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Dash (DASH) launches new Dash Investment Foundation

The Dash Core Group is due to launch a new decentralized investment scheme. Dash Ventures, officially known as Dash Investment Foundation, will soon be fully operational, according to a blogpost.

The Dash team first proposed the idea of a networked investment fund back in 2018, with “the aim of enabling the Dash network to invest in higher-risk opportunities, by enabling proposal owners to issue equity or other assets in consideration of the network funding”.

The post claims that Dash will be “the first cryptocurrency network with a proposal system capable of investing in its own ecosystem. No longer must all distributions from the proposal system be grants… (creating) a bridge between the network protocol and the legacy financial and legal systems…opens new possibilities for entrepreneurs and the Dash network to partner and mutually benefit from the funding available through the Dash network via Dash Investment Foundation”

DCG is now completing the final stages of making the fund entirely independent and autonomous. Dash Investment Foundation’s investment allocations will be chosen through a decentralized voting system. Elections for the supervisors will be held starting May 23rd, and we plan for the election to conclude by June 16th



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