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Insane, Easy, But Worth It?: Why Bitcoin Browser Mining Is Becoming Wildly Popular And Might Pay Off For You

If you have ever been curious about Bitcoin mining and are concerned that the ship has sailed to successfully profit from your ventures, for many this might be the case if you’re seeking to collect entire Bitcoins for little time, energy and effort. Some, however, have turned to bootstrapping methods to get every little bit of Bitcoin they can. How are they doing so? With a Google Chrome-based browser called CryptoTab.

CryptoTab runs off of chromium, is for desktop and mobile, and feels exactly like using Google Chrome. The developers boast that CryptoTab is a fast browser that will mine Bitcoin while you effortlessly browse the websites you like to go to. What is even better about using the browser, you can get other people to mine Bitcoin with you by inviting them to start using the browser too. While nobody will boast about making a fortune (yet) from browser mining with CryptoTab, many have said they have been able to get a substantial amount of Bitcoin with their time and patience. And for the believers of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the risk and slight uptick in cost for your utilities will be worth it if and when the moon event happens that so many are awaiting.

To start mining Bitcoin with CryptoTab, you simply download the browser, swipe on the browser mining option, and your CPU will start to kick in and do all the work. Within several minutes you will start to see your Bitcoin ticker adding up the Satoshi (fractions of Bitcoin) you have mined. I found it quite fun to see the earnings flow, and the more people you get to mining, the more Bitcoin goes in your wallet. Be prepared to hear your computer’s fans start spinning loudly, your CPU will be put to work finding those Bitcoins!

So if you are unable to buy Bitcoin, the second best thing is to browser mine if you just want a piece of the action some way, somehow. This is a highly speculative process, and could cost some money for utilities, so please note that the current cost might outweigh the gains you make. But if you’re a believer and know it is worth it like many in the crypto community do, your rewards may soon be found when the coin jumps over the moon. Always remember to HODL responsibility.

Marcus Henry is an American Journalist with over 11 years working in tech. He has been actively involved in the crypto community for the past three years and currently works out of Austin, Texas. He covers breaking news, writes perspective pieces and reflections and conducts interviews with industry professionals and community members. Follow Marcus Henry on Twitter- @MarcusHenryHODL

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