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Brock Pierce and Peter McCormack discuss Mt Gox revival and EOS

Peter McCormack sits down with Brock Pierce to discuss the delicate subject of Mt. Gox and briefly touch on McCormack’s dislike of the EOS project.

In Pierce’s latest podcast, dubbed Part 2, is a continuation of the discussion the two had regarding Mt. Gox and Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of the doomed exchange. When McCormack was asked about his thoughts on “the final season of the Mt. GFox saga,” he said:

“The only thing that’s important is that the creditors get their money as quickly and efficiently as possible, and let the thing [Mt. Gox] die.”

While McCormack wasn’t as keen on Mt. Gox’s rebirth, he expressed an amiable opinion of Karpales, stating that he even went to visit him in Japan. McCormack said:


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