direction for the world’s largest cryptocurrency. The ‘Gucci Gang’ singer is not the first mainstream personality to associate himself with Bitcoin as both Eminem and Soulja Boy have previously made references to it in their songs. However, Pump is the first to implement a practical application around digital assets.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network saw another use case recently when Sparkswap raised $3.5 million to build a cryptocurrency exchange on the network. Terry Griffith, Founder of Sparkswap, stated,

“They’re just frustrated by the fact that it takes weeks to pull their money out. By building Sparkswap on Lightning Network Atomic Swaps, we can get performance and currencies needed to build liquid markets without giving up control of your assets.”

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‘Stars Aligning’ for 2019 Bitcoin Bull Run, Says Crypto Analyst – BTC, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin Forecast



Bitcoin is gearing up for a big rally in 2019, according to eToro analyst Simon Peters.

In a new interview with The Independent, Peters says BTC’s recent golden cross is a major signal that Bitcoin has already hit a bottom and the bear market is ending.

“The stars are aligning for a bitcoin bull run. The short-term moving average for the price of bitcoin has finally moved above the longer-term average, which is often referred to as a golden cross, so investors are starting to believe that we might just be approaching a new phase for the price of Bitcoin.

According to Peters, the $6,000 mark is the next crucial line for Bitcoin to cross. If it breaks the barrier, he believes Bitcoin will surpass $14,000 this year.

Right now, the overall crypto market is mixed, with Bitcoin up 0.84% at $5,437, according to Coin360. Ethereum is up 0.93% at $164.04, and XRP is up 1.39% at $0.3032.

Source: Coin360

In the short term, CoinDesk’s Omkar Godbole says Bitcoin is facing further losses and risks dropping below $5,000 in the coming days.

Technical analysts across the board are watching for Bitcoin’s next move, with mixed signals on Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin.


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Crypto Loans in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC) Spike to Over $1.5 Billion: Genesis Capital



Digital asset loan provider Genesis Capital has issued over $1.5 billion in loans since launching its crypto lending platform in March of 2018, adding $425 million in the first quarter of 2019.

An affiliate of Genesis Trading, one of the largest over-the-counter cryptocurrency brokerages, the New York-based lending platform offers institutions and market-makers the ability to borrow Bitcoin and other digital currencies in large sizes over fixed terms with a minimum loan size of $100,000. Total loans in the first quarter of 2019 increased by 17%.

The loan book is denominated in a mix of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic, with Bitcoin capturing 63.5% of loans originated.

Borrowing of the number one cryptocurrency has been consistent among high-frequency trading firms in need of capital with data showing that most of the Bitcoin loans were made to hedge investments, implement market strategies or invest in businesses, as opposed to price speculation.

Digital Asset Lending Composition

  • Bitcoin – 68.1%
  • Ethereum – 3.6%
  • XRP – 6.7%
  • Litecoin – 3.6%
  • Bitcoin Cash – 0.3%
  • Ethereum Classic – 2.3%
  • USD – 9.6%
  • Other – 5.9%
Source: Genesis Capital Q1 Insights

In Q4 2018, Genesis began offering US dollar loans, the most active sector in the company’s portfolio, after Bitcoin.

“Because we have been operating in this industry for several years and understand the liquidity and volatility characteristics of digital assets, we are happy to accept digital assets as collateral for cash financing.

We believe this experience adds value to institutions looking for liquidity without having to sell and realize capital gains, miners looking to pay electricity bills without selling inventory, and hedge funds seeking to leverage long positions.”

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