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Bitcoin Reached $7500 The Highest Level In 9 Months

Bitcoin’s dream run to better heights continued at the weekend and reached its highest level since August 2018 – $7516 – on Sunday. It was also the top price of the year.

The quick rise began late Friday when Bitcoin was trading at $6300, and within 11 hours the most popular cryptocurrency shot up by more than $1200, or 20 percent.

Although BTC pulled back briefly, it started climbing back late Sunday.

At the time of writing this, Bitcoin was trading at $7,386, according to Coinbase’s price data. The softcoin improved by 4.57 percent, or $323, within 24 hours.

Bitcoin rose more than 28 percent, or $1,600, in a week. BTC rose by more than 40 percent, or $2,066, from where it was valued 30 days ago.

Cryptocurrency markets have been doing extremely well over the weekend, and trading sessions over the last 24 hours produced a massive $81 billion in global trades.

Not only Bitcoin, but top altcoins such as Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin also improved their value during this period.

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