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Ripple Now Admits It Can Support The $50B Gaming Market

Ripple has announced that it will be supporting Forte, a gaming platform that is focusing on player-driven economies that connects players and developers, and that the latter will use Ripple’s Xpring technology.

Both Ripple and Forte have already launched a $100 million fund to attract game developers to its tools. Kevin Chou, CEO of Forte, hopes to attract hundreds of thousands of players involved by the end of the year. Chou has previously said,

I envision a future where players can transact with each other directly instead of only with the developer. A future where developers don’t need to figure out the maximum value they can extract from their player base, but instead are creatively and economically motivated to foster new types of peer-to-peer gameplay.

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and it is projected to be a many hundred billion dollar industry in the near future. The industry is particularly suitable for the application of blockchain-based payments: in-game purchases and economies are a common element of large scale games, and the introduction of crypto would perhaps make the system more fair, both for players and developers.

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